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Chapter 12

Thursday – The Kiss

-Tsunade POV-

At first, Tsunade had no idea what Kiba was blabbering about. She defiantly didn't see the relevance to her investigation of the missing scroll with Naruto's odd behavior. After all, Naruto wasn't exactly famous for being normal. And she was impatient to be done with this meeting, so she could continue her search for the unlucky bastards. The only reason she took this meeting was because Kiba had insisted that it was important.

"Are you telling me, your dog told you, that the Naruto you spoke to wasn't actually Naruto?" She asked, trying not to sound too skeptical and pinching the bridge of her nose. From the look Kiba gave her, she didn't succeed very well.

"I'm telling you, it wasn't Naruto. Akamaru can smell chakra. He told me that that wasn't the scent of Naruto's usual chakra." Kiba explained.

"Could he have changed the smell? Perhaps he was wearing perfume? That would actually be a welcome change." Lady Tsunde said, her eyes rapidity switching focus between Kiba and the door to her office, expecting news of the scroll anytime.

"Change the smell of his chakra with perfume?" Kiba looked like he was ready to hit her. But he was wise enough to restrain himself "You do NOT change the scent of your chakra because it is impossible, even if you were burned by Sasuke's fireball jutsu and your face was beyond recognition, but somehow still alive, Akamaru could still tell who you were if he knew the scent of your chakra!" Tsunade raised a thin eyebrow at his imagery, but let it slip.

"Alright I get that, but what do you want me to do about it Inuzuka? It's not like I'm going to arrest the little knucklehead for smelling different based on something your dog said." Kiba opened his mouth to answer, and then he closed it again, and Tsunade had to hide a smile because he reminded her of a goldfish. Finally he opened his mouth to speak.

"I…well I don't know actually. I just thought that…" Lady Tsunade seized her chance. She got up from behind her desk and headed over to the door, and held it open so Kiba could leave.

"Well in that case Inuzuka, if there isn't anything else I can do for you, I should get back to my work." Kiba got up from his chair unwillingly.

"As you wish Lady Tsunade, but this isn't right" He said and left the Hokage office.

Tsunade sighed as she closed the door and walked back to her desk.

Kami if I have ever heard something that silly, Naruto's chakra that didn't smell like Naruto. Inuzuka's put too much faith in their dogs and their noses. Now, how do you find someone who is not in their own body?

-Naruto POV-

"Oh hi Sasuke" Naruto said, and slowly felt his stomach clenching together, this was NOT good. He was caught like a lice between two fingernails and 'hi Sasuke' was all he could come up with?

"Uhm this is not what it looks like" Naruto started gesturing to the journal in his hand, but was cut off.

"So tell me something dobe, do you lack excitement in your low excuse of a life because it just isn't all that great?" Sasuke spat, stepping inside the room through the window he had arrived through.

"Now hold on Sasuke, let's talk about this" Naruto tried, holding up his hands defensively to shield himself from the approaching Uchiha.

"Or is it a habit of yours to read peoples personal journals, or maybe you just have a great death wish I didn't know about?" Sasuke asked rhetorically. This time he pissed Naruto off, and he prepared a counter attack.

"Oh yeah, well I've got to hand it to ya' Uchiha, you always had me thinking that your life was so bloody perfect. But these clearly said different" Naruto said gesturing to the journals. Sasuke growled.

"What do you care about my life for, when your own is so damn pitiful?" Sasuke retorted. Naruto decided it was time to play it dirty.

"Is your life always this sad?" Naruto mimicked drying his eyes for tears to emphasize his words.

"Why is your life so damn pointless!?" Sasuke said with a low voice, but not low enough to be missed by Naruto who gritted his teeth.

They looked at each with rage and frustration and both opened their mouths at the same time:

"Oh yeah? Well your life is bloody lonely!" Naruto yelled.

"Is that so? Well your life is incredibly lonely!" Sasuke yelled.

The look of hatred froze on their faces and slowly turned to shock as they looked at each other, before they simultaneously looked in opposite directions, avoiding eye contact at any cost. They stood like that for a few moments until the tension in the room was practically tangible.

"I gotta go" Sasuke mumbled unable to stand the silence anymore and he left. Naruto didn't try to stop him, though deep down he felt like he should have tried. They had to talk about his, didn't they?

Naruto's knees connected with the floor moments before his fists as his body shook violently, and he was unable to keep standing up. He didn't know why, because he wasn't crying, but he couldn't stop the shaking. He looked up at the place Sasuke had been moments earlier, or was it hours? He wasn't sure. Time felt elusive, and he didn't know how long he had been this way.

That's when he realized the biggest link between their very different lives.

They were both alone.

The shaking stopped and his body allowed him to sit up straight, and look at the window Sasuke had used as both entrance and escape.

I don't want to be that alone ever again.

-Sasuke POV-

Sasuke entered Naruto's small apartment and looked around. He hadn't meant to go there, but he wasn't thinking. He tried to gather his thoughts about what had just happened. About what Iruka had told him, and what Naruto had just said to him. What he had made him realize.

NO I'm better off alone. He thought trying to harden himself, clutching his head between his hands. He could feel the tears gather in the corners of his eyes. I'm best alone, I don't do teamwork, everyone just gets in my way, I'm better off alone, I have always been alone, I was always alone.

"I'm better off alone!" He said aloud, and even though the tears were now streaming down his face, his voice didn't hesitate.

"Do you really believe that Sasuke?" Sasuke turned around with a gasp and saw Naruto's silhouette in the dark, standing in the still open window. Sasuke tried to be mad at Naruto for following him, to be mad at him for saying those things, for reading his diary! But nothing happened. Instead he answered:

"I'm better off alone. I was always alone" But this time there was not as much force behind the words, not as much conviction. Naruto came into the dark room and came so near that the two could look each other in the eyes in the dim light.

"No you were not. Once you had the Uchiha clan, your family" Sasuke's eyes started burning.

"They're all dead! He killed them, I'm all alone with my hate" Sasuke yelled, his face a mix between anger and hurt. "Don't get in my way Naruto" He warned, as Naruto's eyes started to water and soon it leaked down his unnatural pale cheeks.

"You don't have to do everything on your own, you know? I could help you" Sasuke snorted.

"As if you could help me Uzumaki, what do you know about the pain of losing someone?" Naruto changed tactics.

"I know what it's like to be alone all the time, even better than you do. You knew your family once, the only connection I have to my kin is that tomb you found me by when we played tag yesterday. I may not remember losing my family, but I know about being alone" This information surprised Sasuke, taking away some of his anger.

"Your father was the fourth Hokage?" Sasuke asked a little more calmed. Naruto nodded, and Sasuke let his gaze drop to the floor.

"Iruka told me about my parents today." Sasuke said. Naruto's tears stopped. "He thought he was telling you about their love for their youngest son, but it was really me." Sasuke locked eyes with Naruto again.

"And did he tell you what he thought of the path you have chosen?" Naruto asked, having heard the answer on numerous occasions. Sasuke's eyes widened and he backed away from Naruto trying to create as much distance from that statement as he could. He knew the answer, but he wasn't ready to give up his solitude. He was a loner!

"You don't know anything! I'm better off alone!" This was the third time he said it aloud, and unlike the other two times, this sounded more like a plea than a statement. Naruto's eyes were soft when their eyes met.

"I don't believe you. No one is better off alone." That did it for Sasuke. His spirit broke and he crumpled to the floor right in front of Naruto's eyes. Naruto soon came to his aid, as Sasuke started crying uncontrollably. Naruto grabbed Sasuke by the shoulder and drew him into his arms, as Sasuke continued crying, tears running down his scared cheeks.

"But it is all I have ever known." Sasuke said through heavy sobs.

"We'll just have to change that" Naruto said, stroking Sasuke's back comfortingly and burying his face in Sasuke's hair.

"Iruka told me he thought you saved my life." Sasuke whispered when the worst of his sobs had subsided and Naruto's eyes started to water again.

"That's bullshit" Naruto said. Sasuke retrieved himself from Naruto's embrace and saw the tears. He tried to sloppily remove them with his left hand.

"If he had looked properly" Naruto started, taking Sasuke's hand and stopping his movement. "He would have known that I was the one who was being saved." Sasuke's mouth dropped as he looked at his own face contorted in pain.

He didn't know what to do. They stayed like that for a while, just staring at each other's eyes.

Naruto was the first one to move, but his choice of action wasn't anything Sasuke would have dreamed he would do.

He kissed Sasuke.

He didn't move his lips it was just a gentle peck.

Sasuke was stunned, but when Naruto parted from him and stood up, Sasuke let himself be pulled up by the elbow with him, and Naruto lead him to the bedroom.

For a second he wasn't sure if he wanted to enter the bedroom with Naruto. He felt so confused all of a sudden. He knew from Kiba that Naruto was in love with him, but was he in love with Naruto? A man? Could he ever repay his feelings? He tried not to think too much about it as they entered the messy room.

Naruto let go of his elbow and stripped to his boxers and his t-shirt before sitting down on the bed. Sasuke still hadn't moved from where Naruto left him. Naruto sent him an insecure smile.

"You know, I'm not going to bite you Sasuke. Please, just stay here with me tonight. I won't touch you again, if that is what you want, I promise." Sasuke blushed as he nodded his agreement and slowly removed his shoes and trousers, leaving on the boxers and his t-shirt like Naruto had. Naruto moved in so he could lie on the bed as well. There was absolutely no skin contact, but Sasuke still felt deeply confused. He had questions, a lot of doubts and insecurities. He had never thought about his sexuality before. Only revenge.

But he did have one question he thought he was justified to get an answer to before he tried going to sleep.

"Why did you read my journals Naruto?" There was a long silence in the dark.

"This is going to sound stupid, but I was actually looking for the kitchen." Sasuke didn't know whether to hit the dobe or laugh, but he knew it was the truth, he knew how much trouble Naruto had with findings his way through the mansion. "At first it was an accident Sasuke, really! I'm sorry, but then I saw my name in there and I couldn't stop." Sasuke took a deep breath. He wasn't mad anymore, he stopped being mad when Naruto came after him to fix it. His biggest problem was; how much did he find out?

"What did you read?"

"I read about the fight with Haku, a few lines about your brothers betrayal, the chuunin exam and um…our team selection." Sasuke frowned. If he was going to tell someone, what he had read in their personal diary he would have finished with what he thought was the most sensitive topic of information, which in his case would be the clan massacre and his brother. But then he remembered what he had written about the selection, and worst of all, about Naruto.

"Holly! Naruto I'm sorry, I don't mean any of that anymore, that was back then, you know that, right?" There came a small chuckle in the darkness.

"Sasuke, are you actually apologizing to me for stuff you wrote in an old diary? Your own diary." Sasuke could hear the irony, but he still felt like he needed to say something about it.

"I just…I want you to know, I don't think that way about you anymore, okay?" There was a long silence again.

"Thank you Sasuke." Naruto's voice was barely audible. Sasuke finally decided he didn't like being this far from the knucklehead after all, a guy or not, he couldn't deny he liked Naruto, maybe time would show if it was more than a friend or not. So he reached out his hand and found Naruto's in the dark. Naruto squeezed it lightly, as if to tell him it was okay and Sasuke could feel the gratitude.

They fell asleep holding each other's hands.

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