This is more like a poem than anything, short and angsty Elissa/Alistair fluff, although it could fit for the other backgrounds as well.

I don't own it, never have, never will.

I love you.

Do you know that? Have I said it enough?

I love you.

It's the reason behind everything I do.

I love you.

Did you see how I lost my breath just by looking at you?

Since the first time I saw you until I can breathe no more, I love you.

Could you hear it in my voice?

Could you see it in my eyes?

Could you feel it in my touch?

It doesn't matter any longer.

I wonder if you were proud. Proud of the person I was despite the circumstances.

Are you proud now?

You ask me, "Is there any particular reason you want me to stay behind and not fight the Archdemon?"

Because I love you. "Because I don't want you to get hurt Alistair."

I see anger in your beautiful eyes, and a deep sadness. You are as unhappy about this as I am.

You can't argue though, and you know it. I'm stubborn. You shrug it off, and tell me something more important.

I love you.

It was the last thing I ever said to you.

It was the last thing you ever said to me.

You said always.

Always. I wish we had that always together.

But wishes aren't horses. Or more time. Wishes have no use now.

I love you.

It's my last thought, my last breath, what's driving me as I plunge my sword into the Archdemon.

I knew this would happen. I didn't take Morrigan's offer. I couldn't.

There is a sorrow deep in my bones now, at the very essence of my soul.

I'm so sorry I had to leave you this way.

I'm so sorry I've taken your love from you.

We'll see each other again though. I know it. Death cannot stop true love; it can only delay it for awhile.

Besides, the world owes us an always.

I love you.

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