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A Son For A King

An Interesting Arrangement

A knock was heard at the door and Tiana answered it.

"Hey Tia!" A pregnant Charlotte walked in wearing all pink. "Sorry I'm late I had to drop off Benjamin."

Tiana frowned. "Oh."

"He had a meeting this morning with the staff, but he would like for you to stop by later since the bank closes early this evening. It's our anniversary!" She took a seat on the loveseat.

"Oh Lottie that's swell. Congratulations." Tiana sat on the couch. "But I thought Benjamin didn't allow coloreds in his bank?"

"Well you are an exception Tia. We are dear friends and he likes you, too. Remember that dress I got you for your surprise birthday? He couldn't stop talking about it and he had the nerve to ask me to buy one exactly like yours. " She laughed. "I told him never in a million years could I get in a dress that tiny! You should be able to get the fifty grand without a hassle. Now…" Charlotte crossed her legs. "It's time for some gossip!"

Tiana rolled her eyes. "Lottie you know I'm not into this-

"You know the red head name Martha? The one who was engaged to Travis? Well the engagement is off!"

"What happened?"

"She left him for a French millionaire! I swear Travis has the worse luck with women."

"Poor Travis." Tiana said.

"Yes, but he shouldn't worry about re-marrying. His ex-wives have already left him with three children to take care of. Thank goodness for nannies! Martha did him a favor of leavin' him." Charlotte looked around before setting her eyes back at Tiana. "You miss your baby?"

"Yeah. I know he is suppose to be gone for two months but it hasn't been a week yet-

"Oh I was talkin' about Naveen, not James." Charlotte joked.

Tiana shook her head and laughed with her friend. She always knew how to lightened up the mood.

"You haven't told me much about his nights here. Did you two…you know?"

"Is that all you think about?" Tiana asked. "No wonder you're pregnant again!"

"Tia, dear…that tall glass of milk with a hint of cinnamon who use to be your husband could make any woman, including a very married one like myself think forbidden thoughts. Now tell me. Was he as good as you remembered? The stories you use to tell me!"

"I didn't do anything with him." Tiana lied.


"Lottie let's change the subject-

"So you did sleep with him."

Tiana groaned. "Okay, we did but it was a heat of a moment situation and it won't happen again."

Charlotte gave Tiana a satisfying smile, but wasn't pleased enough with her friend's answer. She had to know. "Was it worth it?"

"Yes." Tiana sighed.

Charlotte laughed and clapped her hands. "And I'm sure it was worth it for him as well."

Tiana sighed again. "Oh Lottie, the way he held me, the way he kissed me, way he felt inside of me…the passion. Oh god, it was perfect. Too perfect. It was like the letters were never written."

"I could imagine the feeling." Charlotte said. "Do you still love him?"

Tiana's face changed.

Charlotte got her answer. "You do still love him, Tia."

"There is nothing I can do about it. I have to focus on saving my restaurant."

"Do you want my advice, Tia?"

Tina raised an eyebrow. "Not really."

"Well I'm gonna give it to ya anyway. Close Tiana's Palace, for now-

"I don't think so-

"Just for a little while until the economy gets back on its feet and go get your man!"

"I swear you and my mama could be mother and daughter. You two think so much alike."

"Well my dear Tia, great minds think alike!" She rose up. "Now where are those delicious beignets! I know you made some. I could smell them all the way from the kitchen."

Tiana got up as well. "They are waiting in the kitchen. But what time am I suppose to be at the bank?"

"Benjamin says four would be perfect. It shouldn't take long to get that loan."

Tiana nodded her head.

"Even though I prefer you to take the money I would offer-

"I need to do this for myself." Tiana said, looking serious.

"Well you can always work for me! The children adore you. And being a maid is a good career move for colored women..."

Tiana raised an eyebrow at her friend.

"Fine! Thoan it is! Now let's go eat some beignets!"


"Wow, I should let you help me with my math studies more often." Kanad said. "You definitely didn't get your brains from Naveen." He joked.

"My mama always said that a good education is very important part of your dream."

"This is true. But for now, why not enjoy your childhood? You're only five. You've got plenty of time to worry about education."

James shook his head. "I'm not rich like you so I have to work in order to be the best."

Kanad laughed. "You sound like an old man. First of all, you are rich since you are my brother's son. Second of all you don't have to work. And thirdly, you have nothing to worry about! You will be the king of Maldonia someday. I have to find out what I am going to do once I'm eighteen."

"How about college?"

Kanad shrugged. "That could be a possibility, and there is always the military, but let's just think about right now. And that is getting you into football."

"I already know how to play football."

"No, you know how to play American football. I'm going to teach you how to play football ."

"I don't understand…" James said with a flabbergasted expression.

"You call it soccer?"

James' face changed to disgust. "Soccer?"

"It isn't bad at all. I think you would like it. I'm captain of my team."

"Can't we just play baseball?"

"Sorry but baseball isn't big here."

James sighed. "Fine. I will try soccer."

"Good sport." Kanad gave his nephew a pat on the back. "You are going to love the sports yard."

"How can we play in the dark?"

"Oh, it's in the inside. Just upstairs."

James then thought about his father. "I wonder when my daddy is gonna be done?"

"He should be wrapping up that meeting with uncle Jasper. Until then…let's play some football!"

Nagaina was walking down the hall with a helper when she saw her son and James. "Kanad, dear!"

The boys turned.

"Yes, mother?"

"Where are you going?" She asked him, not bother looking at James.

"I'm taking my favorite nephew here to the sports room."

"Well you have to get to bed in an hour. The press conference is in the morning."

"I don't need to be there. It's James' day, not mine."

James looked up at his grandmother and noticed her not even looking at him.

"Excuse me grandma, but-

"But it is important for all of us to be there. Goodnight." She cut off James and walked on.

"Come on James…" Kanad walked on but realized he didn't see the little boy by his side. He turned to see the boy with his head down. "James? Are you alright?"

"Um…I think I'm tired now. Could we play soccer tomorrow?"

"Sure, sure." Kanad said. "Look, my mother isn't good at accepting change. She'll come around."

"Goodnight." James said and walked back in his room.

"Goodnight," Kanad responded, feeling bad for the young boy.

James took off his shoes and jumped on his bed. He was feeling lonesome and homesick for his mother. And Nagina wasn't helping with her witchy behavior. The young boy rolled over to pick up the phone and began dialing the code and his mother's number.

Unfortunately Tiana wasn't home. He hung up the phone, got down on his knees and began to pray

Thank you for blessing me by giving me a daddy, a mommy and a whole new family. Please help my grandmother to like me. I have a feeling she doesn't like me at all right now. Also, please l`ook after my other grandma. I miss her hugs. Also, protect my mama. I know she misses me and I miss her, too.


He climbed back on his bed and laid down, now with hope in his heart. He was now sure that everything will work out, including for his mother.


Tiana turned the knob to the bank door and found it lock. She was very skeptical about this ordeal, even if Charlotte is a good friend of hers.

"Guess I was too late." She was about to turn to leave when she heard the door unlock and open. She turned to see a tall blonde man with the whitest teeth smiling at her.

"Good evening, come in." He opened the door and stepped back so that she could walk in. He closed the door and walked in front of her, into another room further in the back. "Have a seat. Make yourself at home. I'll try to make this go by quickly." He opened the drawer to his desk and pulled out a check. "Charlotte told me you needed fifty thousand dollars?"

"Uh, yes."

"For your restaurant, right?"


"I heard that you have the most expensive restaurant in the entire 'crescent city'. Usually restaurants are much less then what you have to keep up with every month for lighting, water and gas. Plus there are other costs on the side. Do you plan on making payments right away or until you can get back on your feet?" he asked, while writing the amount down.

"I plan on doing it once I got everything settled. I know I will have enough since the economy seems like it's almost getting better."

"It's almost getting there." Benjamin laughed and slid a sheet of paper and pen her way. "Just sign and you will have your loan."

Tiana smiled and began reading the print.

Benjamin frowned. "What are you doing?"

"I'm reading the paper before signing."

"Wow, I didn't think you people actually do that."

She looked up and him with a frown. "You people?"

"Oh, don't mind me." He put his hand over the top part of the paper. "You don't need to read that. I'm sure you have places to go."

Tiana wasn't a fool. She knew to always read every contract that came her way, no matter who gave it to her.

After reading she signed on the dotted line.

"Good girl." He took the paper and put it in his desk. "You can keep the pen. Now if you follow me to the door, I will give you the check."

Tiana sighed and followed the man. The stress was starting to lift off her chest.

"I would like to thank you for this loan-

He stopped her once they got by the door. "Now, there is one more thing I need from you and it shouldn't take longer then about fifteen to twenty minutes."

Tiana frowned. "More paperwork?"

Banjamin laughed and took her hand. "Charlotte is such a good friend. She loves you like you are her sister…"

Tiana had a bad feeling about what was coming next so she pulled her hand away.

"Is there anything you want me to do for Lottie?" She asked.

He stepped up to her. "Actually, there's something I want you to do for me."

"Like what?' She stepped back.

"Charlotte told me how much you want that restaurant to stay open. If you really want that then I am sure you would be willing to sleep with me a couple time times, one for the loan and the other for not having to pay back the loan."

Tiana's eyes widen. "What? I knew this was too good to be true."

"I have a bed in the back. We can be quick-

"I can't believe you're doing this! You're a married man! You're married to Lottie, my friend!"

"Oh come on now! Do you honestly think I would give a colored a loan without getting something out of it myself? I see the way you look at me. Especially at that surprsie party Charlotte threw for you. And that dress, any man would be a fool to not want to literally peel it off of you."

"How dare you?"

"You're obviously attracted to me, just as I am to you." He pulled her in.

"Let go of me!" She fought back.

"You colored women are all the same. You'll be just fine once I'm done with you." He started pulling her toward the door that led them to the room

"Let...me...go!" Tiana struggled to pull back.

He slammed her against the door. "I've heard so much about you not having a man ever since that prince left you hanging. He must've not known what to do with a real woman like you." He began smelling her hair. "Mmm. I know you want me."

"I don't want you!" She kicked him in the groan.

He quickly hit the floor, holding himself. "Oh shit!"

Tiana quickly ran out of the bank.

"You filthy nigger bitch!" He shouted. "You betta not tell anyone about this!"

Tiana's heart was literally beating out her chest when she ran to her car and drove off. She was relieved to be able to fight him off of her but a new concern came upon. The backlash. She knew there was going to be one. Especially after dealing with someone like Benjamin. His family along with Charlotte's own the entire town.

She drove over to her mother's and explained what happened.

Eudora gave her daughter a supportive hug.

"Everything will be fine babycakes."

"The restaurant is gonna close mama. I don't have anywhere else to go to for a loan." Tiana cried.

"I knew what his intentions were. He's always been that way. Remember what he did to Yolanda's daughter? And he still got away with it! Tiana I think you should let the restaurant close and open it later. Right now almost every business is struggling or shutting down as more banks crash."

"It's the only thing that can be done now." Tiana said as tears ran down her face. "And Lottie's husband…ugh. I can't believe she's married to him. She has to know what he's about!"

"Charlotte is a smart girl. She'll figure him out soon enough."

Tiana pulled from her mother's hug and got back up.

"Where are you going?"

"Back home. I have to get ready to talk to my staff about closing the restaurant for good." Tiana opened the door.

Eudora went over to her daughter. "As soon as you are done please come back here with me tonight."


"Tiana, please do this for me." She pleaded.

"Alright." Tiana leaned over to give her mother a hug. "I will be back in a couple of hours."


Tiana decided to take a quick shower before meeting her staff for the final time. She thought that it would make her feel somewhat better, but it only made her feel worse. She quickly dressed and was ready to head out the door when she heard ard knocking at the door.

"Wait a second!" Tiana walked over to open the door. "Lottie?"

"Don't Lottie me!" Charlotte stormed into the livingroom. "Benjamin told me everything! You tried to bribe him with sex so that you wouldn't have to pay back the loan!"

"What?" Tiana shouted. "Are you serious? Are you hearing yourself?"

"Yes! My husband will never cheat on me! I know that ou are desperate to save your restaurant but you ruined our friendship by seducing my husband."

"I didn't seduce him. He seduced me! As a matter a matter of fact he tried to make it like I was doing YOU a favor by sleeping with him."

Charlotte laughed. "You are really something! I thought I would never have to worry about my friend flirting with my husband. Sure you still got ya little figure but I have his children!"

"Lottie, Benjamin is nothing but a racist, sexist pig who's obviously playing you for a fool!"

"I am a fool. A fool for staying friends with you!" Tears ran down Charlotte's face. "We are no longer friends Tia. Goodbye." She quickly walked out of the home and back into her car where the chauffeur drove on off.

"I can't believe she believed him." Tiana said, and closed the door behind her. "This day has ended up going to hell on me."