Take Care of You

Chapter 4

A Healing Body and a Broken Heart

Fallout96: This will be the final chapter. You'll find out who wins, May or Dawn. I put a lot of effort into this chapter. Hope you like it!

Ash relaxed on his bed, staring at the ceiling in deep thought.

'I really need to tell May how I feel. It's funny, but every time I think about it, I feel like I've done it before. I probably just a had a dream about it or something.' He questioned and told himself in thought.

Ash sat up straight in bed, stopping for a minute from the pain.

'I wish this pain would just go away. It's been a week and I haven't even begun to heal. My damn back hurts like hell and ribs feel like their sticking out of my chest.' He constantly cursed at himself for not being able to heal fast.

He sighed from the relief of finding a comfortable spot to sit up at. He looked over at the desk next to the bed and picked up the picture on it. It was a picture of him and May. He had her bandanna on and she had his hat on. Their cheeks were also touching each others.

'For the whole week, she's done nothing but take care of me. Every time I needed something, she was there. Hell, so even massaged my back with only my boxers on.' He chuckled at himself from the thought, but quickly grew a smile as he realized the comfort he enjoyed from it.

'I love her so much. I just need to find the courage to tell her. And with Dawn here it doesn't make it any easier. I know she likes me, probably even love me, but I can't return the feelings. I'll have to tell her soon. Great, now I have two things to do: First, tell Dawn I can only return the feelings as a friend. Second, tell May I love her and hope she returns the feelings. This is going to be tough.'

Knock, Knock, Knock!

The door suddenly opened. Ash could see that it was Dawn, but in a little more sexy outfit than usual. A black blouse that showed a lot more cleavage, a almost impossibly smaller mini-skirt, and her hair was all the way down. Ash couldn't help but blush.

"Hey, Dawn." Ash said and veered his vision away from Dawn, in an attempt to not stare.

Dawn giggled at how Ash looked at her.

"Hey, Ash. Are you doing anything right now?" She asked him with a hopeful face.

"Just waiting to heal. Other than that, I'm not doing anything."

"Great, than will you go with me to the beach at the lake." She asked, eyes filled with begging.

Ash pretended to be in deep thought over it, which had Dawn worried.

"Okay, but I can't really do anything. So I'll mostly have to sit down."

Dawn jumped for joy and gave him a hug.

"Thanks, Ash. You'll have fun. I promise." She swore to him as she helped him out of bed.

'I have to tell her. I don't want to give her false hopes or hints. After the beach, I'll tell her.' He reasoned with himself as he tried to find the words to tell her later.

The Beach...

"Ash, you sure you can do it on your own?" Dawn asked as Ash struggled to get his shirt off.

Ash finally got his shirt off.

"Don't worry. I got it." Ash reassured her while he laid down on the sand of the beach.

At the sight of Ash's well-toned chest, Dawn had wished he would have asked for help. More than anything she wanted to feel it. Even underneath the bandages, he still looked good.

"I'm going to change. No peeking." She said while giving him a wink that made him blush.

Ash turned around, much to a part of his lower body disliking.

"Okay, you can look." Ash turned around, and was stunned at what he saw. Dawn was in a two-piece, pink bikini that was a little skinny around some places. The sight made him blush deep-red

'She sure has 'matured' a lot since I last saw her.' His private thoughts told him.

Dawn smiled at how Ash was staring at her. She knew that now was the right time.

"Ash, can I have a serious talk with you." She asked while sitting right next to him.

"Sure." Ash replied.

She nuzzled closer to him.

"Ash, for the longest time I've had feelings for you. Ever since that first day I met you, I have had a crush on you, but now I know it's something different. I'm just going to come out and say it. Ash Ketchum, I love you."She poured her heart out as she leaned in and kissed Ash.

For several seconds the kiss went on, but soon Ash pulled away.

"Ash?" She asked with huge, sad eyes.

"Dawn, I'm sorry. I can't do this." He said while dropping his head to face the ground.

"Is it me. I'm I not beautiful or attractive to you?"

"No, you are very beautiful Dawn and a wonderful person. It's just that..." He couldn't finish his sentence.

"It's May isn't it. You like her, don't you." She asked with sadness taking over her face.

"Yes, I do. I'm so sorry Dawn. Don't ever think I don't love you, but only as a little sister." He said, trying to make her feel better.

Ash got up on his own.

"Will you be alright by yourself. I'm going to head back to the house." He asked.

Dawn only smiled.

"Ash, go be with her, the one you truly love. I'll be alright here." She assured him.

"See you later." He gave her his signature grin and limped off back toward the house.

Dawn let tears fall down his face.

'Go be with her, Ash. But May, if you ever hurt him, I promise you that you will pay. At least Ash knows I'll always be there for him if he needs it.' She thought to herself as she watched Ash disappear into the night.


"May! May!" Ash yelled as he tried to find May.

May stood up from the couch to find Ash without a shirt. She didn't like the idea she got in her mind about Ash not having a shirt on while being with Dawn, but put it off.

:What do you need?" She asked him.

Ash walked towards her and pulled her in for a long, very passionate kiss. May was shocked at first, but quickly returned the kiss. They finally pulled apart for air.

"What was that for, Ash." May asked while not really caring what his answer was. But would soon find out, that she would indeed care.

"May, I've been thinking. For the longest time now, I've known that I had feelings for you. Only recently did I realize that they are more than just feelings. May Maple, you are a wonderful person and the most gorgeous woman in the world. Your the light to my day and the joy of my life. I have to just come out with this. May Maple, I love you." He confessed his inner most feelings to her.

May threw her arms around Ash and brought him in for a long kiss. She smiled when they parted.

"I love you too, Ash." She opened her heart to him.

They embraced each other in a long, warm hug. Ash than kissed the top of May's head.

"Ash, why don't we go up to your room." She whispered in a low, shy voice.

At first, Ash didn't get it. But after about five seconds, he caught on. He gave her his signature smile.

"Race you there." He said as they both bolted to the room.

'I will always take care of you, Ash. And love you with all my heart forever. Tonight's going to be fun!' She thought with happiness as they entered his room. Making sure to lock the door behind them. I don't think I have to tell you what happened that night, but we can all be sure that it was indeed a fun night.


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