Take Care of You

Chapter 1

A Rescue and A Terrible Accident

Fallout96: This is a new story that I just came up with right after I finished writing A Night To Remember. I hope you enjoy it!

"Why do we have to go hiking so early in the morning." May complained toward Ash as him and her hiked up the mountain.

"Come on it's fun. Besides, it was your idea in the first place." Ash reminded May.

May sighed in defeat.

"But one question." Ash asked while stopping and facing May.

"Why couldn't Brock or Max come with us?" May's face turned red.

She didn't want them to come because she wanted some alone time with Ash. She was hoping that she could work up the courage to tell him about her feelings for him. She hinted around about it, but Ash is too dense to notice it.

"Look, were here!" Ash yelled to May as he pointed over to a cliff edge.

May looked where he pointed and couldn't believe what she was seeing. From their view, they could see the sun rising over the distant mountains and it was beautiful. May than thought that this was the right moment to tell him how she feels.

"Ash, I have to tell you something." May said with a growing blush.

Ash turned to her and smiled.

"May you can tell me anything. Were best friends and don't forget that." He said 'But I wish we were more.' He thought to himself.

"That's just it Ash, I want us to be more than friends. What I'm trying to say is Ash, I lo...May didn't finish her sentence as the earth started to shake.

"Earthquake!" Ash yelled as he tried to grab May to protect her, but it was too late.

The ground under her was starting to break and she began to fall.

"May!" Ash yelled as he dived for her.

What seemed like an hour, took three seconds. Ash had somehow managed to grab May's hand with his left hand, and the edge with his right hand.

"May hold on. I'll bring you up to the edge and you pull yourself up, okay?"

May nodded.

"Okay, now." Ash used all the strength in his right arm and brought May up to the ledge. May grabbed it and pulled herself up.

"Ash, now let me pull you up." May said as she tried to grab Ash's hand.

"It's not going to work. The edge is about to break off! Go!" He begged her.

As stubborn as May was, she wasn't going to runaway.

"No! I can help you!" She said as she tried desperately to grab his hand.

Ash could see that with their combined weight, the ledge would break and they would both fall. Ash knew that there was only one way to prevent that.

"May, I just want you to know, that you've been the best friend I've ever had." He said with tears rolling down his face.

May's eyes started to swell up to.

"Don't talk like that, Ash! Just hold on!" She reassured him.

"But May, I've always felt more. You make me feel wonderful every time I see you smile or happy. What I'm trying to say is, May, I love you."

Mays eyes filled with tears.

"I love you to, Ash!" She yelled.

"Now you'll understand why I have to this." He said as he let go and fell toward the earth.

"Ash!" She screamed out as she saw him fall. He was out of sight once he hit the trees.

Seven Hours...

May sat outside of the emergency room in tears. Ash had practically sacrificed himself to save her. Right now, he was in very critical condition from his fall and was undergoing surgery.

"It's all my fault." She yelled aloud.

Brock walked over to her a put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"It wasn't your fault. What happened was out of your control." He said with sincerity.

May gave a mad glare at Brock.

"You weren't even there! Just leave me alone!" She yelled at the top of her lungs.

Brock knew it was no use in talking to her right now and stood up to walk down the hall toward Max.

May sat there for several minutes crying. Suddenly, the doors open. May looked up and could see the surgeon walking out.

May jumped out of her seat.

"Is he alright? Will he be okay! How is he?" She asked and yelled at him.

"He will live, but he's sustained massive injuries. Almost all his ribs are broken, his back is badly bruised from the fall, both shoulder blades are broken, left arm broken, right leg broken, and his skull has a fracture. We've fixed the internal bleeding, but due to the pain from his injuries, he will be unconscious for a week or two." He explained to May with detail.

May's heart sunk with every word.

"Do you know of a place he can stay and rest, Ms. Maple." He asked her.

"May parent's house in Petalburg. It's only a few miles away." She answered while trying to hold back the tears.

"I'll have him transferred tomorrow. But Ms. Maple, you should go home and get some rest," He told her with some concern.

May shook her head.

"I would never leave him." the surgeon smiled.

"Is he your boyfriend?" He asked.

"No... but I'd like him to be." She admitted with a slight blush creeping over his face.

The surgeon nodded his head.

"I understand. At least get a little sleep though." He said as he walked away.

'I better try and get at least some sleep.' She thought to herself as she sat down in the chair.

'Ash, please to be yourself when you wake up. It's only been seven hours and I already miss that dense smile of his. But he said that he loved me. I guess I'll sort this out when he's healed and recovered from all this.' She thought to herself as he eyes closed.

'I just hope you mean it, Ash.' Was the last thought in her head as she allowed sleep to take her.

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