"DOCTOR!" yelled Martha as the Doctor was helped into the medical room. The two brothers deposited the Doctor onto the lowered bed and left the room, without saying a word to the man they had tortured.

"Where's Rose?" the Doctor glanced around the small room, his voice croaky.

"She'll be here shortly," said Martha. "Now, how badly hurt are you? And I want the truth."

"Bruised. Cut. And I ache all over," he said, as he pulled off his shirt, so that Martha could get to work.

"I'm not surprised," said Martha, as she dabbed a gauze into some water and started to clean the various cuts that covered his face, chest, back, arms and hands. He winced as she dabbed, cleaning the stained blood from his skin.

"So, am I going to find out who killed the little girl?" he asked.

Martha nodded. "You're not gonna believe this..." she swallowed. "But it was Arka."

"What? One of Baron's sons?" The Doctor was shocked.

"Yes... He killed her but he wasn't the one who raped her. One of Arka's childhood friends was the rapist."


"Arka thought he could get away with it. He thought Baron wouldn't mind... would choose to let you die then have his own son killed," she continued to explain as she cleaned his wounds.

"Is he going to be executed?" asked the Doctor.

Martha shrugged. "I have no idea. They both get a trial but they will be convicted. Baron won't protect his son – if he wanted to, he would have let you die in his son's place."

The Doctor shivered. "Yeah... that was close. The countdown had started."


"Leading to the axe falling to sever my head, Martha," he stated bluntly.

"Oh," blanched Martha. "That was close."

"It was..." he shivered. He had nearly died.

Silence fell between them, while Martha worked cleaning his wounds. Once she had done that, she started to feel the various bones in his body, checking for any broken bones. He winced as her hands found his chest. "I think you've got three broken ribs and a dislocated shoulder. I'm amazed you are not shouting in pain. Anyone else with your injuries would be." She turned and picked up a roll of white bandage. "This is all I can do until we get you back to the TARDIS."

"Fine." He sat still on the edge of the patient's bed as Martha rolled the bandage around his chest, tightening it to give the ribs some support. Then she supported his right shoulder by putting his right arm in a sling.

"I sincerely hope you have a cream that will heal the burns on your body."

The Doctor rolled his eyes. "The TARDIS medical room will be all I need." He got to his feet, wobbling a bit as he tested the weakness in the muscles he hadn't used for a few days. Martha steadied him, helping him to walk out of the room.


His face broke out into a grin. "Rose."

Rose was running towards them down the corridor, a smile wide on her face. "You're okay!"

"Well, apart from being a bit hurt... other than that, I'm fine," replied the Doctor.

Rose dashed towards him, flinging her arms around his neck, being careful of the arm in the sling. She kissed him on his cheek. "I am so glad you are safe. I would have hated myself if we couldn't have saved you." She glanced into his shining eyes. "It's a shame that Baron's son had to be involved."

"It is," whispered the Doctor. "However, I'm free."

Exchanging a look with Martha, Rose smiled. "Yeah, you are."

Baron officially exiled his son from his family and will, giving the courts full jurisdiction to execute Arka. Despite the Doctor's intervention and plea to Baron to not give his son to the justice system, despite the severity of the crime, the courts sentenced Arka to death, while Redar got away with a life sentence down in the Underground with no chance of parole.

Rose kept to her promise she had made to Vicky and ensured her and her husband's release from the Underground. Baron owed the Doctor for what he had allowed to be done to him, and agreed to plead on Vicky's behalf and the court dutifully released her and her husband back into society with a full pardon. Baron also promised to review all the cases of those in the Underground and campaign on their behalf. Having got to know both Rose and Martha over the week, Baron had realised that having anger was not something to be ashamed of. They had to be sensible about it and not punish those who were displaying normal emotions for what was now becoming the norm for every Humarian on the planet. Baron took advice from both Rose and Martha on this issue.

Baron's other sons, Ray and Bearson had apologised to the Doctor for their treatment of him but he refused to accept it stating that they had nothing to apologise for. They had followed their hearts and desire for revenge against the person they had thought had taken their sister from them. They had not known any better. He had been convicted of the crime after all. He didn't blame them for what they had done to him – only wished that he hadn't tripped over the girl's body and this whole situation wouldn't have happened. Essentially he was blaming himself for what had occurred in the last week.

The Doctor was now fully healed from his injuries – the TARDIS infirmary having accelerated the healing, He leaned back against the blue doors watching as Rose and Martha said goodbye to Jary Kalco and Vicky, thanking them for their help. They both hoped that their lives would be simpler from now on since Baron had initiated plans to overhaul the justice system on dealing with the anger issues the population were now experiencing. They had already said their farewells to Baron, who was now knee-deep in paperwork in his office.

Rose and Martha approached the TARDIS, watching the departing forms of Jary and Vicky.

"Well? Ready to go onwards?" asked the Doctor, arms folded across his chest.

"Just as long as you don't take us into another dangerous situation," retorted Martha.

Rose burst out laughing and hastily stifled her giggles. "You must know by now that the Doctor is a magnet for trouble!"

"I am not!" The Doctor sounded offended, but there was a twinkle in his eyes suggesting that he agreed inwardly with his companion.

Rose elbowed him as she walked into the TARDIS. "You are, and you know it. Just you watch, Martha and I will be saving your backside once again, I promise you."

"You know, she's right," laughed Martha.

The Doctor shrugged. "Hey, it's not my fault that the entire universe is trying to kill me. Maybe I'm just too good for it to cope with me?"

"You are full of yourself!"

The Doctor smiled, winking at his friend. "Quite possibly, but that's what you love about me, right?"

"Maybe..." Martha opened the door to the TARDIS and stepped inside, holding it open for the Doctor. "Coming?"

He took once last glance around him and then walked into his beloved ship, heading towards an unknown future that was undoubtedly going to be filled with many dangers that would test the limits of himself and his companions. All of them had a long road ahead of them. But they would meet it head on and succeed because of the strength of their love and friendship with one another.

-The End-

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