Disclaimer: So, aside from the fact that Harry Potter is not my brilliant idea, there are a few other things to say. This is in first person again, but no, I'm not going to always write my stories that way. I have reasons when I do. This will be short, sorry, but it's already done.

This is rated M because there is quite a bit of... interesting violence, and they are a bit callous about it. As you'll see shortly, this Harry is definitely not canon Harry, please keep that in mind. Also, there are allusions to intimate relations, though I won't go into any detail in this story.

Now, to the story:

I struggled not to roll my eyes as Mum set about straightening my robes and patting my hair as if I was still five years old. She had always treated me as if I was a small child, but lately it seems she thinks I am getting younger instead of older. I wish there was a way for me to get out from under her thumb, but I still have almost two years to go. And most days I worry that she will find a way to keep me her prisoner even after I am of age. I wouldn't put it past her. Despite all evidence to the contrary, she still seems to think she can mould me into a perfect imitation of herself.

"Now, remember, Ginny dear. Keep your necklace on always, and keep up with your studies. I know you will only have one of your brothers with you at school this year, but Ron will still be checking up on you for us. And remember to be careful; with You-Know-Who back you never know who might be trying to hurt you. And I've written to Professor McGonagall; I don't think it is safe for you to visit Hogsmeade this year. It is just too dangerous."

I sighed. It was looking like this year was going to be even worse than last year. Mum had carefully stripped away all my freedom and all I was left with was school work. At least fifth year classes should be more interesting and keep me busier. Of course, I had already studied much of the material as I had had nothing else to do last year. Not to mention the fact that Tom had left most of his knowledge behind. But maybe I could find something to hold my interest. I could learn to be an animagus; that is supposed to take years. "I'll study hard, Mum." I hope she didn't notice that that was all I agreed to. I was learning to be much more careful what I promised my mother. I had learned the hard way not to act as the rash Gryffindor she thought I still was.

"Do be careful what you study, dear. I don't like the idea of some of those books that are in the Hogwarts library." I tried not to let any emotions show at this. She was referring to the time last year I had tried to study up on the Imperius Curse. I had heard from Hermione that Harry Potter had been able to throw it off completely the year before, and I was curious. Ron had told Mum about it and she had sent a letter to the Headmaster. He had banned me from looking at any of the books related to the Dark Arts except a proscribed list that would enable me to do my homework. He said it was because Mum was worried that those evil Dark Arts would hurt my delicate sensibilities. Hogswash. The only delicate thing about me is my size. "And make sure to study with friends, dear. I don't like the idea of you sitting alone in the library all day. Some Slytherin snake could try and take advantage of you."

I gritted my teeth. She may have cautioned me against all Slytherins, but I knew which one she meant. She wanted me to stay away from Harry Potter. She always wanted me to stay away from Harry Potter. "I'll try and get my friends to study with me, Mum." Of course, I already knew that Amanda and Colin wouldn't want to spend any extra time in the library, and they were really the only people in my year who ever talked to me. Well, except Luna. But she didn't care what books I read, or who was keeping me company. In fact, she seemed to find me much more interesting when I wasn't doing as I was supposed to.

"And I know that you are starting to grow up, and the boys are going to start noticing you, dear, but you are really too young to be involved with anyone romantically." Yeah, she only accepted this because she had to. She threw a fit this year when I finally put my foot down and insisted she buy me bras. But really, refusing to buy them for me didn't mean I didn't need them. I had had to appeal that decision to Dad, and he threatened to buy them for me himself if she didn't take me out because, really, they were necessary at this stage in my life. "You wouldn't be able to judge anyone well enough to know if they were good enough for you. So it is just better if you stay away from boys this year. There will be plenty of time for romance after you finish school. And then your father and I can help you sift through all those who may show an interest in you. Some boys, no matter what everyone else may think of them, would be a horrible influence on you, dear. I don't want anyone around you who could hurt my little princess."

My hands clenched in anger. Again, I could hear what she was really trying to tell me: Stay away from all boys until your father and I can decide who we deem appropriate, and don't go anywhere near Harry Potter. I couldn't find a way to answer this with a half-truth, and so I pasted a false smile on my face and nodded instead. I didn't like outright lying to her, but I also didn't want to make a promise I had no intention of keeping. I was determined to change some things about my life this year, no matter what Mum wanted me to do. I had been thinking and scheming all summer long while avoiding any contact with my family, and just waiting until the moment I returned to school. With only Ron there, who I could easily take, I was finally going to make my bid for freedom.

And Merlin help anyone who tried to stop me.

It was the morning of the first day of my fifth year, and I was happily sitting at the Gryffindor table, chatting with Amanda and Colin and eating breakfast. It was good to be back at Hogwarts finally. Things had been incredibly tense all summer, ever since the public announcement that Voldemort had returned. My life, which had always been difficult, had only gotten worse, and I had finally had it. I had put up with my family's prejudices and plans for me for years, and I was heartily sick of it. I felt like I was all alone. And the one person I was convinced would be on my side I had been carefully kept away from. My gaze shot over to the end of the Slytherin table, where Harry Potter sat isolated and alone. He had always done such. I guess I had thought, though, that now that everyone knew Voldemort was back things might be different, as he had been lauded as a hero all summer in the Prophet.

Apparently, his isolation was by choice, not necessity.

I remember when I was ten and we took Ron for his first train ride to school. I had seen Harry Potter that day, a sad and lost little boy, all alone, who had watched us curiously from a distance. I always got the impression that he didn't know how to get onto the platform and was watching as my brothers went through. And for one brief moment he had looked up and our eyes had met, and a shock went through my heart. I had never felt anything like it before in my life. I spent most of the next year dreaming about meeting him in person, despite Ron informing me that he was a loner Slytherin that seemed to never say a word to anyone. And I had made a concerted effort at the beginning of my first year. I had purposely smiled at him or said hi every time I saw him, and most times he would offer me a small smile in return.

But then Tom took hold of me. I don't remember much of the rest of that year, just that I woke up in the Chamber of Secrets, right beside a dead Basilisk, in Harry Potter's arms. It was a position that had merit.

I blinked up at him, confused. "Harry?"

He smiled softly, and his hand came up to brush my hair out of my face. I had never seen so much emotion on his face before. "I'm glad you're all right, Ginny. I was worried about you." My heart fluttered at his words.

I looked around in confusion at the dank and dreary chamber I was in. And I had no idea what the great dead snake was doing at my side. I shivered at the bloody holes that were in place of its eyes, and tried to remember how I had gotten there, but drew a total blank. I didn't even know where I was. "What are you doing here? And where exactly are we?"

He chuckled, something I had never heard him do before. It was pleasant. "We're in the Chamber of Secrets, and I'm here to save you. Tom Riddle, Lord Voldemort, tricked you and lured you down here."

My eyes went wide. Tom was Voldemort? How had I missed that? Why hadn't I realised that he was so evil? I guess some part of me had known all along, but why had I continued to allow him to use me? I couldn't stop the tears from falling. "I'm sorry, Harry." I noticed with horrified eyes the large amounts of blood on his robes. "Are you okay?" Worry blossomed in the pit of my stomach. He couldn't be hurt, he just couldn't.

"Of course. It was a piece of cake. I'm just glad I got here in enough time."

"Enough time?"

"To save you, of course."

I didn't know how to answer that, so I remained silent. It seemed odd to me that Harry Potter, who never spoke to anyone, was not only having an entire conversation with me while I sat in his arms, but had purposely come down here to save me. I was nothing special.

He looked at me carefully and sighed. "We should probably go. I'm sure you're family is really worried." He had an odd look in his eyes as he said this, but I didn't understand it. Maybe he was missing his own family? I'm sure he must. I had no doubt that the family who had raised him, Mum once told me it was his Muggle aunt, loved him. After all, they had lost his parents, so he was the only one they had left. And who could help but love him?

He helped me up, took my hand, and led me out of the Chamber. I shrunk into his side as he led me back out of the Chamber. I didn't catch the spell he whispered to get us up the final pipe.

I shook my head, not wanting to dwell on that year any longer. I still hadn't told anyone what happened down in the Chamber, and I had carefully kept to myself the things I discovered afterwards. Tom Riddle may have possessed me that year, but in doing so he left behind an awful lot of knowledge. Most of it was dark, so I didn't know what to do with it. And, worse, despite the fact that I knew it was dark, much of it was… intriguing. Of course, he had also helped me significantly in my school work, as his grades in school had been excellent. Combined with the fact that I spent an inordinate amount of time in the library because it was the only thing I was allowed to do these days, this meant that I had the highest grades in my year, and had even beaten most of Hermione's scores. I had neglected to tell her about that little detail. I had a feeling she wouldn't take it very well.

"Ginny?" I looked up to Amanda's concerned face. "Are you okay?"

I smiled. "Of course. I was just thinking." I smiled brilliantly at her. I had gotten good at hiding my true feelings years ago. It was a skill I had quickly learned was necessary to survive in my home, and to blend in at school.

She nodded and we stood to head towards our first class of the day. History of Magic. I wasn't tired enough to need a nap yet, which was the only thing History was good for, so as I entered the room and took a seat in the back corner I returned to my earlier musings. After Harry rescued me from the Chamber, things got interesting for a bit. Mum and Ron weren't happy about me showing up in Dumbledore's office with Harry Potter; I don't think they trust anyone in Slytherin, especially the enigmatic hero. Ron followed me around for the rest of the term, roughly pulling me away if I even so much as looked at Harry, and when I got home Mum lectured me about proper friends and forbade me to talk to him. I was now very much regretting the fact that she eventually got me to agree. And I was still rather confused at how she ever wore me down. It didn't make sense that I would have conceded that point, and I could no longer remember the arguments she used.

My second year of school was mostly normal. Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban, supposedly to get revenge by killing Harry Potter, and so the Ministry sent Dementors to guard the school. They were terrifying, but I never had to be near them so I managed to mostly forget they were there. On Halloween, the entire school was in an uproar because Black supposedly broke in and Harry Potter went missing. He came back the next day, though, so he must have been all right. And the following week the Ministry removed the Dementors. The papers said that Black had been sighted in Europe and they thought the threat had passed. That was also around the time Ron lost his stupid pet rat. I remember because he spent so long whining about that stupid thing I took to hiding in the library to avoid him. (This had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Harry tended to be there a lot. I was keeping my promise to Mum not to talk to him, but that didn't mean I couldn't watch him as often as possible.)

It was the end of that year when things started getting really interesting. When we got to the train station, I had just found Mum and Dad when I heard a huge commotion. There were some rather disturbing looking Muggles who were screaming in the direction of Harry, and, as I watched, he looked up at me, winked, and disappeared. Mum and Dad were asked by Dumbledore to stick around and try and find out what happened, and I was questioned several times about Harry's parting gesture. I had nothing to tell them; I hadn't spoken to him in over a year. Turns out the Muggles were Harry's family; I have no idea how he survived for so long with them as they looked perfectly awful. I, for one, was glad that he seemed to have found somewhere else to stay for the summer. He deserved better than them. I only wish that he could have somehow taken me with him; I was envious of his escape.

Dumbledore was by often that summer, whispering with Mum and Dad. The twins and I tried numerous times to eavesdrop; it never worked. But I'm pretty sure they were talking about Harry's mysterious disappearance. I also noticed that Mum kept an annoyingly close watch on me the entire summer, and when an unknown white owl delivered me a birthday present, I hadn't been allowed to keep the lovely necklace it brought.

It was a vastly different Harry Potter that showed up for the train on September first. He had grown even more than Ron, which was saying something, and filled out quite a bit as well. His hair was still its usual messy disarray, but he no longer wore glasses, and his piercing green eyes had the ability to see through you. I got the feeling that he always knew what I was thinking whenever I looked at him. He was constantly followed around by the largest black dog I had ever seen; it more than strongly resembled a Grim and had sent Ron into a complete tizzy the first time he saw it. It was hilarious. But the biggest change in Harry Potter was something I didn't get to witness myself for several months. But Ron and Hermione told me about it. Actually, they complained and ranted about it enough for me to piece together what had happened.

Over the course of one summer, Harry Potter went from a slightly above average user of magic to a near prodigy. I've never seen Hermione in such awe of someone before. And she got so upset when she couldn't figure out how he learned it all. Me? I was seriously jealous that I didn't get to see it. Luckily for me, that didn't last long, as Harry was mysteriously entered as the fourth Champion in the Triwizard Tournament. When his name came out of the Goblet, he didn't seem that shocked, rather resigned. His name caused an eruption in the Great Hall, most people angry about what they saw as him cheating his way in to more fame. I thought this was all ridiculously ironic. I had been watching Harry Potter for years, and not once had he ever welcomed or encouraged attention of any sort, and yet everyone thought he did. The one person who never wanted fame and fortune was the one who couldn't get away from it. But then he performed this nifty little trick that proved it hadn't been him who entered his name. Dumbledore's jaw actually dropped open when Harry did so. Of course, they still made him compete. Magically binding contract and all that.

Harry's fight against the dragon was amazing. Even Charlie, who was there to control the dragons, was astounded by what he could do. He used spells that no one had ever heard of before, and he did it all from the back of a broom while performing aerial feats more astounding than those I had witnessed at the World Cup the previous summer. Ron spent the whole time complaining that the no-good-dirty-Slytherin was so talented on a broom and yet ecstatic that Harry had decided not to play Quidditch (as it surely would have meant we lost every match we played them in). I watched the entire thing in complete awe, and not a small amount of jealousy. But mostly the awe. Not only had the little boy I could never get out of my head grown up, he had gotten powerful. It was an incredibly attractive feature. And by attractive I mean he nearly had me panting after him like a dog in heat. Which was slightly difficult to hide from Ron, who was sitting right beside me. It was that moment that I seriously began to reconsider following my mother's edict to stay away from him. He was just so... so appealing.

Mum made me come home for Christmas break that year, and I have the feeling she was making sure I couldn't go to the Yule Ball. I must have betrayed my more than passing hope that I would be able to dance with Harry there. She also spent most of the break ranting about how they should have expelled Harry for some of the magic he used during the First Task. Evidently, many of the spells were considered borderline dark, thought they fell in that grey area that the Ministry wouldn't punish. This didn't bother me. He had only been defending himself.

The fact that he looked hot doing so was just a lovely added bonus.

The second task was equally amazing. Harry entered the lake and was back again in under fifteen minutes. In his arms he carried a small house elf. A house elf. The person Harry Potter would miss the most was an elf. Of course, it wasn't quite that simple. Hermione told me the story later that day, as she had been present—being Victor Krum's hostage and all. Evidently, they had some kind of fancy magical device that determined who each Champion would miss the most. When they used it for Harry, it delivered a name. My name. Mum was called and flat out refused to allow me to participate, and Dumbledore agreed with her. I guess he is in on the conspiracy to keep me away from Harry. Manipulative old bastard. They used the device again, and out popped the name of Sirius Black. You know, the mad murderer that betrayed Harry's parents and broke out of jail to kill him? Yeah, it totally made no sense, or at least not right then. As no one knew how to get a hold of Sirius Black, they used it a third time. And hence the elf. Evidently he had freed the elf after my first year (I chose not to ask how or why, as I was scared it had something to do with the Chamber) and ever since the elf had been taking care of him out of thanks.

I still don't know what to make of the fact that my name came out first. Of course, given the other two names that popped out, it is entirely possible that the stupid device was severely malfunctioning. But a girl can hope. Mum sent me a letter after that, making me reiterate my promise of staying away from Harry, or risk being pulled out of Hogwarts. I didn't see how this was fair. Why was everyone always on my case about Harry? I hadn't even talked about him in front of my family for years.

The third task was even more interesting. Harry made it through the maze in record time, only to disappear as soon as he touched the Cup. He returned about twenty minutes later, looking rather worse for the wear, and clutching the unconscious body of an extremely pathetic looking man. When Dumbledore saw them, his face went completely white.

The next day, I understood why. Peter Pettigrew was convicted of murder, being a member of an illegal organization, conspiracy to murder, and the framing of Sirius Black. Sirius Black, who it turns out was Harry's godfather, was completely exonerated. Of course, no one had any idea where he was. But there was a nice announcement in the Prophet all the same. And Harry Potter was smiling like I had never seen at breakfast that morning, and even running around laughing with that giant dog of his. I had never heard him really laugh before. I spent nearly an hour hiding behind a tree and watching him out on the grounds enjoying himself.

It was only because Mum and Dad are so close to Dumbledore (and they felt the need to tell Charlie, who let the rest of us know immediately) that I learned anything about what had happened to Harry. He had been kidnapped and used in a ritual to resurrect Voldemort. Of course, the Ministry refused to accept Dumbledore's word for this. It didn't help that Harry never actually admitted to it. No one knew how he escaped alive. I spent the summer in lock down in my room. I wasn't even allowed outside to help with chores. This left me plenty of time to plot what I wanted to do the following year. And some of the things I came up with would have made the twins proud; I was determined to get a chance to talk to Harry, even if I had to distract the entire school to do so. Come to think of it, I wonder why I never actually went through with any of my plans. I can't actually remember why I decided against doing them, but I was determined that the same thing wouldn't happen this year. I was going to do as I wished, and if that included talking to the mysterious boy I had always been inexplicably drawn to, then so be it. I was a strong witch, and I wasn't going to let anyone stop me this time. Plus I was down to only one brother-keeper, and the weakest of the lot. Well, maybe not weaker than Percy, but I tended to forget about him most of the time. Git.

When school started again last year, I was given a simple charm necklace to wear, and instructed to never take it off. Of course, I tried as soon as I got on the train. I think the stupid thing was welded to my neck; it wouldn't budge. At least it was pretty, but I got the feeling that it was there for more than just decoration. And I resented the hell out of that thing. I reached up to where it rested against my neck and tugged helplessly at it even though I knew it wouldn't budge. Stupid thing.

Last year was tense. The Minister was trying his best to discredit Dumbledore and Harry, and we were all apprehensive waiting for Voldemort to go back on the offensive. Due to some rather clever inventions of the twins, we were able to deduce that he was only laying low until he could get his hands on some sort of weapon. We never were able to find out what this weapon was. Then, one night in early June, Harry Potter went rigged during dinner and ran out of the Great Hall, disappearing for the rest of the night. Half of the professors were running around frantic. The next day, the Prophet announced the return of Voldemort and had a spectacular picture of Harry duelling him in the atrium of the Ministry itself.

I admit that I still have a copy of that picture hidden in my trunk. But I only look at it in the privacy of my own bed. I don't need my roommates seeing me drooling over Harry. Some things were just too private to share even with my sometimes friends. Especially as they had never understood why I showed any interest in a dirty Slytherin. But I didn't mind his house; if anything it made me feel better as I was confident it meant he wouldn't blindly follow Dumbledore as everyone else seemed to. And I happen to look fabulous in green. (In fact, the Sorting Hat had showed more than a passing interest in putting me in Slytherin, but the Weasley blood won out in the end. I admit that I had been slightly disappointed, as it would have been an excellent way to get close to Harry.)

I looked up, startled to realise that class was already over. Good. History has to be the most boring class in, well, ever. Maybe that's why a ghost teaches it; anyone else would put themselves to sleep as they taught. But it did allow me to think about Harry unencumbered. This was a rare thing. All of last year, it seemed that every time I wasn't in class one of my brothers was constantly under foot. Ron seemed to realise that this was to keep me from even looking at Harry; I don't think the twins realised this much. I got the feeling that they thought he was an okay bloke; there were even rumours that he had helped with several of their more elaborate pranks in the past. But Mum had asked them to keep an eye on me, and so they did. No one could ever accuse a Weasley boy of not keeping careful watch over their innocent and naive little princess of a sister. Or, at least, that seemed to be the image they were going for.

It was no secret in my family that I had wanted to marry Harry Potter since about the moment I started talking. When I was little, I was encouraged in this. Mum helped me plan numerous garden weddings, and Dad would tell me stories about him every night before bed. I'm now fairly certain that most of the stories were complete hogswash, but I didn't know that at the time. On the drive to take Ron to his first year, Mum spent most of it explaining that Harry Potter was starting this year as well, and encouraging both Ron and I to try and be his friends. But then Harry was sorted into the House of Snakes. That next year, when Ron was at school and I was still home, Mum stopped her encouragement of my fantasies, though she never actually came out and said anything against them. I got the impression that she thought I would grow out of them as soon as I saw what a snake he really was at school; she failed to realise that I had never minded snakes. Frightfully useful creatures; they ate rats. I hate rats.

When that didn't happen, the discouragement began in droves. It got to where Mum would bring him up in conversation just to spend the entire time detailing exactly how horrible of a boy he was. I found this hard to understand, as she had never actually met him and she had spent the last ten years or so singing his praises. She was constantly asking Ron to tell stories of how aloof Harry was, how he clearly felt himself superior to everyone. I didn't think this was the case. I thought he was just lonely and shy. I could sympathise. Although I was never truly lonely, having a brother or six always around, and I was seldom shy, having been rather outgoing as a child (something Tom cured me of), I was rarely treated as a person by any of my family. It made for a rather miserable existence. When I went to school, it didn't get any better. After the horrors of my first year, most of the school stayed away from me, or were only vaguely civil. Colin was the only one who showed a great deal of enthusiasm to be my friend, but I'm fairly certain that's just because he wanted to snog me. As if that would ever happen. I would rather kiss Neville's pet toad Trevor. Just ewww.

Reliving the memories of these conversations with my mother kept me occupied all throughout Ancient Runes. I knew it all anyway; Tom had been an excellent Runes student; it was the reason I had taken the subject in the first place. Amanda was still sending me odd looks as we headed to lunch, but I just ignored her; she only paid any attention to me because she liked to know all the latest gossip, and I had a reputation for paying attention and knowing what was going on with everyone. I don't know why all these things were suddenly hitting me now. Why exactly had Mum been so set against me even talking to Harry? He seemed decent enough. Why were she and Dad so concerned about where he was all the time? It really was none of their business. And more importantly, why did it seem like I was always drawn to him? And, based on the fact that I had never seen him talk to anyone besides me, was it mutual?

I must have been staring at him as I thought, because all of a sudden his emerald eyes shot up to mine. I couldn't breathe.

I couldn't look away, but strangely I had no desire to do so. His eyes had always been his best feature, even with his new more muscular physique that some of the girls raved about. Okay, I raved, too, in the privacy of my own head. But it was so rare that I got to see his eyes, I didn't want to look away. So I stared.

Why had I agreed with my mother's stupid rule to stay away from him? It seems like a remarkably idiotic thing to have done now. He saved my life, and I gave up the opportunity to be his friend. That hardly seems fair. And I regretted it. Why had I put up with my family's overbearing act that now seemed geared solely towards keeping me away from him? I wonder if it was too late to do something different.

Of course it isn't.

My eyes widened in shock. That was a male voice in my head. Last time I checked, there should only be my voice in my head. Unless Tom was back. Oh, please don't let Tom be back!

Silly Ginny. I got rid of Tom. He won't bother you again.

Bloody hell and Merlin's soggy underpants. That was Harry! How the freak was he in my head?

Legilimency. I can teach you. Well, actually, I'm fairly confident you already know how.

I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open in shock and my expression resembled something vaguely like Mum's when Charlie told her he was leaving to work with dragons and wasn't coming back. And I was so bloody confused.

I'm sorry; I didn't mean to confuse you. But I've been waiting a long time for this, and I just couldn't resist.

So I had no clue how to answer him, but he seemed content to respond to the thoughts in my head. So, dear Harry, please explain what is going on. Slowly, for those of us who aren't bloody geniuses.

Well that's a matter of opinion, my dear; but, ignoring that, I'm talking about the fact that for the last three years you've been mostly complacent to accept your parents' beliefs about me and stay away. But today, today you accepted a different possibility, and vowed to do things differently. This I can work with.

Okay, so I realise I had recently come to a rather remarkable conclusion, but how did he know about that? Did he routinely poke around in my head? And why?

Well, yes, I guess I do check on you fairly regularly. But usually only when you seem to be thinking about me. Or, at least, when you're looking at me. Which, admittedly, happens fairly often. And as for why, that is quite simply: I want you by my side, and I've been waiting for you.

You're friends are starting to think you're suffering some kind of attack. Why don't we discuss this later? In person?

I nod. I fairly certain that's all I'm capable of at the moment. I had no idea how he planned to meet with me. Of course, I only had one brother watching my every move now, but I'm sure the professors would tell Mum if they saw me with Harry. And I was still suspicious of the necklace which was permanently attached to my neck. I tugged on it out of reflex, and was still unable to take it off.

Yes, it has several monitoring and tracking charms on it, along with a handful of others of a less than savoury nature. But I can help you get rid of it. And as to how I plan on meeting with you… go to bed early tonight.

This made little sense, but I nodded anyway. Then I squared my shoulders and turned from him. Ron was already sending me scathing looks, and Amanda was looking at me with disgust. She's Muggleborn and hates all Slytherins, which I thought was a bit unfair. After all, she hated that many purebloods hated her for being Muggleborn, and yet she hated them right back for being Slytherins. Hypocritical much? Why does it seem that prejudice only breeds more prejudice? I turned to my meal and ignored her. I wonder how early he'll be ready for me. I think I might fall sick right after class gets out this afternoon. And Harry, if you're still listening, I would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn't make me wait for long.

Bloody hell, I'm confused.

Ron must have been more worried about my odd behaviour at lunch then he let on, because he sent Hermione after me when I headed up to my room after class. It took some fancy evading to get her to believe that I was simply not feeling well and wanted to lie down. Once she left, I turned to my bed. I climbed in, pulled the curtains closed and added a privacy ward for good measure, and looked around. I had no idea how Harry planned to get into Gryffindor tower, let alone into my dorm room, but I would wait for him nonetheless. Not knowing how long I would be waiting, I pulled out a book and lay down to read.

It was then I saw the envelope with my name on it, resting on my pillow.

Dearest Ginny,

First things first, we need to get rid of that necklace you are wearing before they use it to do something worse than simply keep track of you. I'm sure you've realised by now exactly how interfering certain individuals have been in your life. I am very sorry for this, as most of it is my fault. At least I can say that I complete sympathise, and that my interference was unintentional. I've left you alone for years because I didn't want to make things worse, as I'm sure any attempt on my part to be near you would have. In addition, it is only recently that things worked out so that I can help you, no matter which interfering parties are butting their noses in where they shouldn't. But I can now help you gain your freedom as I gained mine. It wasn't until my third year, when I found my godfather, that I truly became free. But I'll tell you about that later. Oh, and Sirius desperately wants to meet you. Anyway, I got side tracked. You have two choices about the necklace. You can destroy it, thus alerting your parents and certain meddlesome professors as to what happened. While this would undoubtedly be fun and somewhat freeing, you are not yet fully in control of your own person, so I wouldn't recommend this course yet. The other option is to be sneaky about it. You must forgive me for allowing my Slytherin side free reign, but given what we are trying to do I think it is justified. I do not think you partake in any of those prejudices that would be appalled by this.

Enclosed is an identical necklace, without any of the accompanying rather bothersome charms. I would recommend swapping them and carrying the other with you for all your normal activities. Maybe you could keep it in your school bag? Then everyone will be convinced that you aren't up to anything untoward. At least until we can devise a way to allow you more freedom. As to removing the necklace: I'm fairly well convinced you already know how to do this. Tom was rather brilliant, if amazingly disturbed. I imagine that you have been hesitant to explore the knowledge he left behind, particularly after the indoctrination your family has been putting you through for the last several years. While there are undoubtedly things he did you will find disturbing, much of his knowledge is remarkable. I would know. Don't be afraid to use his knowledge. You are not evil, and using spells that others are afraid of will not make you so.

I set the letter down, rather shocked. I had long since suspected that Harry was with Sirius Black. It made me happy to realise that he had someone around who seemed to care about him. I was rather alarmed by the allusions he made about not being in control of myself, as he seems to be saying it was worse than I even realized; I hope he has a way to fix that. Soon. I knew that I was only fifteen, but I didn't want to be under someone's thumb for another two years. And I was by no means offended by his underhanded suggestions. If only he knew how very not anti-Slytherin I was. Actually, considering he seemed to have been reading my mind fairly regularly, perhaps he did know. It was slightly startling to me that I didn't mind the fact that he had been in my head so frequently. Though I was determined to have him teach me the way to keep anyone else from poking around in there. I'll have to ask him about that later.

But it was the second paragraph that got me thinking. He was encouraging me to use the knowledge Tom had left behind. I knew that several years ago I would never have done that, but things were different now. And I trusted Harry; in fact, he was really the only person I completely trusted anymore. Everyone else, even if they had the best of intentions, either was trying to control my life or was swayed by someone who was. Harry was different; he wouldn't have saved my life just to harm me now. And there was something else there, something I couldn't explain, that made it nearly impossible for me to think badly about him or distrust him.

After my experience in the Chamber my first year, Professor Dumbledore had given me several books on ways to block off unpleasant memories. Scared, frightened, and confused, I had worked diligently to block off not only my own experiences but most of Tom's memories; at least all the ones that weren't directly related to school work. I wonder if Dumbledore had suspected what had happened to me and was trying to prevent me from learning anything he considered dangerous. It certainly seemed like something he would do.

Clutching Harry's letter in my hand, I unlocked the wall in my mind for the first time in several years. Instead of pushing away from the rush of knowledge, I welcomed it. Certain things still disturbed me, and they were pushed back into the room they had come from, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much of what was there seemed useful. And Harry was right; I knew how to get the necklace off.

Once this was done, I returned to Harry's letter.

Of course, the one I gave you comes with its own charms. Actually, many of them are similar, though I promise never to use them to invade your privacy. I'm just slightly paranoid that my becoming involved in your life will place you in even more danger, and I want a way to prevent any harm coming to you. In addition, I've turned the necklace into a permanent portkey. It will always bring you to me, and can be activated by saying 'diligo delecto'. I hope you forgive me the reference.

I'll be waiting for you,


Now, my Latin wasn't as good as Hermione's but I knew enough to piece together what that meant. Love to love. This just added further to the mysteries of my life, but I put it off for now. Harry was waiting for me. Grabbing my wand, I grasped the necklace around my neck. "Diligo delecto." The familiar pulling at my navel was instantaneous, and I braced myself for the landing. I didn't want to fall on my bum in front of Harry.

I didn't recognise the room I ended up in, but, based on the green coverings of the bed in front of me and the serpentine decorations, I ventured a guess that I was in the Slytherin dorms. It hardly seemed fair that they got their own individual rooms. But that was something to wonder about later. My attention was solely riveted on the boy sitting on the bed in front of me. He had a book open in his lap, and was dressed casually in jeans and a dark green shirt that tightly hugged his frame. His emerald eyes were staring back at me, a small smile playing on his mouth.

"Hello, Ginny," he whispered. He slowly unfolded his tall frame from the bed, and walked carefully towards me. He stopped barely inches away, his eyes boring into mine, sparkling with so much emotion it almost bowled me over.

I didn't answer verbally. Instead, I threw myself at him. I had a feeling he was expecting something like this, as he caught me with barely a stumble. My hands went immediately to his hair—so soft—and tried to pull his mouth down to mine. His hand came up and covered my mouth, stopping me.

I wilted. I had thought… it seemed like that was what he wanted. I guess I had been wrong. I dropped my hands from him, and stepped back. "Sorry," I whispered, refusing to meet his eyes.

His hands came up and gently cupped my face, softly but forcefully pulling me up to look at him. His expression was a strange mixture of pain, determination, and desperation. "Don't you dare apologise for that."


"No. The only reason I stopped you is because you need to know what you are getting yourself into first. And afterwards… if you still want to… I'll pin you to my bed and snog you so hard you'll forget your own name."

I blushed, but didn't lower my gaze. "Okay." That sounded marvellous to me, and I couldn't imagine what would make me not want to kiss him.

He dropped his hands to mine, and pulled me gently to an armchair in the corner of the room. He sat down and pulled me into his lap, where I was more than happy to go. "I have a lot to tell you, Ginny, and much of it is going to be hard for me to get through, so bear with me." I nodded, turning slightly so that I could see his face. "Do you know what happened to me after my parents were killed?"

"Yes, you were sent to live with your Aunt's family."

"That's right. Do you know what they were like?"

I grimaced. "Not really, but I saw them that one time. They looked horrible. And they couldn't have taken very good care of you. You looked so much better after you got away from them."

He smiled gently. "Yes. I'm not going to tell you what it was like with them, just that I was miserable. I was abused, in more ways than one, and never knew anything of who I really was. I learned to be mostly self-sufficient while I was there, and I resolved never to trust anyone again. It was better to be alone than betrayed." I didn't try to stop the tears that were falling, and he carefully wiped them away with his thumb. The image of a small Harry sitting all alone, abandoned and hurt, made me want to wrap my arms around this Harry and comfort him. But I didn't know how he would take that, so I did nothing. "I know Dumbledore expected me to be sorted into Gryffindor, like my parents, and was severely disappointed when I ended up here. I know that he had grand plans for me, involving, among other things, your parents taking me in and Ron befriending me. They even had plans to push the two of us together from the beginning."

I nodded. "It seemed that way to me, until you were sorted."

"Yes. Dumbledore grew wary of me when I became a Slytherin without complaint and kept so much to myself." He went silent for a minute, concern on his face, and I knew what was coming. "When I went down and saved you, I think he thought that it meant I was coming around to his ideas for me. He failed to realise that I only went because it was you. He thought I was just being the hero, not realising my reasons were purely selfish. When I didn't show any signs afterwards of becoming the boy he had always wanted me to be, his concern grew."

I was confused. He was implying... but that made no sense. "But why me? You didn't know me at all."

He smiled. "I'll get to that. The summer after that was the worst of my life. Sirius escaped early on, and everyone thought he had escaped to kill me. Dumbledore didn't trust that I would stay out of trouble, and so he had a guard stationed at my Aunt's house." Harry grinned wryly, and I got the feeling he was more disgusted than humoured. "Of course, Uncle Vernon never did like having wizards around, and so he took his anger out on me." My eyes widened in horror. "I was largely used to this. The thing that made it worse, though, was that Dumbledore's guards saw it all and did nothing." I could feel my anger building, and Harry must have as well. He smiled sadly at me and placed a kiss on the top of my head. It seared through me like fire, making me wish he would hurry up and get to the snogging me senseless part. And afterwards maybe we could do something about our idiot Headmaster. "I know, love." My heart burned at his endearment. "But let me tell you the rest before you go seeking revenge, my Ginny." I nodded. My hand came up and caressed his chest, it provided solid proof that he was, in fact, okay. And I just liked to touch him. The way his hand flexed on my waist made me think he liked it when I touched him, too.

"You remember that night Sirius broke into the castle and sent it into an uproar?" I nodded. "I found him that night." My mouth dropped open in shock. I hadn't heard that. "And that was when everything changed. Sirius helped me from then on, and provided me another place to stay over the summers. And he's been helping me ever since." Harry gave me a large grin and excitement danced in his eyes. "Would you like to meet him?"

"Okay?" I was confused. Obviously, Harry had skipped a bit in his explanation, but I had no idea how Sirius Black could have been here helping him all this time. The entire wizarding world had been looking for him.

Harry looked up into a dark corner, where his large dog was curled up, seemingly asleep. "Sirius?"

I watched in shock as the dog looked up, then shook himself before turning into the man whose face had graced the paper more times than I could remember. Of course, he looked much healthier than any of the pictures the Prophet had, like he had been taking care of himself for awhile. And he looked much saner than I had been led to believe he would be. He walked gracefully towards us and beamed at me.

"Hello, Ginny. It's a pleasure to meet you."

I squeaked. I was still in shock.

Both of them chuckled, Harry's chest rumbling against my side. "Sorry for the scare." His eyes moved to Harry's. "I'll leave you alone, Nathair. You have things to discuss much more important than my desire to get to know your lady friend."

Harry grinned. "Thanks, Padfoot."

I watched as Sirius returned to his dog form and exited the room, his large paws easily turning the door handle; I imagine he had had a lot of practice. Then I turned back to Harry. "Nathair?"

Harry grinned. "It's what he's called me ever since I managed my own transformation."

It didn't surprise me that Harry was an animagus, given that he had been with Sirius for so long now. "It sounds Irish. What does it mean?"


My brows shot up. "Fitting."

"Very. But anyway, I have more to tell you." I sat silently, waiting for him to continue. "It's amazing the things you can find out in this castle when you can move around as a small snake. It didn't take me long to realise why Dumbledore was so concerned with me, as well as some other things." He took a breath before going on. "A prophecy was made, shortly before I was born, stating I was the only one capable of defeating Voldemort." I drew in a sharp breath. "Dumbledore is unaware that I know this. He doesn't feel he can trust me with the information, and is nervous about my motivations and methods." He grinned down at me. "He is right to be, as I don't intend to win this war using methods he would approve of."

"That explains a lot of things, but what about me? They have been actively keeping me away from you for years, and you said yourself you cared about me. You don't even know me."

"I know you far better than you think. I've been watching out for you for years, and I've been there for much of your life. You just didn't see me." A dozen memories surfaced, of times when I had escaped the confines of my bedroom and hidden myself away in the garden, and the lovely little snake I had made friends with. I gasped at the realization; he had been there all along.

"But why?"

"Because we were destined to be." I stared at him. Harry's hand came up and caressed the side of my face, and I turned into it, relishing the contact. "Do you not feel that? Always we have been drawn together. It took me awhile to discover the reason, however." I staid silent, waiting. "When Dumbledore told my parents about the prophecy, they both started planning. My Dad worked on the practical side of things, ensuring that there was a place where I would be safe if anything happened to them, a place where I could train, a place where no one could find me. Of course, I didn't learn this until Sirius came back, as Dumbledore had hidden my inheritance from me. But my Mum, she was concerned about something else. I think she knew that she had little time with me, and she was concerned that I would grow up unloved and uncared for. I do not know what method she used, but she discovered that we were linked, even before you were born. Your parents were informed of this, and together, a week after you were born, they entered into a magical betrothal contract."

I went rigged. A betrothal! I stared at him, shocked and confused. "Why didn't anyone tell me? There is no way out of a betrothal; didn't they think I had a right to know?"

He smiled sadly. "I think they were going to tell us when we got a little older, but they changed their minds when I stopped acting according to plan. However, they couldn't stop what had already been set in motion. We were drawn to each other constantly, and they were worried that I would corrupt you. They tried to keep us apart, in hopes, probably, that I would be killed fighting Voldemort and they would never have to give you up."

I was livid. I don't recall ever being so angry in my life. Not only had they kept me away from him, they had striven to separate us permanently, no matter the cost. They had no right!

"No, they didn't, my Ginny." He looked at me carefully before continuing. "Do you know what a betrothal entails?"

I thought carefully, trying to remember everything I knew. "Mum used to tell me bedtime stories about them, when I was a little girl. Maybe she was trying to prepare me. Anyway, I know that we must marry, and that when we do our joining will be different, stronger. Mum never told me what would happen."

"Yes. The marriage prescribed is one that joins not only our lives but our magic. I believe this is what worries them most. If we marry, you would share all my… unsavoury tendencies. Of course, they do not know that you've already been exposed to everything they fear." I shivered, not wanting to think about that right now. He smiled sadly and caressed my cheek. "But there is more. They kept us apart because they are worried that I will lay claim to you."

My mouth dropped open in shock. "Lay claim to me? What do you mean?" I bristled slightly at the wording. I didn't mind being with Harry, in fact I had been wanting nothing more for most of my life, but I didn't like the way it sounded. It's like they thought he would take me against my will.

"Never, love. Never." He answered my unspoken thought, his eyes boring into my mine. "As the head of the House of Potter, I can demand the marriage be performed at any time after we both reach the age of fifteen. It is unusual, but possible. And that is why I could do nothing until now, my newly fifteen year old bride-to-be."

I stared at him. He was telling me that he could free me, that he could get me away from the oppression I had suffered under for years. This was all extremely appealing. However, it was completely overshadowed by another realization. I could be his, and he mine, in a way that no one could ever separate us. I didn't have to verbalise my thoughts. Tom had known enough Legilimency already for me to know that Harry was probably aware of my surface thoughts whenever I was near him. This was confirmed when his emerald eyes began to smoulder down at me.

Suddenly, I found it difficult to breath.

With deliberate and slow movements, Harry helped me gently to my feet, pushed me back a step and kneeled before me. He took my hands and looked up at me with so much emotion in his eyes I had to struggle to listen to what he was saying.

"Ginevra Weasley, I have loved you from the first moment I saw you, and I will continue to do so for all of my life and beyond. Marry me?"

I forced my mouth to work and breathed out my answer. "Yes."

He smiled brilliantly, and brought his right hand up, showing me a dazzling ring. It had three layers of stones running around the entire thing, diamonds in the centre and emeralds on the edges. Gently taking my left hand in his, he slid the ring on to my finger. I stared down at it, unable to articulate just how happy it made me to see it there. He slowly stood up, scooped me carefully into his arms, and carried me quickly to his bed. He placed me in the centre, and then crawled over me until our faces were level, his body still held above mine. His eyes were green fire, desire and determination and love and awe in their depths.

"I believe I promised to kiss you until you couldn't remember your name."

"You did." My breath was already ragged and he hadn't even touched me yet. I thought the anticipation might very well be the death of me.

"I better make good on that promise."

He slowly lowered his weight on to me, my breath releasing harshly at the pleasure. When I was deliciously smothered by him, his hands came up and traced every feature of my face. "I've been waiting so long for you."

"Then stop waiting and take me. I'm yours."

"Yes, you are," he nearly growled.

He lowered his head and claimed my mouth softly at first, hesitant. He seemed unsure of himself and my reaction to him. This was unacceptable to me. It was time he learned that I was as passionate as my red hair signified. My hands speared through his unruly hair and forced his mouth harshly onto mine, and I attacked him. With a deep moan that I felt more than heard, he returned my passion. His tongue explored every crevice of my mouth, as if he couldn't be satisfied until he knew it as well as his own. When it became absolutely imperative that I breathe, I pushed him back slightly, panting for oxygen. But Harry wouldn't leave me. His mouth travelled along my jaw, finding a spot right under my ear that made me cry out and clutch him closer to me.

My hands clawed at his back, desperate to feel more of him. They found the hem of his shirt and dragged it up as far as I could. With a growl, he pulled away from me and ripped it off, then returned his attentions to my neck. My hands explored the newly uncovered skin, amazed by the play of muscles across his back. He pushed against me as I touched him, his mouth moving lower on my neck and beginning to suck on my collarbone, pushing my shirt out of his way as he moved. Lost in the sensations he was creating in me, I grabbed his hand and tugged it down to my waist, using his hand to push up my own shirt.

Harry seemed to get the message quickly, sitting up on his knees above me and slowly lifting my shirt off of my body. I looked up, hesitant to see his expression, only to be shocked to see that his eyes were nearly black with desire.

"You are so beautiful," he whispered in awe.

I took hold of his face and pulled him back to me, gasping at the feeling of skin on skin. His mouth began a new assault on mine as his hands set to exploring my skin. Desperate to get closer, I hooked one of my legs around his hip and used it to pull him further into me. The friction was delicious for half a second before he froze. He held himself above me, panting but unmoving.

"Harry?" I asked hesitantly.

He pulled back enough to meet my gaze, his own full of apology. "We can't, Gin."

I pouted. "Why not?"

"Because a betrothal bride has to be pure on her wedding day."


He smiled ruefully. "If it weren't for the fact that I'm very much looking forward to that wedding day, I would saw screw it." He pulled back, reluctance on his face, and reached for my shirt.

I shook my head. "I want to feel you. I promise I'll stop attacking you."

He chuckled before rolling to my side and pulling me into his arms. I shivered at the contact.

"What are we going to do?"

He placed a tender kiss on my head. "I guess that is up to you. I'm willing to wait for you, and yet I don't want you to have to continue to go through the abuse of your family. But if we go through with this now, you have to be ready to accept the censure of the world and the school. I don't think many people in your house will understand. Either they'll hate you or they'll pity you."

I considered this. While I wasn't looking forward to the scrutiny that I'm sure would follow our marriage, I still desperately wanted to be his. But he did have a point. "Where would we stay? Would I come here with you?"

He shrugged. "That's an option, though I'm not sure how some of the members of my house would take you being here. I would want Sirius or I with you at all times, just to be sure. Of course, there is also a precedent for married students. We could ask for our own quarters, in neither Slytherin nor Gryffindor."

I pulled back enough to see his face. "I want to marry you." He beamed. "And I want to do it as soon as possible. As for what we do after that, I'm not sure. I wouldn't want to be away from you, though."

He leaned down and gave me a brief but exhilarating kiss. "You never have to be apart from me again. We will be married, and they will no longer have any control over your life." He paused in thought. "Do you want to inform anyone beforehand?"

I considered this. "I really would rather avoid that, but are we allowed to? I'm still under age."

He grinned. "They gave their permission when the betrothal was signed, they cannot revoke it now."

"Good. When can we be married?"

"Do you need time to get things ready? Don't girls like to have elaborate ceremonies?"

I giggled. "I don't want any of that. And that would only give my family opportunities to try and stop us. I want no one to know until it is too late."

"Marry me tonight?" His expression was hesitant and yet filled with hope, like a little boy who was convinced that the one thing in the world he wanted most was about to be denied him, and yet he couldn't give up thinking about it and wanting it.

"Of course."

He grinned and jumped up, hurrying to throw on his shirt. "I need to go get Sirius. I'll be right back."

With a last grin over his shoulder, he was out the door, leaving me on the bed in a puddle of lust and excitement and shock. After several moments, I realised I didn't want to greet Sirius in my bra, and scrambled towards my shirt. I pulled it on and used my wand to straighten out the wrinkles from Harry's hands. I went to his mirror and carefully fixed the mess in my hair. As I did, the light caught on the ring on my hand, and I paused. I was getting married tonight. Strangely, that didn't scare me. Rather, nothing had ever felt so right. Everyone had tried so hard to keep Harry and me apart; now that we were finally together I didn't want to wait any longer. And I knew my mother. She was going to try to fight this tooth and nail. It was better to get completely out from under her control before she tried anything. I turned as the door opened and Harry entered, followed closely by a large black dog that barrelled straight towards me and knocked me flat on my back in his exuberance.

"Padfoot!" Harry barked. "Get off of her!"

Sirius backed off in obvious contrition and Harry was by my side, helping me up. I laughed. "It's alright, Sirius. I'm excited, too." Sirius' tail thumped at my words.

The scowl on Harry's face twitched as he struggled to hold it.

"So, how are we doing this?"

Harry was quickly all business. "The first hurdle is getting off the grounds." He turned and went to his trunk, pulling out a silvery cloak. "This is my father's invisibility cloak, you can wear that. Sirius often roams the grounds at night as Padfoot, so no one should be surprised to see him. You can follow him. We know of a few ways off of the grounds."

"What about you?"

He grinned. "I was hoping you would carry me."

I was confused, but nodded anyway. I doubted there was anything I would ever deny him. "Okay."

With a smile, he started to shrink, and I understood. In half a second, a familiar small green and black snake was wrapping itself up my leg. I giggled as he crawled up further, and then slithered around my waist and under my shirt. I rolled my eyes as he climbed up until his head popped out of my shirt collar, ignoring the feel of his tongue flicking against my breasts as he passed. Impudent little whelp. With a sigh, I nodded at Sirius and threw the cloak over my shoulders. I knew about invisibility cloaks, but had never seen one before. It was rather disconcerting to not be able to see my own body, but I shrugged it off.

Quietly, I followed Sirius out of the castle and across the grounds. Harry seemed to be enjoying himself immensely, as he was now rubbing his head against my neck, his tongue flickering out occasionally. I let him have his fun. Besides, it was oddly erotic. Sirius led me towards the Whomping Willow, and, with a quick prod at one rather large knot on the trunk, the tree froze completely. In shock, I followed him through a long tunnel until we emerged in a dusty and dilapidated house. There, Sirius stopped and reverted to human form, and I lowered the hood on the cloak.

He grinned at me. "Welcome to the Shrieking Shack." Without waiting for a response, he offered his hand. "I'll take you to the Ministry."

I nodded, one hand coming up to secure Harry to me as I felt the familiar compressing feeling of side-along apparition. I had never enjoyed that sensation. We appeared in a dark corner of the Ministry atrium, and Sirius immediately saluted and disappeared once more. I would have to ask him later why he didn't want to be seen. The Ministry had acknowledged his innocence. Harry slowly crawled down my body and onto the floor before once more becoming the love of my life. He was leering at me. I merely rolled my eyes and drew the cloak the rest of the way off, folding it carefully so as hide its nature.

Harry took my hand and pulled me towards the desk occupied by a rather frail looking old man who looked up as we approached. "Name and purpose?" He asked lazily.

"Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley, here to discuss the fulfilment of a magical contract."

The man's eyes went wide and made the familiar flick to the scar on Harry's forehead. That must get so annoying. Harry turned and shot a rueful smile at me. We were required to submit our wands to be checked, and then directed to go on. Harry led me towards the bank of elevators, and his arm slipped around my waist and drew me in closer to him. I went willingly.

I was grateful that we met no one on our journey, nervous that we would run into my father and he would try some way to stop us. I didn't pay much attention to our path, content to run my hands over Harry's chest and snuggle in closer to his side. He led me into a small office where a brunette sat, idly reading the paper. She looked up dismissively when we entered, and then did an instant double take when she recognised Harry.

"Can I help you?" She practically purred. I growled at her softly, and Harry tightened his grip on me.

"Yes. We'd like to be married."

Her mouth dropped open in shock. It was quite comical. "Married? But…"

Harry merely stared at her calmly. "Yes, married. You'll find that all the appropriate forms have been filed already."

"Um… okay… names, please?"

"I'm Harry Potter, and this is Ginevra Weasley." I had to suppress the urge to hit him for using my full name. I hated that name, but knew it was necessary in formal occasions.

She nodded numbly and pulled open a drawer to leaf through it. She squeaked when she found what she was looking for, and pulled out a piece of parchment covered in writing. "You are here to fulfil the terms of your betrothal?"

"Yes. As Head of the House of Potter I am demanding immediate fulfilment of all terms."

She squeaked again and ran into the office behind her. A few minutes later, she returned, followed by an odd, mousy looking man who was furiously reading the parchment. When he reached the end, he looked up at us. "You wish to be married? Tonight?"

"Yes." Harry answered calmly.

"You are aware that there will probably be severe… unpleasantness over your having forced the issue."


"Very well. If you would come with me."

We followed him into his small office, and stood together as he instructed us to. He had us join hands, right to right and left to left, and then he pulled his wand and began a long incantation in Latin. "Una vos adveho, pectus pectoris ut pectus pectoris. Una vos suo, vita ut vita. Una fio unus, veneficus ut veneficus. A matrimonium of verus mens effingo a diligo subsisto expertus of vicis. Nullus can tear in duos quis iam est unus."

As he spoke, a tendril of light escaped his wand and wrapped itself around our joined hands. At the end, instead of dissipating, it sunk into our hands, as if permanently binding us. And with it came an incredible sensation, one of belonging and home and desire and power all mixed together so tightly I couldn't really understand it. Harry was looking at me with the most intense expression I had ever seen on his face.

I barely registered as the officiant pronounced us man and wife. Then Harry's hands had let go of mine, and they were tangled in my hair, and he was kissing me as if he suddenly couldn't get enough. I threw my arms around his neck and pulled my body tightly against his.

It was the loud clearing of a throat that pulled us out of each other. We both pulled back and turned to the man, who was looking at us with a bemused expression on his face. "If you please, you need to sign some forms. In addition to your marriage certificate, you need to acknowledge the change of your status; you are both now considered legal adults with all the rights that entails."

I was slightly shocked to hear this; I hadn't realised that our marriage would free us not only from the control of my family but also from the Restriction of Underage Wizardry. That was an unexpected bonus. We signed the forms he had for us, and then thanked him quietly before leaving. Harry took my hand and led me out of the man's office, and as soon as the door was shut behind us I was pinned against the wall.

His hands wove carefully into my hair, anchoring my head in place as he placed kiss after kiss on my lips, none of them deep enough or long enough to satisfy me. "We don't have time for a real honeymoon right now, but I'm going to take you somewhere special for the night."

I hummed in approval. "That's nice. But first we should see about getting you a ring."

He chuckled. "Wanting to stake your claim on me, Mrs. Potter?"

I dragged his head down to me and assaulted his mouth for several long minutes before pulling back. "Do you doubt it?"

"No." He brought my left hand up to his lips and kissed it just above my ring. "Do you want a wedding band?"

I shook my head. "This is enough."

He nodded. "We should be on our way if we want to make it before all the stores close."

Harry stepped back from me, and I blushed crimson as I realised that the secretary was staring at us in shock, five feet away. It didn't seem to bother Harry, as he didn't even look in her direction before escorting me out of the office. We made it out of the Ministry without attracting any attention, and once in the atrium, Harry drew me into his arms.

"Now that I can't get in trouble for doing this, we don't need Sirius to transport us." And without another word he had apparated us away.

We reappeared in a dark alleyway. When we stepped into the street, I noticed we were right across from a large Muggle jewellery store and smiled. We walked in, hand in hand, and were immediately approached by a young sales woman.

Her eyes roamed over Harry with a slightly predatory look. "Can I help you?"

I rolled my eyes. "Yes, I need to purchase a wedding band for my husband."

Her eyes shot wide in shock as they darted between the two of us, obviously noting our age. Her smile grew fake. "Of course. Did you have any idea of what you were looking for?"

"Do you have any Celtic designs?" I had always been fascinated by their intricate knot work, and I figured Harry must be okay with it if he had an Irish nickname.

She led us over to a glass counter housing dozens of men's bands. Most of the Celtic designs were Claddagh rings, but there were a series of unusual rings, made of two intertwining circles. "What are those?"

"These are infinity bands."

I nodded and examined them carefully. One in particular drew my eye—in the centre of the ring, the two bands formed an intricate knot, a lover's knot. I pointed it out. "Do you like that one, Harry?"

He looked at it carefully and asked to try it on. He seemed to be considering it a great deal, and then his eyes shot up to mine.

I like it. I think I can add just the right personal touch.

I smiled and turned back to the girl. "We'll take it."

She smiled her fake smile and quoted the price. I had no concept of how the cost of the ring translated to galleons, but it was obvious that she thought we wouldn't be able to afford it. Harry merely smiled and pulled out a black card and handed it to her. Her eyes went huge at the sight, and she fell all over herself to ring us up. I could only imagine that card somehow alerted her to Harry's wealth. Ron had treated me to several monologues on the subject, so I knew it must be fairly vast.

Ten minutes later we walked out of the store, and Harry pulled me back into the deserted alley. With a quick look around, he pulled out his wand and tapped it carefully against his ring. It flashed gold for a moment, and I leaned in to look. He had turned the two interweaving bands into snakes and given them small emerald flecks for eyes. I smiled.

"It's perfect."

"You don't mind your Slytherin husband showing his true colours?"

"Not in the slightest."

"Good." He reached down until his lips were brushing my ear. "Harry's Haven is located at Caernarfon Castle in Wales." (http : / / tejiendoelmundo . files . wordpress . com / 2009 / 05 / Caernarfon – castle . jpg)

My eyes shot wide as I recognised the secret he was telling me. It came as no surprise when he twisted us into nothing and we reappeared in front of a large castle on the water's edge. I looked around, curious, and the large an ancient structure. It looked almost as large as Hogwarts.

"This is my home, though Sirius and I only use a small portion of the actual castle. I am safe here and no one can find me. It gives Sirius and me a place to train as needed, and lets me be completely free. I think my Dad realized I would love flying as much as him, so there are grounds to fly over, and I love being right on the water."

I smiled. "It looks lovely. You can give me a tour tomorrow. I have plans for you tonight, Mr. Potter."

He grinned. "As you wish."

He swept me up into his arms and with a determined stride carried me into the castle, and then his bedroom. It was high time we finished what we had started earlier.

A/N: Well, a new story! This will be really short, only three chapters, and is already completely written. And no, I'm not going to always use first person. Next one is back in third, I promise.

I just really wanted to write a bit of Slytherin Harry. And boy is he fun to play with. As you can tell, this will be anti quite a lot of people.