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Sharp pains flew throughout my body, mostly through my arm. My actions came back at me, my main situation.


Who was in between my legs, his back against me. I stroked his head.

"All right," I whispered. A soft wind blew, tousling his dark hair between my fingers. The soft strands brushed against my palms.

He slumped into me.

I felt words coming out of my mouth, but I didn't realize. Like someone else was in control.

Some sharp pressure disappeared from my wrist. Looking down, it was Fang. Oh, so that's why my arm hurt. I watched my blood trickle down slowly from the puncture wounds from his fangs.

Surprised gazes of the remaining gang members reflected one other.

This. This side of Fang. This was the thing he was talking about. He had some survival instinct, which caused this violent reaction.

Breathing softly, I hugged Fang closer.

So this is what he meant.

Soft cries of passing birds reached my ears, making me pause in my useless thoughts to listen. Fang silently sulked behind me. I turned to him.

"Hey, stop being emo and come walk with me."

He stepped up faster to my pace. But his head was still faced down, clearly showing his disappointment in himself.

"Max. About me-"

"You're not scary," I interrupted, leaning my head on his shoulder. Or more so, below it, because he was tall. I rubbed my wrist where I managed to wrap a white bandage around it from the nurse's office after Fang had returned to himself.

I felt fingers absently reach toward my injury. Fang's fingers gently wrapped around the gauze, lightly stroking the material. His aura was practically glowing with shame. Some black color.

"Such a weird child," he chuckled. I could still hear the pain in his laughter.

"I'd call it being special, but sure. Call me weird," I teased, light sarcasm decorating my tone.

Fang shook his head at me. Sticking my tongue out at him in a childish manner, I lifted my head off him and lightly stepped in front of him. I heard him chuckle.

Smiling, I remained quiet with Fang as we walked down the small sidewalk.

"Max," he said.

"What?" I turned my head.

"Nothing. I just wanted to say your name."

"Lazy child. Get up!" Nudge sang in my ear. I groaned, squinting my eyes from the afternoon sun. I heard the guys roaming around playing soccer, yelling and arguing. I sat up, grass fluttering behind me just in time to see the soccer ball soar through the air and hit Fang's head. He froze.

Nudge shielded her eyes with her hand, peering out to the field. "Oooh, the guys are going to hell." She muttered, referring to Fang's scary reputation. I could hear the joking in her voice though.

I rolled my eyes, watching Fang slowly turn around with the ball in his hands. His eyes were hidden under his hair as the other guys froze in terror. This was gonna be fun.

Fang sprinted toward them, and that's when the guys scattered around, screaming. Nudge poked me. "Shouldn't you stop him?"

I leant back into the grass, lazily stretching around. "Eh, this is kinda fun to watch. But, if you say so." Nudge pulled me up and handed me my bag. A sudden jab in my wrist threw me back to yesterday of the scene on the roof. I looked down at the four angry pink cuts in the skin. I looked away.

"Fang!" I called out over the screams of cowards. He stopped right as my voice echoed through the field. Leaving the ball on the ground, he jogged over to me, smirking with pleasure.

"You're so mean," I teased, heading for the schools gate. Shifting my school uniform sweater to my other arm, my ears suddenly picked up the soft coos of the guys worshipping my presence on being able to stop Fang. Idiots.

Fang. To everyone, he's a wild animal. A beast.

He grinned at me, his real fangs slightly showing. I made sure no one else saw that. The people here were already traumatized enough.

We walked out of school grounds, the sun beating down on our backs. I only had the white button up of the school uniform, the tie loose around my neck. A small breeze whipped by us, to my small appreciation. It wasn't that strong, but it was enough to toss my hair. Fang stopped at a bench and lazily sat down, eyes closed.

I managed to hunt down a vending machine. Waiting for my water to fall out, I looked over to Fang. His lanky build, the wind tugging at his hair. He stood out in the vibrant color of the bright grass and even the shiny gray bench.

Even with the white and blue colors of the school uniform, his dark hair was what stood out among the light shades. Absently bending down to grab the water bottle that now fell out, I snatched it up and headed back to the bench.

Fang let out a breath. "Max, look over there," he said, pointing behind me. I turned my head.

"Eh? There's nothing but grass. And a tree. Oh, and a squirrel. Look, squirrel!" I said, pointing. Fang said nothing, which raised my curiosity and made me look back.

Fang held my water bottle in his hand that was away from me, clearly showing the empty space where my water was. He smirked at me.

"Hey!" I cried out. Attempting a sudden attack to retrieve my bottle, I reached over as much as I could. Even though this was supposed to be a tease, we both ended up laughing.

As Fang was caught in the moment of it, I suddenly realized that I ended up leaning across his lap in an effort for my water bottle. We were awkwardly close. But seeing Fang, he made no actions of noticing. Either my efforts are too amusing, or he just really isn't that observant as he usually is.

I reached my hand out farther, still failing. But that's when Fang leaned closer to me. I froze.

I felt my hair being brushed around. He sniffed my hair. Suddenly, my cheeks felt warm. No past warm. More to a point we're people would go, Holy-shit-I'm-on-fire.

"What?" I questioned, seeing the small smile on his face after he pulled away.

"You smell nice," he answered. No shame in his tone. Such a cocky guy.

"What are you saying?" I glared. I felt the implied; I'll murder you hanging in the air.

"No, I'm serious," he countered. His face really did have the honest look, despite the slight smirk of his ego on his lips. He leaned back toward me, bringing back my blush. His lips were next to my ear, with a soft whisper. "It's the kind of scent that comes from a good person."

My eyes slightly closed, half from the fluttery feeling in my chest and half from Fang. His voice was so upset. But it also had a barrier; a wall that stated that he doesn't deserve anything about it.

"I'm sorry. When we moved here, I thought I could forget about dangers here. That I could lead a normal life again."

Fang's problem isn't about his reputation or just how he looks…

"But I want to try to move on normally. I promise I won't be that way anymore. So don't hate me." His voice completely died down at the end, I hardly heard it, even though he was right next to my ear.

I patted Fang's head, remembering the rooftop when his head was cradled in my arms. How the wind softly blew and his soft hair was between my fingers. He leaned his head on my shoulder.

His past is so screwed up, that anything normal about him all disappeared. And instead, his beast-like side became a habit. An instinct.

"It's alright. If you live peacefully now, you'll be fine," I whispered. I still had a blush. Silently glad that the park was deserted, I closed my eyes.

Yesterday on the roof, the way he was. He actually stopped because I went in and stopped him. But, was that a one thing chance? What if he does lose it again? Will I be able to stop him then?

I sighed and opened my eyes again. My head ached with my questions and embarrassment.

Am I afraid of Fang?


I'm not. Even when he lost it, I never flinched at him. Something's wrong with me. Even Fang is afraid of himself whenever he forgets. And he's the tough guy.

"Fang?" I said.

No answer.

I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him back to look at me. His head sagged.

"Dude. Are you sleeping?" I asked, half annoyed and shocked. No reply.

I lifted his head up. His eyes were closed. "Dear God, are you serious?" I shook him. He's actually asleep. "Wake up!" I slapped his face a few times.

Giving up, I shook my head in disbelief.

Yeah. He's a mysterious one.

"So you live here by yourself?"

Fang nodded.

"But, don't you have any relatives or something?" I asked, looking up at the tall building.

"I have a … caretaker who comes by sometimes to check up on me sometimes," he answered.

Just as I was about to respond when a voice called out to both of us. "Hey, you two!"

We both looked forward toward the familiar voice. It was Boss. He had more members around him holding big wooden sticks. They reminded me of the one that was used on Fang yesterday.

"Hey Boss," we greeted at the same time. He nodded.

"Did you guys see any suspicious looking guys around here?" he asked us.

"No," I said, "Except for you guys."

He turned around. "I see. I heard there was a rapist around here lately. You guys should be careful." They all walked off with manly goodbyes.

"I didn't know Boss patrolled around the neighborhood." Fang said after they disappeared down an alley.

"Normally, one wouldn't," I muttered. "Well, I should get home." I started off the road when Fang stopped me.

"Wait. I'll walk you home," he said. His hand lightly gripping my shoulder. He replied to my confused expression again. "Well, Boss said there was a rapist around here."

I laughed, wanting to relieve his worried expression. His midnight eyes pierced through mine. "I'll be fine. Don't worry."

I turned around quickly so I didn't have to argue about me walking home alone.

Being alone again, my questions and thoughts mingled together, closing off my surroundings. Replaying our conversation again, I realized that he hadn't answered my question of relatives. Curiosity fell into my head.

Fang has so many secrets, along with the fact that he's been living in the wild.

I let out a sigh, looking up at the pale sky beginning to switch to a deep orange due to the sunset. Suddenly, a wave of a cold uneasiness poured over me.

I felt like I was being watched.

Stopping in my footsteps, I slightly turned my head. But that was too late for the fact that a hand came over my mouth and the other gripped my shoulder. Shit.

"You must be Max," a male voice said. I racked my thoughts, searching for an appropriate name for him. Too many swear words flew by instead. "I've been waiting for you to be alone."

I shook my head, clearly annoyed. This guy didn't even sound scary. Rolling my eyes, I slipped my foot back, hooking it to his ankle. In one swift motion, I pulled forward, making him lose balance.

Pulling myself forward, I spun and jumped on his back. "I swear to God, if you rape me, I will murder you!" I threatened. But I doubt he can even get me off his back.

Wildly waving his arms, he swore colorfully. I swore with him, just for the fun of it.

That's when Fang showed up.


"Fang!" The rapist called out.

"Iggy?" Fang replied, his face confused.

"Who?" I asked.

"I'm sorry for what happened earlier," I apologized. Iggy shook his head.

"Yeah, I'm sorry too," he muttered, rubbing the back of his neck. Comfortably laying back on the couch, Fang smirked.

"So, you're Fang's…er…caretaker?" I asked. Iggy couldn't be any more than a bit older than me.

"Caretaker? You told her I'm your caretaker?" Iggy asked Fang, turning around. His blonde hair shone under the lights of Fang's apartment.

"Well, you are fatherly," Fang answered. Iggy dropped to the carpet, from the spot where he was sitting on the floor. I stared at him.

He rolled over, facing the ceiling. He sighed. "I'm only 21, so don't think of me as a caretaker. More so an older brother."

I sat back, hands spread behind me to prop myself up. I watched them both quarrel over Iggy's age. They looked so different together. Fang with his dark hair. Iggy with his pale blonde.

They suddenly stopped to look up and turn back to me. I waved to them. They waved back.

"Fang, can Max and I talk alone for a minute?" Iggy suddenly asked.

"Are you gonna rape her?" he asked. His tone was serious.

Iggy smacked him upside the head. Fang didn't even flinch. Pulling himself off the couch, he left the apartment building without another word.

He turned back to me, watching me carefully.

"Well. I'm guessing you already know the problem about Fang," he slowly stated.

My head took in his words. Right. Iggy would've known already about Fang's issue. I nodded, refusing to meet his eyes. I heard the shifting of the carpet, and looked down to find a small and thin cylinder sitting in front of me.

I picked it up, examining the points and shape. I only knew what it was form the fact that my mom was a veterinarian.

A tranquilizer gun.

"It can take out a lion in two seconds," Iggy explained, looking out the patio sliding doors. I set it down, staring at the ivory colored carpet. I knew what this was about.

"It's obvious. You can use it on Fang. Whenever he loses it," Iggy softly continued. I could tell he didn't like using it either.

But. Do I really need this?

Flashbacks of the wild scene on the roof played through my head as I continued to stare at the small dart. My heartbeat paced faster just thinking about it.

"I-I can't. Not this way," I blurted out.

He kept his face smooth. "He has to be stopped in some way. And quickly. If that doesn't happen, Fang won't be able to take the guilt from the death results. He's a good guy. Never really wanted his problem. But he's glad that you can understand that, Max."

I stood up to walk over to the patio doors. The small neighborhood glowed with streetlights and other houses. I saw a small glimpse of Fang at the bottom of the building, petting a stray dog. I could see the smallest smile on his lips. I saw everything about him on the second floor.

"I'm sorry. I know that would be my job, but realizing that you two are closer and see each other often-"

"Yeah, I get it." I cut him off. "I'll do what I can."

I slipped the small tranquilizer in my pocket, feeling the cold surface that made me uneasy.

The tranquilizer looked back at me in my hands. The cold feeling, removing all warmth.

Is this really necessary?

I put it back into my pocket, concentrating on the dark path where the street lamp was the only guidance.

"Ex-excuse me." I stopped, immediately looking over to where the weak voice was coming from.

A shadowed figure was crouched against a railing of the park holding his chest. He was panting.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"My chest, suddenly s-started to hurt. Could you help me to that bench o-over there?" he asked, stammering at some words whenever he took a breath.

I bent down a bit, offering my hand. He took it weakly as I began to pull him up.

"Should I call an ambulance?" I asked when he leaned against me for support. Something in the back of my mind screamed at me. For what, I didn't know. He slowly reached the bench, still standing. "Shouldn't you lie down?" I asked, seeing his perfect posture. He was no longer gasping. The voice screaming in my head swam closer to the front.

His hand slowly slid out of his coat.

A small but sharp knife was in his hand. "How about you lie down?"

The sudden move ending up with his hand over my mouth, straddling me. Gross.

"Now, if you get on my nerves, I'll kill you." He held the knife over me, the threat hanging in the air.

I felt panic seeping through me. This wasn't good.

Just as the rapist began to lean down, the familiar voice called out.

"Now why, would you do something do bad to Max?"

My line of sight caught Fang right behind the rapist. I realized the hilt was still gripped by him, as the blade was taken by Fang. Blood slowly spilled over.

"Hey, who the hell-" he words got cut off, right when Fang lifted him up by the shirt. I looked away. My fist clenched against my chest, hearing the screams of the rapist. Was Fang himself, or had he lost it?

I turned my hair back, "Fang." My voice called out, I heard more screams in the darkness. "Fang!"

I got up, feeling the aches from the pressure laid on me when I was straddled. "Fang!"

"Max!" Iggy's voice appeared beside me. I turned to him in a panic. More screams. "There's no use calling his name! Use the tranquilizer!"

"Ig-" I stopped, feeling the small cylinder against my pocket. He watched me, waiting. "No."

I ran.

"Wait, Max!" Iggy called over me. I heard the small clatter when the gun connected to the ground.

I stopped, behind Fang. And as if he sensed my presense, he stopped. His shoulders tense, just like the time yesterday. "Fang." I whispered. It felt like time stopped itself, waiting for his reaction. Was yesterday really just a lucky chance?

His head turned to the side, making the shadows cover his face. I stepped closer.

In that instant, Fang was in front of me, hs face hidden in the shadows. I reached for his hand.

He fell into me. I felt his shaky hand reach toward mine.

His hand gripped mine. I squeezed it tightly, feeling blood in between our fingers. I propped myself to his level, as he kept breathing. I stroked his head.

He slumped into me.

Second time this week.