Notice: I've got a couple of news for everyone. First, I'm currently working on a new story, but it's a Naruto one instead. So, with that said, I'm going to be working on that one instead a bit more, which is going to slow me down from working on my current story of Bleach. Second, like I said in one of my author notes, curse Blackops for keeping me from working on my story, it's been getting me side tracked. Third, there's been a few problems going on with the family and I'm trying to calm everything down to keep someone from going a bit overboard with the situation. Last, one of my closest friends broke my heart hearing what she told me not to long ago, so I'm going through an emotional breakdown ever so slightly. Even her sister went off on me too when I tried to talk to her, which was making it even worse. With that happening and the family problems, it's just too much. I'm trying to keep my cool, which is barely managing, but luckily I have. I do apologize for the slow updates, but please bare with me here. I will TRY to do my best of making quick updates, but the chapters maybe shorter. So, keep reading please leave reviews, that would make me happy knowing of how my story is turning out.