Stephenie Meyer owns twilight and Alice and her brief history. I am merely filling in the blanks as to what I think happened during her stay being locked up.

I am just tired. I feel like a zombie. I haven't felt like myself in months. I remember the day when it changed. I remember when I started to lose my mind.

After the night that Delores came back from assaulting me she went missing. I never saw her. I wasn't her friend or anything but I was genuinely concerned. Where did they take her? What did they do? I use to hear all sorts of rumors about this place. How they would do experiments. How they would torture instead of nurture. I was utterly terrified what they could do to me if I slipped about my "predictions." I didn't want them to cut me up like a roast turkey. No way no how. I would go down kicking and screaming the whole way.

I refused to eat most of the time. I was falling into a deep depression. I had a personal caretaker. His name was Julian. He was the only sane and nice person in here who was kind to me. He would escort me to my daily activities. I saw sadness in his eyes the first time I saw him.

He came in to sedate "the crazy new girl" to quiet her. I was banging on the walls screaming as loud as I could. When he came in my hands were bloody. His eyes… how could I describe his eyes. They were pitch black with purple bruises underneath. They should've terrified me but they looked familiar.

He knelt down beside me to inspect my hands but I touched my hand to his cheek."I know you from somewhere" I gasped between sobs. He nodded at me with sad and hunger filled eyes."My name is Julian mam. I will be your caretaker during your stay here." He replied between clenched teeth as he wrapped my damaged hand."Julian?" I was thinking as to where that sounded familiar.

He was not a classmate of mine from school. He was too old for that. He looked to be in his forties but he somehow had a youthful appearance as well? While I was trying to figure where I knew him from he was muttering underneath his breath too fast for me to hear. I looked at him puzzled. I no longer felt the chill touch of his hands on mine and that is when I noticed he was done caring for my hands. He then tilted my chin up.

"Mam, why are you here? Why aren't you with your friends and loved ones?" at that statement my tears began all over again. He waited patiently as I cried. Once my sobbing became subdued I told him of how I predicted my aunts death and how my parents believed I was evil and worshipped the devil. As I explained to him all of this his eyes became more and more sad. He held me and told me that he will fix it.

I then realized where I knew him from. He saved me four months before came to this place from this man that tried and nearly succeeded on killing me. Oh how easily i forgot Julian from an event that is so significant. I knew who my aunt's killer was as well. The same one who tried to kill me.

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