I really don't understand why he always has to be a pain on my shell? I mean… I am what I am and nothing can change that!

I'm really tired of him! It's always the same: Leonardo this, Leonardo that, he's the best; he's a great leader… and so on!

I'm sick of that! Why Splinter always says he's the best son? I'm better than him! I should be the leader, not him. He's so annoying! So bossy, so perfect, so… Leo!

But… I can't hate him. I don't know why! I mean… he's the only one who understands me when I'm in my "hothead" mood… I really hate to admit this but… I think Leo's my favorite.

I know he loves us but, in some way, I'm sure he loves me the most… even if I hurt him or something like that.

Yeah… he's my favorite. But I'm not gonna admit it… never.