SEASON/SPOILERS: None, take your pick :).

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This drabble was written in 2005 for the ESP challenge on the sga_flashfic LJ Community. I'm trying to get all my gen fic in one place, so I'm posting it here.

PAIRINGS: Could read as gen, could read as more. It's up to your imagination to guess who the two people here are and their status :).

DISCLAIMER: I don't own Stargate: Atlantis or anything associated with it. I'm simply borrowing, but I promise to return all in one piece. Eventually.

They never needed words.

Their friendship was a connection beyond that. A connection that included not-so-awkward silence as they stared at the Stargate, waiting. Always waiting for a certain team, a certain person to come home.

They both held positions that more often than not married them to Atlantis' corridors. Yes, there was the now and then, the special circumstance, but it wasn't often and it did little to break the ever waiting pattern.

They'd sit, coffee in hand. They'd talk, about the weather, about Earth, about work. But never about them and the countless worse-case scenarios they knew each other imagined in their minds. Their eyes revealed it all to each other anyway and a wordless glance confirmed they'd never reveal it elsewhere.

They'd jump sometimes at the littlest things and get ready to run when they heard the familiar sounds of an incoming wormhole. Time always took forever.

They'd stand together, their hands gripping the railing, watching the blue spill into the room. They would exchange a glance, a slight slip of their professional exterior, right before the wormhole completed itself.

Four people would appear on the ramp and together they would let out a sigh of relief and they'd part, each ready to embrace another.

Until, next time, this is. Because there always was a next time.