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Naruto and Sasuke are sparring and by accident ruins a scroll andthey pass out from the blow. When they wake up again, something was different, they've switched bodies. Now they have to live each other's lives until they figure out how to break the jutsu, and Sasuke discovers some nasty surprises about Naruto's life. It is FAR from as simple as he thought it would be.

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ONE day as Uzumaki Naruto

-All-knowing POV-

That Monday morning started like any other in the ninja leaf-village Konoha, when Sasuke and Naruto got into a fight.

They had been waiting for Kakashi-sensei all morning, who was so far 4 hours late, and as usual they'd gotten tired of waiting. They had plenty of time, and decided to start the day without Kakashi-senseis presence. Besides Kakashi had instructed them to meet at a new training ground, none of them had been to before, and they wanted to try it out.

So Sasuke and Naruto made a deal about a two-out-of-three match. It wasn't because they were mad at each other, or anything, they just wanted to spar "for fun"…and the funny part is; they both took it deadly serious.

Sakura advised them not to start fighting before Kakashi got there, but they wouldn't listen. Of course it soon turned into rivalry, and a matter of pride, just as Sakura had feared and had tried to avoid. She watched for a while, not daring to interrupt, but soon got bored watching, and went to do some training on her own. The fight went on though.

-Sasuke POV-

"Teme, don't think you can fool me that easily!" Naruto growled, as Sasuke tried to get him in to a corner by throwing five shurikan's at once.

"Dobe, why don't you just surrender?" Sasuke said. Naruto huffed as if the suggestion alone was insult, and turned his focus back on the fight. Naruto were getting stronger from each time they sparred, but there was no way Sasuke would ever admit having thought that.

Naruto directed a harsh kick at Sasuke's gut, which he narrowly managed to dodge. Naruto dodged Sasuke's fist that was meant to hit him in the head. Sasuke then sat down on his toes and kicked after Naruto's feet. Again Naruto managed to dodge by jumping in the air, and throw a punch against Sasuke's head. Sasuke had big trouble escaping the punch, which would probably have caused a miner concussion, but he succeeded in throwing his body backwards and down to the ground, before the fist stroke.

Naruto might be getting better, but not faster whatsoever.

Sasuke quickly rose from the ground, and jumped a few feet away from the blond. Soon Naruto was over him again, not giving Sasuke the chance to think. Sasuke pulled needles out of his pocket and stabbed Naruto in his left shoulder with one of them. Naruto grimaced in pain and stopped for a moment to pull it out. In the meantime, Sasuke started running to bye some time.

Sasuke reached a staircase, and thought it would be perfect for his next move. He climbed it halfway and then turned around to see a furies Naruto heading his way. He raised his hands and did the hand signs for the Jutsu*.

"KATON: GOKA-KYUU NO JUTSU**" he yelled when Naruto approached him, and a big fireball shot out from his mouth between his hands, burning everything down on its way to its target. Naruto wasn't expecting it and had to jump into a bush to avoid contact with the fireball.

But despite his effort, Naruto was hit by the huge fireball, and his arm started burning, then the rest of his body. He started to scream, but just before Sasuke started to consider if he had taken things too far, a loud POOF was heard, and the burning Naruto disappeared in the pure air. It was a clone.

Sasuke looked around, half relieved half annoyed, in search for his blue-eyed blond rival.

It was then he noticed where the staircase leaded to. It was some sort of a temple, placed in the middle of a clearing in the forest. Right now he was standing on the bottom of the 20 step-long stairs and at the top was a huge, massive door that was slightly agar. He smirked. So that's where Naruto went. He climbed the rest of the stairs and peeked in through the door.

There was nothing on the other side. He walked further in. Still not a sound, and still no Naruto.

He couldn't make the mistake of letting his guard down but he took a moment to look around, and thought to himself that whatever this place was, it was quite impressing.

The room was circular with a big opening in the ceiling in the center of the room, and from there the sun shone inside and created a pillar of light. The sunlight hit some sort of platform in the middle of the room. Above him on the walls all the way around him, was a second floor balcony, with a dozen of hiding places. He had to be cautious. He moved slowly over the floor striding along the balcony, trying to concentrate on locating Naruto. But something on the platform kept stealing his focus.

He couldn't quite see what it was, and he knew he had no time to examine it, but he kept on having this feeling, telling him that something was going on, and whether it was good or bad, he couldn't determine.

And then, while he was wondering what was on the platform, Naruto appeared ten feet away from him, throwing three kunai's at him with a vicious grin. He had caught Sasuke off guard, even though Sasuke had promised himself that wouldn't happen, and he almost hid his head against the wall when he tried to avoid the kunai's passing by. That pissed Sasuke of, and he gave on hell of an angry glare in Naruto's direction, but Naruto had already left the spot and gone in hiding again.

Then so would Sasuke. He jumped to the balcony and kept an eye out for an orange clad. He noticed something on the opposite balcony, on the other side of the room.

A mob of blond spiky hair.

"Come on Naruto, I know you're there" Sasuke yelled, making sure to mask his position. His only answer was a laugh, which did nothing more then make him even more annoyed.

"Fine, but you brought this on yourself" he said and stood up, performing the hand seals once again. Before he released the Jutsu, he saw Naruto stand up and make some seals on his own. "KATON: GOKA-KYUU NO JUTSU" Sasuke yelled.

"JORO SENBON NO JUTSO***" Counter attacked Naruto.

A loud bang bellowed both of them into the walls behind them, and they both passed out from the explosion.

Sasuke woke with an ENORMOUS headache, as if it had been banged repeatedly into a wall. He raised his hands, to support his head trying to remember what had happened.

Slowly things started to come back to him. The fight, the big stair leading to that weird temple and the platform, and of course Naruto's stubborn attacks against him that seemed to have blown half the temple away. He looked around to size up the damage and saw that some of the roof had fallen down and felt relieved that he wasn't hit. Wait. What if it hid Naruto! He looked around, starting to panic. He had to see if he was okay. But where the hell was he.

He started running around in the ruins, and felt the relief when he saw something move. The silhouette stood up and looked around, and then turned towards him.

Both boys' jaws dropped when they saw each other. Sasuke wasn't looking at Naruto, but at himself. But if my body is there, where am I? He looked down at unfamiliar hands and an orange clad body, and in the corner of his eye he saw blond hair coming from his head. THIS IS NOT MY BODY!

It seemed that Sasuke and Naruto had swapped bodies during the explosion.

They looked at each other with panic.

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And now some Japanese:

* "Technique" or "Skill" in Japanese

** Great Fireball Technique

*** Raining Needles from Heaven Technique

I'd like you all to come back and read more about the interesting curse which is going to have a huge effect on both their lives :D