Hey guys! I know it's been a while but I want you to know that I will probably not update more chapters of this story. Sorry guys, I really enjoyed the response from you, your support and reviews, but I think that I'm not interested in twilight anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still think that twilight series are awesome books and I do respect Stephenie Meyer, but…

Anyway, I'm really sorry for disappointing you. Lunar Earthshine won't be completed, unfortunately. But you all know the end anyways! They kill Victoria, they get married, they have Nessie!

Thanks for getting along with me. More stories will come (but not for twilight). I really like a film called 'Megamind' right now and although I find it ridiculous to update a story about an animated film, I will. xD I hope that you would like to read something about Megamind.

So, that's it guys. Thank again for everything! And a big thanks to my beta reader-Rachel, for helping me out. Thanks Rachel, you are awesome!

Thanks guys!


P.S I would really appreciate it if you didn't criticize me badly and if you kept any insulting thought for yourself.