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True Colors

Chapter 4: Let's Assess the Situation

"GIR!" Zim yelled from down in his base. His eyes narrowed when his SIR unit didn't respond.

"GIR!" he shouted, louder this time. Zim glared at the muffin that sat perched on a nearby table... that muffin mocked him, sitting there with it's evil blueberries and it's dreaded crumbs.

"GIR! GET DOWN HERE NOW OR I'M NEVER GIVING YOU TACOS AGAIN!" Zim roared. Suddenly, the muffin exploded and there where the muffin once sat, was GIR, sitting there with teary eyes.

"NOOO! TACOOOS!" GIR cried, running up to his master and clinging to him.

"GIR! No more hiding in muffins! Now, we have some things we need to assess!"

"I like assessing!" GIR exclaimed with a sudden mood swing.

"Yes. I'm sure you do. Now, we need to research this 'Kay' human."

"I liked her! She had hair!"

"Yes, yes she did. Now GIR, I need you to plant this spying device in the Dib-worm's home so we can see what the Kay human is after. She doesn't seem to be on Dib-worm's side but it could be a farce plan devised by that filthy big-headed Dib! We need to find out all we can about this 'Kay'. She may be a threat. Understand?"

"...I have no idea what you just said!" GIR said, sticking out his tongue. Zim grinded his zipper teeth.

"Just go and plant that device inside the Dib-filth's home!" Zim commanded.

"Yes sir!" GIR saluted, his eyes turning red. His eyes then turned blue again and he hopped into the pod that lead upstairs. Zim pinched the skin in between his eyes and turned to the Computer.

"Computer! Run diagnostics! I want all the information you have on 'Kay Membrane!'"

"Running diagnostics, sir!" the computer said in it's deep voice. Zim rubbed his hands together evilly while he laughed his signature insane laugh.

Kay smacked on her watermelon gum while pressing a bunch of buttons on her glove. She didn't mind doing stuff with it in front of Gaz since she could care less.

"What does that thing do anyway? You've been wearing it for as long as I can remember and it isn't even dirty."

"It does stuff."

"Stuff?" Kay nodded and continued to press different buttons that made various beeping noises. The glove also gave off lights, different buttons gave off different, dull lights.

"What kind of stuff?" persisted Gaz.

"You know, tell time... and... y'know... wash clothes... and uh... yeah."

"Wash clothes? Are you serious?"

"Psh, no." The two girls laughed. Just then, the doorbell rang and Gaz and Kay lazily went downstairs. Dib was hypnotized by another episode of Mysterious Mysteries. Gaz answered the door and Kay loomed over her shoulder.

"Awww! It's Zim's dog!" Kay squealed, brushing past Gaz to pet the green dog on the head. GIR squeaked and rubbed up against Kay.

"What's it doing here?" Dib yelled, the word 'Zim' had brought him away from his favorite episode.

"Umm...I don't know." Kay said, putting a finger on her chin. "What are you doin' here, little fella?" she asked politely.

"I'mma put this thingy in ya'll's house!" GIR squealed, holding out a flower vase.

"Aww! That's so sweet! Is this from Zim?" Kay asked, taking the flower vase.


"I can't believe it!" Kay smiled, sniffing the roses in the vase.

"He wanted it fer you!" GIR said, which wasn't a lie.

"Really?" Kay gasped, blushing.

"What?" Dib hollered. "Why would Zim send you flowers? It must be some sort of trick! Some evil plan of his! Don't listen to him! Destroy the flowers! You've got to-" Dib was cut off by Kay kicking him in the balls.

"You're just jealous 'cause Zim didn't send you, flowers, Dib! Stop ruining my day!" Kay threatened. "Anyway, said Kay, turning back to GIR, "Tell Zim I said thank you!" she said, cuddling the vase of silky roses to her chest. Gaz scoffed and rolled her eyes.

"Jealous." Kay smirked, sticking her tongue out.

"Not in the least." said Gaz, shutting the door. Dib recovered from his injury and went back to ranting.

"Zim's an alien! And he just sent you flowers! Something's up! He doesn't like human girls! He doesn't even like humans! He wants to take over Earth! He's probably just using you in some sort of-" Kay pelted a peach at Dib's head.

"Shut up, Dib." she mumbled, going upstairs. Gaz threw an apple at her brother's head for good measure before trailing after her cousin. Dib scowled. The black-haired boy stumbled up from the floor and shook his head.

"Unbelievable," he muttered, rubbing his head. "What is going on here? Does the Earth so desperately want to be destroyed! Kay's falling for Zim's tricks! No matter what a demon she is, I have to help her! She might be getting brainwashed! To the computer!" He yelled, pointing at the air. He zoomed upstairs and went into his room, not without running into the stair railing first though.

Dib sat in his chair and pulled up a bunch of random stalker crap that he'd downloaded over the days from Zim's house. He put on his headphones and watched as Zim came out of his house in disguise with GIR.

"Psh, shame Zim's too stupid to notice the camera I installed on the roof of the house nextdoor." Dib cackled.

"GIR! Did you plant the ...plant...inside the Kay-filth's house yet?" Zim snapped in his commanding voice.

"Yes sir!" GIR saluted seriously, eyes glowing red. Zim grinned and rubbed his hands together.

"Goooood!" Zim said, giggling. "Now I can-when did that get there?" Zim suddenly changed his rant, looking up at the Dib's camera on the neighbor's roof.

"Oh crap..." Dib whispered, crossing his fingers and hoping that Zim would think nothing of it. Unfortunately for Dib, he did notice.


"Wheeeeee-oooooo! YEAH! OCTOPUS!" GIR shouted, flying up at top speed and eating the camera in one bite. GIR fell to the ground with tears in his eyes.

"It didn't taste like octopuuuuuus!" GIR whined, crying into his nubby paws.

"Good work, GIR! I'll get you an octopus later!" Zim said before rolling his eyes and marching back into his house. He could hear GIR's shouts of glee behind him.