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Seventeen year old Sam Winchester confidently strode down the sidewalk of his family's latest town of the week. As he walked through the quiet community he couldn't help but smile thinking of the hunt to come. This was the hunt he'd been waiting for; the hunt where little Sammy Winchester became a man. No more being banished to another room while the grown-ups discussed and planned the hunt, or waiting at the hotel or the car because the hunt was too dangerous for the youngster. No, after seventeen long years of being coddled and protected Sam had finally been deemed good enough to join the highly exclusive Winchester Hunt Club.

Not that his dad had told him anything of the sort. In fact the mighty John Winchester hadn't said a word to him. But Sam didn't need words; he could tell this was it just by his father's actions. The first clue Sam had gotten had come on his birthday. Not only had his dad remembered to wish him Happy Birthday, he had also actually given Sam a present; something that hadn't happened in years. Then there was the fact that they'd stayed in the same place for the last three months of his junior year. He'd even let the teen go to several school functions including the prom. Combine that with his dad letting him walk to and from school alone and it all added up to his dad finally acknowledging that he wasn't a baby anymore. And Sam couldn't be happier.

Strolling through the glass doors of the Davis Town Library he headed towards the back where the closet sized computer room was located. Sam waved to Ms. Avery, the ancient gray haired librarian, as he passed the check-out desk then walked between the long rows of bookshelves and into the tiny computer lab. Taking a seat at the computer station farthest from the door the youngest Winchester pulled his notebook and pen out of his book bag, settled his fingers on the keyboard, and started typing.


Sam rhythmically tapped his pen on the desk as he read over his notes. All signs were pointing to a creature called an Adlet but something was off. He could feel it; he just couldn't put his finger on what. Rubbing his forehead the teenager sighed knowing he'd have to go back through all the crime scene reports and witness statements again. He had to find what he was missing; the success of the hunt depended on it. Turning back to the computer he startled as Barbie Girl blared from his cell phone. Groaning at his big brother's sense of humor Sam snatched his cell off the desk and flipped it open. "Hello"

"Sammy, I'm on my way. Pack up your crap and meet me in front of the library in ten." Dean's voice ordered.

"Can't. I'm not done yet." Sam replied. "Stay there. I'll walk home when I get finished."

"No can do, little brother. Dad told me to pick you up and then swing through a drive through for an early supper." Dean relayed.

"Alright" Sam conceded. He snapped the phone shut and stuffed it in his pocket. Grumbling under his breath he shoved his notebook and pen in his book bag and trudged out of the computer room. The young man waved goodbye to the librarian before pushing through the doors of the building. He dropped his bag and settled himself on the top step. Sam sifted through the evidence he'd gathered while he waited hoping to pick up on what was wrong. But the answer remained just out of his grasp.

Dean pulled over in front of the library smirking at the sight of his zoned out little brother. Leave it to Sammy to be totally oblivious to the group of teenage girls walking back and forth in front of him trying to catch his eye. Shaking his head at his sibling Dean glanced at his watch before leaning across the passenger side of the impala and shouting, "Yo Sammy! Come on dude!"

Sam's head popped up at the sound of his brother's voice. Grabbing his book bag he stood and bounded down the stairs. He hurried down the walkway ignoring the group of giggling girls that brushed by him. Getting to the impala the teen transferred his notebook to his other hand and opened the door. "Sorry" Sam apologized as he climbed into the passenger seat. Setting his bag between his feet he glanced over at Dean. "Caleb here yet?"

"Yep, he pulled in about five minutes after you left." Dean replied as he made a u-turn and headed back towards the hotel. "He said and I quote, "Tell runt I'm expecting a rematch. No begging off this time."

Sam snorted. "Seriously? Dude, we played that game five years ago."

"You forget how competitive Caleb is? He's not gonna rest till he whips you're a$$ and you know it." Dean told him. He pulled into the parking lot of the local McDonald's stopping behind the line of cars in the drive through. Glancing over at his brother he smirked as Sammy pressed himself against the passenger side door. "Problem, bro?"

"N-no" Sam fibbed. Dragging his gaze away from the hideous looking clown statue sitting on a bench in the children's play area the teenager looked down at his hands.

Chuckling Dean inched up to the drive through speaker and ordered. Taking a wad of bills out of his pocket he pulled up to the window. After paying and receiving their bag of food and drinks, the eldest Winchester drove back onto the road. Glancing over at his sibling Dean frowned. He could tell by the set of the younger boy's jaw and the tenseness in his shoulders that Sam was nervous. And that didn't sit well with the older brother. His little brother shouldn't be nervous: Sam had nothing to be nervous about. Dean racked his brain searching for a reason for his sibling's mood. It wasn't his first hunt by any means so that couldn't be the cause. And he'd done research and hunted with Caleb before so that ruled out those. So what could be bugging the kid? Dean couldn't think of anything that would have his little brother nervous unless…Dean smirked as a new thought came to mind. Keeping his eyes on the road ahead the older brother cleared his throat. "So Sammy, anything interesting happen at library?" he asked.

"Like what, Dean?" Sam inquired wondering what in the world was going through his big brother's head.

"Oh, I don't know like maybe you met someone special at the library. You know, a female someone?" Dean suggested.

"What!" Sam exclaimed. Rolling his eyes at his sibling's snicker he huffed. "No, Dean I didn't meet anyone. I was a little too busy doing research to hook up with anyone."

"Sure you were." Dean muttered. Now everything made sense: the wanting to stay late and walk home, zoning out and not hearing the impala's engine, ignoring the gaggle of girls strutting around him, and the nervousness. Sammy boy had found himself a girlfriend. Bout time. Sneaking another look at the teen out of the corner of his eye Dean stifled a chuckle. The next few days were gonna be a lot of fun…for him. He just had to wait till after the hunt. He refused to risk upsetting Sammy before the hunt. The kid would need to be totally focused for this one. Turning into the parking lot of the Sandy Beach Inn he pulled into the spot in front of their room and cut the engine. Throwing open his doors Dean picked up the McDonald's bags and climbed out of the driver's seat. "Come on lover boy. Dad and Caleb are waiting."

Sighing Sam shoved his notebook into his book bag before slinging the bag over his shoulder and grabbing the container of drinks. He could tell by the gleam in his big brother's eye that he was in for it the next few days. There was no telling what kind of creative harassment Dean would put him through now that he thought Sam had a girlfriend. His only saving grace was the hunt. Dean wouldn't dare start anything right now. No, the teen knew he'd be safe until after the hunt was over. That would give him just enough time to think of a way out of this or at least some kind of revenge for whatever his brother did. Shaking his head Sam opened his door he stood. The war with Dean would have to wait till later. Right now he had more important things to think about; like how he was gonna tell his dad that he needed more time. Taking a deep breath Sam followed Dean into the room.