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Her lungs were burning.

Not having the chance to prepare herself, she had been pulled underwater by surprised. In reality, it was no more than 30 or so seconds that she was under, but it felt like a lifetime to her. She wondered, while being sucked through the wet abyss, what was going to happen. What about Ben? Her grandparents? Abigail? …what about Riley?

So quickly, her body confused on what to breath and how to move, she was yanked out of the water. Her throat felt raw as she threw up all the water that was lodging itself into her body, and took in lungful heaps of air, gasping and choking. Her eyes were burning and she felt dizzy.

When her eyes regained focused, she saw Abigail and her grandparent's. Where was-

Riley's head popped up from the water, and with a heart stopping relief, so did Ben's. Had she not been gripping on Abigail for dear life, she'd have tried to swim to both of them. She didn't need to anyway, for Ben had come to her faster than lightening and picked her up, hugging her tightly for a good few moments.

She tried to speak, but her throat was hurting too much to form words. The only sounds were the gasps and pants of the six of them, all still struggling to comprehend what just happened.

Ben pulled away, and kissed her forehead.

She saw the longing in his eyes while he looked at Abigail and she leaned up to kiss his cheek before reaching out to Riley and croaking out his name. He came forward and she missed the look between the two men as her father passed her into the arms of his friend.

Abigail moved forward and leant her head against Ben's shoulder, the two sharing a moment. "Thank you," Ben told her softly, her hand in his, their foreheads touching. "Thank you."

She tucked her head into the curve of his neck as he leant back against the wall. "Riley," She croaked out, hearing him hum as an indication that he'd heard her. "What's your favorite color?"

Riley let out a laugh, which promptly turned into a cough.

She stood up shakily as the water drained and the light poured through, Riley doing the same before properly introducing himself to Emily.


"Explain to me again what the plan is?" Lizzie asked nervously as the four of them were being escorted down a hall by very important authorities.

"The plan would be to not go to jail." Riley said flatly.

"You give me great hope." She snorted, "Next thin-" Her mouth ran dry and her eyes widened as the men before them turned around and one of them none other than the President, himself.

Riley looked at her weirdly, before looking to where she was staring at.

She heard Abigail tell Riley to stop poking her but didn't care at the moment. All she cared about was the President (The President) as he walked toward them. She looked like hell itself had swallowed her up and spit her back out…about to meet the President.

"Give us a minute," The President said, ignoring the man beside him.

"Sir," The man protested, "This is the man that kidnapped you."

"As I recall," The President argued, "We were exploring a hidden tunnel and the door close accidentally. This man saved my life."

"Yes, sir."

Lizzie realized her jaw was still hanging open and promptly shut it, feeling her heart race and her cheeks flush when the President actually glanced at her before nodding at her father.

"Gates." He said, "For the record, after centuries of exploration, on this day… you have brought honor to your country and your family."

He turned to the rest of them and spoke with a hint of a smile, "You've done this country a great service. I thank you."

She felt her mind explode into tiny little fragments. The President spoke to her. The President thanked her! "I might faint." She whispered to Riley.

"I thought you might want to look at tomorrow's headlines," The President told Ben, handing him a newspaper.

"Tomorrow…?" Riley muttered.

"Thank you, Sir." Ben responded, sounding choked.

"All of you, along with Patrick and Emily Gates will be accredited for this discovery."

Ben turned to look at them, Abigail nodding at him, before he turned forward. "And… Mitch Wilkinson, Sir."

"Is that right?"

"It's..true, Sir." Ben responded.

"Ben," The President inquired, "I am curious about that favor I asked you. Any report regarding on what's on page forty seven?"

"I believe I can help with that, Sir." Her father answered.

What was on page forty seven?

"So it's good?"

A nod, "Life altering, Sir."

The President gave a nod, and Ben followed him without question.

"What's on page forty seven?" Riley asked confused. "Are you talking about the book?"

With a smirk, the President turned to them and asked, "What book?"


"Cleared out the gift shop?" Lizzie joked, sneaking up behind Riley through the crowd.

"Geez!" He jumped, dropping the bag he had. "I might have to get you a collar with a little bell around your neck. That's the fifth time you've snuck up on me tonight."

"A collar?" She joked, leaning down to pick up his things, and looking up at him through her lashes. "Sounds kind of kinky."

He sputtered, turning pink.

"Relax," She laughed, moving over to lean against the ledge, seeing Abigail and Ben further way down. She decided not to get their attention and grabbed Riley by the front of the shirt, pulling him forward. "I bought something, too."

"Did you?" He asked, a little distracted by the fact he could easily see down her top.

"I was wondering…" She trailed off, reaching over and grabbing her bag to pull a book out. He looked down at the book, his book, then at back at her in wonder. "Could you sign it?"

He felt that winded feeling again and responded without hesitation. "Okay."

She smiled brightly at him. "And maybe a kiss?"

"How about the kiss first?" He grinned, putting the book down beside her before bringing them to her hips.

She gasped as he ran his hands up her shirt, and over her ribs. "Riley!" She scolded with a laugh, pulling them out and feeling her cheeks burn. "Not in public!"

"I like seeing you blush." He said, ignoring her as he continued to run his hand over her arms and sides. "In fact, the only thing I like better than seeing you blush is knowing that I've made you blush because of my irresistible ways."

"You're so full of yourself! Ah-!" She shrieked with laughter as he lifted her up and sat her down on the ledge, standing in between her thighs while moving his hands to grip her hips.

"About that kiss…"

She ran her hands up his neck and looked him in the eyes, "Riley. Shut up."

She leant down and kissed him deeply.

"Oh, by the way," He mumbled around her lips, groaning when she bit his lower lip.


"M-m favorite color." He groaned, watching as she pulled back. A blonde strand of hair fell over her eyes. Her very, very blue eyes that held so much life and passion. Her lips, pouty and wet, but most of all very-

"Red." He grinned, leaning to place a kiss on her swollen, red lips. "My favorite color's red."


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