"Sheepish that's what he is." he grumbled.

"What?" she looked around as if she expected to see a shepherd or sheep. "Who's sheepish?"

"The kid that follows Severs around, he's like a sheep following a shepherd."

"Sheepish, do you even know what that means?"

"Of course I do, just because I'm using it differently than most people doesn't mean that I don't know what it means."

"Don't get all mad at me." she whined.

Seeing the two men entering the trailer, Grady made a disgusted sound, "Lapdog, just look at him. He's like some big overgrown puppy."

"Yeah," Sarah smiled, "he reminds me of a golden retriever we had when I was little."

"Will you stop that," Grady shook her arm, "pay attention to what I'm sayin'." When she had pulled her eyes back to him, Grady nodded. "You keep them both away from the truck, keep 'em occupied while I retrieve that envelope Severs stashed in there yesterday. Can you do that?"

She nodded, eyes shining, "I can."

Grady silently wished he'd been able to find someone else to help him out with this caper, someone that had more brains than the bleach blonde he'd picked up at the beach. "Go on then, keep them away from the truck for at least ten minutes okay?"

She grinned vapidly, "I will."

Grady watched her walk toward the trailer where Severs and Munson had gone, her hips swaying. He shook his head, dim as she was, she did have her uses. He pulled his hat down and headed for the truck parked on the far side of the lot.

Sarah opened the door of the trailer and went in. She gasped in surprise, seeing Howie shirtless, halfway changed into his street clothes.

"Oh, excuse me!" She giggled as the young man blushed, grabbing a shirt and trying to cover up with it. She bumped the table, tapes clattered out of the holder and she leaned over to pick them up, giving him a view down her low cut blouse.

"I thought this was the hospitality trailer." She backed up toward the door and knocked the books off the table, when she bent over to pick them up Howie got a good look at the lacy underwear that had been barely covered by her miniskirt. "This is so embarrassing."

Colt came out of the back room wearing a robe and toweling his hair, "Kid, what are you doing in ..." Colt was just in time to get the same view of her panties, "...here?"

"Uh," Howie looked at Colt, eyes wide, cheeks flushed. "I'm not doing anything, honest."

"Oh, Hi!" Sarah said, straitening up "I was just telling him I was lost." She held out her hand, "I'm Sarah Penny."

Colt looked at Howie, who just shrugged.

"Colt Severs," he shook her hand, "nice to meet you Sarah Penny. Is there something I can do for you?"

She laughed, putting a hand over her heart, "I'm a little surprised, but then I guess we all are. I was looking for the hospitality trailer." She smiled sweetly at Howie. "I didn't expect to find naked men in here."

"Naked men?" Colt shot a teasing glance at his young cousin.

Howie fumbled to put his shirt on, "I wasn't naked," he stammered, "not completely."

"Well the hospitality trailer is back up there," Colt waved vaguely toward the front of the trailer.

"Oh," Sarah said, "I must have walked right past it," she sighed deeply, chest heaving. "I am so thirsty; do you have anything to drink?"

Howie was the first to shake free of her pleading gaze, "Uh, we have water and juice," he said, reaching into the mini fridge.

"Water please." she replied.

Howie pulled out a bottle of water; Colt grabbed it from him and handed it to Sarah. "There you go; no one can say we aren't hospitable."

"Yeah, hospitable that's us." Howie grinned.