Chapter 1

It was a normal peaceful day in Karakura town. Ichigo decided to take a long break with the soul reaper business. It was a Monday morning, as Ichigo was getting ready for school. "Goooooood morning ICHIGO!" Isshin came bursting through Ichigo's bedroom door as if he was getting ready to kick him in the face but with quick reaction Ichigo quickly slid a bit to his right as Isshin went flying out the window. "Way to start off the morning Ichi..go". Isshin said to himself as he lied in the bush he landed on. Ichigo walked down the hallway and then downstairs getting ready to leave for school.

"Don't you want some breakfast Ichigo?" As Yuzu called out.

"Oh, sure, why not."

Ichigo put his stuff down and sat at the table getting ready to eat his breakfast, but then he heard some quick stomping coming.

"Ooooooh it's good to see you eating breakfast with us this time Ichigo." As Isshin came running through the front door and running toward Ichigo getting ready to punch him. Karin slid her foot out as Isshin tripped over her leg and went rolling forward hitting the wall.

"Would you cut it out? You act such like a kid still." As Karin yelled out.

Yuzu placed their plates on the table, which it was a plain normal breakfast. It was scrambled eggs, a couple pancakes, and a slice of bacon. Ichigo quickly ate his food wanting to get to school.

"Thanks for breakfast Yuzu." Ichigo said as he grabbed his stuff.

"You're welcome." As she giggled a bit.

"Well, make sure the old man doesn't get too crazy." As he walked out and started walking to school. Once Ichigo arrived at school and walked into his classroom he realized that there was a few new students this year. As he put his stuff down next to his desk he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders.

"Well, it sure has been awhile since I've last seen you Ichigo."

With that voice, he could tell who it was and was shocked wanting to know what she was doing here.

"Rangiku… what are you doing here?" He asked.

"Aww what? I can't be here at school now?" As she replied to him.

"Ugh no, I'm just curious of why you're still coming here."

"Well, what if I just wanted to still go here just to be with you?" As she pressed her breasts up against his back showing a seductive look.

"Ugh..." Ichigo kept trying to change the subject not wanting to give into her.

"ICHIGO!" He turned around to see Keigo running toward him.

"How come you never told me you were with this very sexy goddess?"

Ichigo just stood there quiet trying to ignore that as Rangiku just gave him a grin wanting him alone right now.

"We're not together Keigo, so you can stop thinking that."

Ichigo sat in his desk as Rangiku sat on his desk trying to get with him. She leaned in toward Ichigo as if she was going to kiss him. "You know Ichigo, how about I come home with you after school?" She started rubbing his chest with her finger in a circular motion while giving him a seductive look.

"…Ugh I don't think so."

"Oh come on, it'll be fun and you know it". She winked at him while she felt someone's hand place on her shoulder. She turned around to see the teacher giving her a questioned look.

"May I ask you why aren't you in your seat Ms. Matsumoto?"

"Oh, I was just wanting to talk to Ichigo is all." She scratched the back of her head laughing slightly.

"Well, you can always talk to him after class or after school, now take a seat."

Rangiku started mumbling while walking to her desk to have a seat. Ichigo was wondering where Orihime, Rukia, Chad, and the others were. The door opened while Ichigo turned to face the door and saw that Orihime and Rukia walked into the class.

"Oh, Ms. Inoue, Ms. Kuchiki, Mr. Ishida, and Mr. Sado. Glad you could join us, now please, take a seat." The teacher said.

As Rukia, Orihime, Uryu, and Chad took their seats they didn't seem to care that most of the classes eyes were on them. Ichigo was curious what was wrong with them since they came in late to class and so quietly. Ichigo just stared out the window seeing how it couldn't be bothered with till class was over. Suddenly, a strong spiritual pressure started leaking over Karakura town and Ichigo could feel it. He looked over to Rangiku and the others, as they seemed to not feel it.

"Ugh... I'll be back later teacher." As Ichigo got up out of his desk.

"Kurosaki you sit right back down this instance", but before she could say it, he was gone.

Ichigo reached outside and was wondering what was up with those three, "How come they didn't react to it?" Thinking to himself.

He reached into his pocket to grab his badge as he pressed it onto himself turning into his soul reaper form. He sighed as to seeing how he was hoping to take a break from this. He stopped in an alley feeling the spiritual pressure get stronger, "Come on out, I know someone's here." He yelled.

"Well if it isn't Ichigo Kurosaki."

Ichigo turned around where the voice was coming from. His eyes widen in fear once he saw who it was.

"What's the matter? Surprised to see me again Ichigo?"

He stood there frozen seeming how he couldn't move due to seeing who it was.

"Uh are you doing here Aizen?", he said while trembling.

"I've came here to invite you to join us in Las Noches."

"What if I say that it'll never happen?"

"Hmph, well you basically have no choice." As he closed his eyes giving an evil grin.

Ichigo grabbed for his sword getting ready to fight but before he had the chance to act, he was frozen.

"What? I… I can't move…"

Several cuts appeared on Ichigo's body as blood shout out of his body. He fell to the ground hardly breathing. He tried getting up but he couldn't move no matter how hard he tried.

"Wha…what did…"

"That's none of your concern, this is your last chance, would you..or would you not join us at Hueco Mundo?"


"Suit yourself, I'll let this slide for once, next time I come, you better have a change in your mind, cause soon, your friends will turn on you then you'll have nowhere else to go but to Las Noches with us."

With that, Aizen vanished out of sight, no trace of any spiritual pressure. Ichigo just lied there on the ground hopeless. He saw a dark skinned women coming his way but couldn't tell who it was due to his sight becoming blury, and with that, he passed out.

Location: Urahara Shop

Ichigo's eyes started to open slowly yet weakly. He noticed the dark skinned women was there by his side. He sat up slowly then got a better view of the women and realized who it was.

"Yoruichi? What am I doing here?"

"You were quite badly injured with all those cuts, so I brought you here to rest."

"Tha..thanks." That was all he could say due to the fact he was wondering what Aizen meant by that one day his friends would turn on him.

"Ichigo?" Yoruichi asked him worrying as he kept staring at the floor.

"Ichigo." She repeated herself.

No answer…

"ICHIGO!" She called out.

Still no answer, she placed her hand on his cheek to hopefully knock him out of his sense or whatever he was worrying about.

"Ichigo..are you alright?" She asked him bringing him back to his senses.

A slight blush came across his face, "Huh? Oh..yeah I'm fine."

Yoruichi gave him a worrying look wanting to know what was on his mind that was making him so quiet.

She tilted her head to the side a bit curious of what was on his mind.

"Ichigo, what's on your mind?" She asked.

"It's nothing". He tried to cover it up with a fake smile.

"Oh come on, tell meeee." She kept begging.

"…It's nothing, really." He scratched the back of his head still trying to keep his fake smile on.

She poutted, "Pleaseeeeee?"

"It's nothing though…"

She thought to herself of how to convince him to tell her and with that, she came up with the easiest way to make him give in.

"So you won't tell me huh?"

"I said it was nothing…"

"Well in that case", she moved in closer to him which he realized and blushed due to her action. She placed her hands on his chest pushing him back to lay down as she was on top of him. She leaned in close to his face with her lips close to connecting with his.

"You know, sure you don't want to tell me?" She said in a seductiove tone.

Ichigo by now was flushed red with what she was doing.

"I…it's nothing…"

Yoruichi jumped as she felt something poke her inner thigh.

"Oh my Ichigo, I didn't know that you get turned on so easily."

Ichigo just kept frozen and still flushed due to her actions and what she just said. She moved closer in on him just an inch away from connecting their lips together. The door opened and the person that just stood there puzzled was Urahara.

"Oh, I didn't know ya'll had a thing for each other", Urhara said.

Ichigo turned his head to the side seeing him and just kept quiet.

Yoruichi got off him and then stood up, while Ichigo just laid there acting like he was lost.

Yoruichi was the first to speak, "What is it Urahara?" She said in a disappointing tone.

"Ugh... well we've got company here in town and it's the Espadas'."

Ichigo's eyes widened in shock.

"Yeah, I don't know what they're doing here either, that's the thing", Urahara said.

Ichigo stood up and just remembered why they've come.

Ichigo sighed, "I think I know.."

Yoruichi and Urahara both turned their looks to him wondering how he would know.

"Well, when you found me laying on the ground Yoruichi…it was Aizen's doing."

Yoruichi's eyes widened, "What would he want with you?"

"He wanted me to join him and the espada's in Las Noches and I turned him down. When he asked me one more time I told him again that I wouldn't and then somehow I dropped to the ground unconscious."

Yoruichi and Urahara's eyes widened and then Yoruichi asked, "But why would he want you to join them?"

"I don't know exactly, he didn't really tell me that."

They all just stood there in an awkward silence till Ichigo spoke up.

"I'm going after them, they're here for me, I don't want anyone else to get involved or hurt."

Yoruichi and Urahara just stood there quietly watching him go.

Ichigo opened the door getting ready to go till he felt a hand on his shoulder. He turned around to see Yoruichi worried about him.

"Ichigo, just be careful", she said and leaned in giving him a kiss.

He returned the kiss in a slow passionate way. Urahara just stood their rolling his eyes. Ichigo pulled away and with that he flashed stepped out of there.

Urahara finally spoke, "I don't think he's coming back.."

Yoruichi then sighed and knew it was going to happen.

Ichigo appeared next to the river where his mother was killed and could feel their spiritual pressure.

"Come on out, I know you're all here."

With that said, Aizen and Ulquiorra appeared in front of him.

"It's good to see you again Ichigo Kurosaki", Aizen said.

Ulquiorra just stood behind him quietly making sure nothing happens.

"Why are you here Aizen?"

"Oh? Don't tell me you forgot already."

Ichigo just stood there annoyed, "No I haven't and my answer hasn't changed."

Aizen sighed, "You do realize if you were to come you would be a lot stronger then you are now and never age."

"That doesn't change my mind."

Aizen sighed, "As you wish…Ulquiorra, do it."

Ulquiorra stepped out in front drawing out his sword. Ichigo pulled out his sword as well as he pointed his sword out in front, "Bankai", his sword turned into a black katana.

"I don't tend to die here nor leave this town!"

Location: School

Rangiku, Rukia, Orihime, Chad, and Uryu all felt Ichigo's spirit pressure from a distance. They all stood up from there desk and as Orihime spoke up, "We'll be right back teacher, we all forgot about something", and with that, they were all gone before the teacher could say a thing.

"He's next to the river, I can feel his spirit energy", Rukia said as they ran down the hallway.

"We need to hurry, he's fighting someone that's too strong for him and there's also someone else there but it seems like he's just watching them", Uryu said.

"Let's hurry", Rangiku called out.

They all took off toward the river.

Location: Karasu River

Ichigo charged at Ulquiorra and swung his sword at him multiple times. No matter how many times he swung at him, not one swing hit him. Ulquiorra vanished and reappeared behind Ichigo and grabbed him by the neck.

"You'll never be able to defeat me and you know it." Ulquiorra said calmly.

Ichigo smirked to his comment and flash stepped out of his hand.

"Then I shall go full out then." with that said, Ichigo put his hand to his face and dragged his hand down to show a hollow mask that appeared on him.

Ulquiorra just stood there not so surprised waiting for his next move.

"Let's see you try to keep up with this!" Ichigo called out.

Ichigo performed multiple flash steps all around Ulquiorra which he wasn't very surprised by it. Right when Ichigo was about to slice at Ulquiorra from behind, he felt something stop him. It was Ulquiorra which had Ichigo's katana in his hand.

"Hmph, is that it?"

Ichigo just stood there shocked and while he had his guard down, Ulquiorra grabbed Ichigo by the neck.

"There's no escape this time for you Ichigo Kurosaki." With that said, Ulquiorra brought up his other hand and pointed his finger at Ichigo's chest. Ichigo couldn't break free or anything, he was hopeless. Spirit energy formed into Ulquiorra's finger as Ichigo's eyes widened in shock.

"Cero." then a huge blast shot out and through Ichigo's chest.

Rangiku and all the others gasped since they could see the blast from where they were.


"What is it Uryu?" Rangiku asked.

"It's Ichigo…his spiritual pressure vanished."

Everyone's eyes widened in shock, they all picked up the pace to get to Ichigo.

Ulquiorra just stood there in the air with a dead Ichigo that had a huge hole in his chest in his grasp.

"Hmph, looks like that didn't take much." Aizen commented.

Ulquiorra just tossed Ichigo to his side watching him fall to the ground which was a good 50 feet below them.

"Hmm..looks like we got company." Aizen said.

Uryu and the others appeared in the scene. They all looked to the side to see Ichigo lying on the ground with no movements. Everyone ran over to Ichigo except Uryu which he just stood there glaring at Ulquiorra.

"You're going to pay for this." Uryu said.

Ulquiorra just stood there in the air staring down at Uryu with a blank face. Ulquiorra looked to his side and sensed two more people coming towards them. Yoruichi and Urahara also appeared at the scene. Yoruichi rushed over to the group which was surrounding Ichigo while Urahara stood there next to Uryu.

"We'll have to work as a team in order to bring him down, his spiritual pressure is enermous." Urahara said.

Uryu nodded coming up with a strategy.

Urahara looked to the other side to see Aizen.

"Well well well, if it isn't Captain Urahara…" Aizen said.

Urahara just sighed to his statement, "It sure has been awhile hasn't it Aizen?"

"Hmm it sure has, but I'm afraid I can't allow any of you to take Ichigo away from here. Ulquiorra, kill them all." Aizen ordered him.

"I'm not going to hold back on this." Ulquiorra said.

"Enclose, Murcielago." Spiritual pressure swarmmed around Ulquiorra and when it vanished, Black wings appeared on his back.

"This is my released form." he said to them.

Uryu and Urahara remained calm.

"Doesn't surprise you huh? Perhaps I should show you all of it."

"Segunda Etapa." Ulquiorra once again changed into a second form, wings grew bigger, his legs were now black, a big black line came out of his whole in his chest and down to his legs, and with black spikey ears.

"This is my second form, but I was the only espada to ever have a second form, not even Aizen has seen it till now."

Aizen stood there surprised to see that Ulquiorra had a second form.

Uryu and Urahara's eyes widened at his appearance.

"Now, I shall so you true power." Ulquiorra said. With that, he vanished which caught Uryu off guard. Ulquiorra reappeared behind Uryu and back handed him sending him flying a good distance.

"Uryu!" Urahara called out but was interrupted by Ulquiorra, he grabbed Urahara by his arm and tossed him over his shoulder and threw him toward a few trees.

The group that was surrounding Ichigo kept checking for pressure, movement, beats, anything. Orihime tried healing him, but it was no good.

Yoruichi got down on her knees and looked down at the unconscious Ichigo. She placed her hand on his cheek as tears started to form in her eyes. Pretty much all the girls started to have tears rolling out of there eyes. Chad tried to keep his cool but couldn't help but get a couple tears out since Ichigo and him were best pals from all these years.

"ICHIGO!" Orihime screamed out.

Ichigo's Mind

"They're calling me…" Ichigo thought to himself.

He could see Yoruichi and all the others around him through his vision.

"I…I have to win…for my sake…for everyone's sake!"

With that an enermous amount of spiritual energy surrounded his body. Everyone backed away from him quickly to see what was happening. Ulquiorra and Aizen also turned their attention to see what was going on. Once the spiritual energy vanished it caused a massive amount of smoke making it hard to see. Once the smoked cleared, it showed Ichigo in a completely different look. He looked like a complete hollow, he had a head like a minotaur, white and red marks all over his body, and long orange hair.

"Impossible." Ulquiorra said.

"How are you still alive? You shouldn't even be able to stand." Ulquiorra called out.

Ichigo showed no reaction, no answer, nothing. He just stood there like a zombie and glared at Ulquiorra. Ichigo held his arm to his side as his katana was now in his hand all of a sudden. Ulquiorra quickly reacted and charged at him with a huge amount of speed. However, that didn't make Ichigo shocked or anything; Ichigo grabbed Ulquiorra's arm unexpectedly and swung his sword at his arm cutting it off. Ulquiorra moved back quickly looking at his missing arm. Everyone just stood there and watched with a shocking expression on there faces. Ulquiorra held up his shoulder and his arm started to regenerate.

"That's basically my specialty, regeneration. No matter how many times you cut me, I'll still be able to regenerate. Just face it whoever you are, you cannnot win." Ulquiorra said. "Allow me to show you something." Ulquiorra said. "Lanza del Relampago." He said forming a green spirit spear in his hand. "Stand still, I wouldn't want this thing going off near me." Ulquiorra said. Ulquiorra threw it toward Ichigo was he didn't move seeing how Ulquiorra missed causing a huge explosion behind him which was a good distance away though. "Damn, it surely is hard to control even for myself", Ulquiorra said to himself. Ulquiorra formed another one in his hand charging at Ichigo with it. Ichigo just stood there waiting for him, Ulquiorra was just about to stab him with it but Ichigo just grabbed it with his barehand. "Impossible, with his barehand?" He thought to himself. It exploded causing a huge cloud of smoke making it hard to see. Suddenly Ichigo was behind Ulquiorra and just kicked him sending him flying. Ichigo started flying up high to the sky. Ulquiorra got up and went after him quickly, he looked up and to his side and realized he wasn't there. Ulquiorra gasped sensing that he was behind him; Ichigo grabbed Ulquiorra's head and flew down with massive speed. Ichigo slammed Ulquiorra's head into the ground causing a massive amount of smoke to form. Ichigo backed up waiting to see what was his next move. Ulquiorra shot a cero straight at him while Ichigo pointed out his head forming a cero between his horns.

"What?" Ulquorra said in a shocking tone.

Ichigo shot his cero straight at him making it collide with Ulquiorra's cero causing a huge explosion. Everyone that was watching tried to stand there grrounds. Aizen was just impressed seeing how Ichigo could pull something off like this, "A human that's able to become a complete hollow…interesting." He said to himself. Ichigo picked up a huge amount of the ground up and threw it at Ulquiorra. "Get serious, such a trick like that won't work." He swung his sword at the chunk of ground that Ichigo threw at him causing it to make several smalled pieces. Ulquiorra's eyes widened to see Ichigo below and yet in front of him. Ichigo grabbed his katana and swung up at Ulquiorra causing a big cut appear on his stomach. Ulquiorra dashed back but it was no use, Ichigo appeared right in front of him grabbing Ulquiorra's face with his foot and pinning him down to the ground. Ichigo looked down at the useless Ulquiorra. "Go on, finish me", Ulquiorra said. Ichigo formed a cero in between his horns again causing everyone to gasp with his reaction. "Hmph how hollow like of you." Ulquiorra said. Ichigo shot his cero right at him causing a massive hole in the ground that Ulquiorra was lying on. Due to the cero, it caused a big explosion making everyone get blown away. Ichigo just stood there staring down at the lifeless Ulquiorra, while Aizen was grinning. Ichigo turned around and took a few steps grabbing his katana, and then he jumped back toward Ulquiorra with his foot on his chest pointing his katana down at Ulquiorra's neck. Uryu saw everything and flash stepped his way next to Ichigo grabbing his arm, "Ichigo, that's enough, he's done, there's no need to keep going." Ichigo ignored what he said, "Ichigo, that's enough!" Uryu called out. Uryu was struggling trying to keep him from continuing. Ichigo got annoyed swinging his arm back causing Uryu to fly back but then, Ichigo threw his katana at Uryu. His eyes widened in shock seeing how that there was no way that this was Ichigo. Ichigo's katana pierced Uryu in his gut making him land in front of a rock just sitting there hopeless with the katana pierced in him. Ichigo walked toward Uryu, some of the others saw what he was about to do.

"Ichigo, STOP!" Rangiku yelled out.

Ichigo ignored her and continued his way toward Uryu. He stopped in front of Uryu staring down at him, and began to form a cero in between his horns again. Rangiku, Yoruichi, and Chad's eyes widened seeing what he was about to do. Suddenly, Ulquiorra appeared behind Ichigo and cut off one of his horns causing the cero to explode. Ichigo swung his arm back at Ulquiorra causing him to go flying a good distance. Aizen held out his hand causing a dark purple and black box prison like trapping Ichigo inside. "It's over." Aizen said; Aizen then dispelled the illusion to see several cuts on Ichigo. Ichigo dropped to the ground unable to move. Everyone just stood there in shock. The hollow body broke off Ichigo causing it to turn into spirit energy flowing above him and then coming down on him closing up the hole that was on his chest. Aizen's eyes widened, "Impossible, that's rapid healing." He said to himself. Ulquiorra got up from his position weakly, "Aizen, I think we should retreat." He said.

"You're right, until next time Ichigo." Aizen opened up a dimension portal in the sky to take them back to Hueco Mundo. Ulquiorra followed him into the portal and then once they walked in it, the portal vanished.

Yoruichi and the others ran to Ichigo to make sure he was ok. Urahara came out from the pile of trees and walked to join in with the group.

"Ichigo…Ichigo…Ichigo!" Yoruichi kept saying out loud.

Ichigo shot up quickly making everyone around him to jump a bit.

"What…what happened?" Ichigo asked. He stood up and looked to Uryu who was still down with Ichigo's katana in him. "Did I do that to you Uryu"? Ichigo asked.

"Huh?" Everyone said at the sametime.

"You mean, you don't remember what just happened?" Chad asked.

Ichigo scratched the back of his head, "No, all I remember was that…", he gasped remembering. "Where's Ulquiorra?" He yelled.

"They're gone." Rangiku answered him.

"All I remember was that he had me by my neck in his hand and then that's it."

Urahara spoke up, "Well…Ichigo, while you were unconscious you took form of a complete hollow. When you were in that form, you had an incredible amount of spiritual energy that it was hard to imagine, but with that said, with all that power you had, you managed to defeat Ulquiorra. Also, yes, you did do that to Uryu and you were about to destroy him with a cero until Ulquiorra cut one of your horns off causing it to explode and after that, Ulquiorra and Aizen both decided to retreat."

Ichigo's eyes widened and his head started to hurt him.

"I...I need to be alone", Ichigo said and just vanished.

Everyone just stood there shocked and worrying for him.

Ichigo appeared on top of a roof of a building and leaned over the ledge to look down at all the vehicles drive by.

"How…how did that happened?" He asked himself.

"I think I can help." a mysterious voice came from behind him.

Ichigo turned around, "What…what are you doing here?"