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Summary ; Ricky can't handle the fact of keeping is feelings from Amy for himself. He finally decide's to send Amy an email of is feelings.

From :

Subject : That's it I can't do this anymore. I just can't ... I have to tell you the truth

To :

Hi Amy,

I guess you're probally suprised about receiving an email from me, aren't you? Anyways, yesterday, when I spent the day with you and John, it made me realise something. Amy Juergens, I Ricky Underwood am in love with you. Yes, like that, it probaly seems a little bit ridiculous, I know. But, it is the truth. You remember that night, at band camp, I told you this might be the start of something big, well now it is big, bigger then a thought, but you know what? It could be bigger. And that's how I want it to be. You know why? Because I love you, i've never loved that way, and I never will. And it's not the mother-of-my-baby way. It's unexplaineble. For you, I want to be more then your baby's daddy who's a jerk that got you pregnant of your first child at sixteen years old. I want to come back from school or work, saying '' baby i'm home'', I want to taste your lips anytime I'm able to, I want to make you feel like the most amazing person in this world because ; you are. As much as I am jealous of Ben, I got to admit that he is the most lucky guy on this planet. I hope he makes you feel the way I always wanted to make you, because you deserve the best.

Love Ricky

After staring at his laptop for about an hour, reading and reading the email over and over again, Ricky finally decided to press : send. ''What a releave, he told himself.'' Ricky turned around on his bed to look at John's picture that's placed on his night table.

Meanwhile, in New York, Amy was looking at her screen saver ; a picture of her Ricky and John at John's birthday party. Then, she went to check her email before going to bed.

'' Oh an email from Rick..''