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True Colors

Chapter 1: Kay

Fifteen-year-old Dib sat on his couch watching Mysterious Mysteries. Gaz sat beside him, focused on her Game Slave. Dib was about to find out the mystery behind the mysterious yellow orange when Professor Membrane came into the room and turned off the tv.

"Hey! Dad! Now I'll never know why that orange was yellow!"

"This is more important, son."

"A blue orange?" asked Gaz sarcastically, not tearing her eyes from her game.

"No, your Aunt Farrah has passed away and your cousin Kay is coming to live with us."

"What? No! Why can't she live with another relative?" complained Dib.

"We are the only ones that can take her, now I want you two to be on your best behavior when she arrives. Try and get to know her, I know you two weren't on the best of terms when you were children but I'm sure it'll get better." Professor Membrane finished before leaving the room. Dib frowned and turned the tv back on, the end credits to Mysterious Mysteries were rolling across the screen.

"Aw man! Now I'll never know about the yellow orange!"

"Oh no, how will you survive?" said Gaz in her normal drawl. Dib glared at Gaz and went up to his room.

The next day, Dib woke up to the sound of Gaz beating his bedroom door down.

"Wake up, Dib! Kay is here and don't you dare come to door in your boxers! I think you know exactly what she'll do with that situation!" Dib gave an involuntary shutter. Kay always played pranks on him whenever she came to visit when they were younger. If he went to the door in his boxers, she'd probably shove him out the door, pull his boxers down and lock him outside his own home. Gaz didn't do this, she just tortured him whenever she was mad, Kay would play hideous pranks on him for no apparant reason.

Dib got up and put on his clothes before jogging downstairs. Kay was there talking with his dad with that sickeningly sweet smile on her face. She noticed him and ran towards him. Dib flinched on impulse but was surprised when all she did was hug him.

"Dib! Good to see you! You've gotten so tall!" Dib stared at her.


"That's it? No live scorpions down my pants? You're not going to tape me to the ceiling?"

"Dib! You're so silly! I'm not like that anymore!" Kay had waist-long, silky black hair and piercing green eyes. She wore a black tank-top with white skinny jeans and black boots. Dib stared at that strange glove she always wore. It was light green with a strange material on it. Plastic? Yeah, it was a plastic piece that was attached to the glove, it was a circle with segmented buttons on top.

"Why do you always where that thing? Is it some sort of protection shield? If you press a button, will a magic weapon appear in your hand, does it-"

"Dib!" interjected his father.

"Please forgive my poor, insane son, he likes the 'paranormal'."

"No, it's okay, Uncle Membrane! There's always one in every family!"

"So true. Well, I have work that needs to be done, make yourself at home. Gaz, please show Kay to her room." Professor Membrane said before going to the basement.

"Your rooms upstairs, follow me." mumbled Gaz before going to the base of the stairs. Kay followed with her suitcases and went upstairs. Gaz appeared by the banister a minute later.

"By the way, you have something on your back." she snickered before going back into the shadows. Dib felt his back and peeled off a piece of paper that read, 'big head'.

"Grrr! Kaaay! My head is not big!"

In Kay's room, Kay was on her bed, laughing her head off.

"His head is so big!"

"I know." snickered Gaz, handing her cousin a soda. A silence passed between the two before Gaz spoke up.

"You seem strangely okay. I mean... your mom just died." she said solemnly.

"I try not to think about it. That's why I'll be spending most of my time playing pranks on Dib." Kay laughed dryly.

"Haha, wait until you see his friend, Zim."

"What's so special about him?"

"When those two get together, it's like an all-out stupid fest. You'll see at skool tomorrow." Gaz smirked.

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