Not ment to offend anyone or anything. Just written for fun :]

Based on a true stroy though. 8D

Oh yeah and for those who dont know what Americas funniest home videos (AFV) is its this show where people send in funny home videos and then you watch them. :3


Once again it was the oh so joyus monthly 'family' TV night. This month is was Alfreds turn to pick the show. Since he was banned from watching horror movies for the month he chose a TV show that was truly American. America's funniest home videos. Much to Arthurs displeasure thats what they where currently watching. He was thinking of ways the torment Alfred for this, Mathew and Alfred where trying to stiffle there laughter and Francis..he actully seemed to be watching and not trying to grope someone. When Alfred and Mathew burst out in laughter Arthur looked over at them.

"Seriously guys, its not that funny." He sighed.

"Dude! AFV is the funniest show EVER." Alfred exlamied. Arthur sighed again for what seemed like the hundreth time that night.

"You agree with me right, Francis?" The two asked in unison. When they heard each other they immeditly started arguing.

But fortunalty the argument didnt last long becasue as soon as Francis heard the word 'France' he yelled:


Arthur and Alfred exchaned glances and turned there attention to the television screen. The screen showed three men in a moving car waving white flags, but thats not what scared Francis. What scared him was what the host said..

'The french have waved that white flag so many times they made a sport of it!'

Arthur, Mathew and Alfred howled in laughter.

"Blahhh uhhe ruhghhhsdds..." Francis couldnt even bring himslef to words. When the youngest of the laughing three finnaly calmed down he noticed Francis curled in a fetal position. He walked over to him.

"Papa? Whats wrong?" He sounded worried. As Matthew tried to compert his papa Alfred and Arthur finnaly took notice of Francis (not Mathew though). They went to see what was wrong aswell.

"Hey Franics whats wrong?" Alfred asked. Francis looked up at him.

"Alred. Get me those people's adresses."

And this is why Alfred isnt allowed to choose anything even remotly funny on his turn of the monthly 'family' TV night. He might hurt someones feelings...again.

First story I wrote in awhile. XD

Again not ment to offend anyone!