I do not own Twilight or any of the characters or info. I am simply an inspired fan that wants to know what happened to Alice in her final moments. Stephenie Meyer owns the major stuff but I came up with the story.

I was filled with bitter thoughts. My parents were utterly impossible when they couldn't accept me for who I am. They always thought something were off with me. I proved them right when I foretold that something bad was going to happen to my beloved aunt. Once my prediction became true they called me horrid names which included devil and evil. Now I am here stuck in this place where I have been now for six months.

I vividly remember the day I first came here. My parents tricked me into going with them for a ride. Oh how was I such a fool for believing that they loved me? I willingly went. I felt the shock displayed on my face as I understood where we were going once we left the city. I was going to the insane asylum, the place where they locked up people who have lost their minds. I didn't lose my mind. On the contrary my mind was sharp as a tack.

I tried to run away from my parents once the car stopped but they had the staff from the facility grab me. I thought I was fast but these men were strong and caught me off guard. I was being dragged inside all the while screaming at my parents. "Father please I will behave!" he just simply looked at me like I was an abomination. "Momma I love you don't do this!" she looked at me like I was a mistake but cried nonetheless. Tears! Those tears were fake. If she truly loved me she would of never agreed to send me here. To my hell. To the one place that deteriated my sanity. They took all my valuable possessions and put me in simple wardrobe. White pants and white top. No socks. No shoes. I felt stripped of my rights. I was a prisoner and this was my prison.

I cried myself to sleep that night. I shared a room with these people who were truly gone in their mind. They kept muttering that the world is going to end. I didn't believe such a thing. I asked them to elaborate but once I gave them my attention they started screaming and hit me. I later found that I had a bruise on my face. The name of my roommate that hit me was Delores White. She was suffering from according to the doctors the same thing as me. We had "hallucinations".

Now here I am thinking upon yesterday's event. With a swollen eye and my deranged roomie sleeping peacefully beside me but only because they drugged her. I feared they would drug me too if I sounded like a lunatic so I kept to myself, never talking, never communicating with anyone except that one time with Delores. Oh my life will never be the same. I know that now.

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