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Spoiler Alert! 5- 7 chapters to go and 2 more characters will show to help Solaes on the way.

Yes... the elementals are here. Btw the male elfs name is Lo' Rein. and Don is a third character I am useing to make it goes by alittle faster.

Chapter 8:

As I came to the camp outlineing the coast around noon that day, I saw a battle going on between the once peacefull elemental creatures of the island fighting a barbaian. A wolf bred one at that. He seemed very protective of something... by what I could tell about his facial features. I raced down tword him and saw him dispatch another elemental. "Fish boy..." He called out. "You know why these thing are attacking us?" I looked at him in astonishment... Fish boy? Grant it I was a Tideborn but dam...

I looked at him and threw a knife to the left of him, killing a elemental who managed to sneak up from behind him. "No... usually these are realtively peacefull creatures." I replyed "And the name is Solaes, not fish boy." " He lauphed as he heaved the pair of Ax'es in his hands and cleaved away another with ease. "We'll then you mind helping out the elf girl behind me?" I looked behind him about five feet and way a pair of elfs, a male holding a female elf in his arms like a brother would. I nodded at the wolf and walked over to the elf.

"Whats wrong with her?" I asked softly knowing that elf blood is more pure then mine. The male elf looked up at me and shook his head. "She ate some fruit she found and collaped this morning when we woke up. Please help my sister!" I sighed. Elf's eating anythign but what there body's are use to is a bad thing. I looked around and saw no herbs to use to help her. "What did the fruit look like?" I asked. Knowing the item behind the illness is something I took from the hints and lessons i got from Sachi and the Elder.

"It was green with lots of red bumps on it." he replied showing the fruit to me that still was on the tree. I knelt down and felt her forhead. Being cold blooded helped with sickness. We could tell temperature changes in a instant. "She ate a brendango berry. Slightly toxic to outsiders but perfectly eatible to Tideborns. She must have a more serious reaction to its toxins." The only thing that could cure this was blood from a fire Elemental. "Whats your freinds name? The Untamed over there." I looked over to the wolf and waited for his answer. "Don! The Tideborn guy wants you."

Without looking at me directly he yells back. "What Solaes?" I scoffed at his rashness with fighting but when you have the blood of a animal flowing through you, you cant really help it. "I need the blood from one of the Fire elementals. Its the only way of helping..." The Elf boy looked at me and spoke breifly. "Her name is Arana" The wolf oncentrated on the group of fire elementals in front and cleaved one of them and flung a rocky arm at me. "There, Do what you can."

I draged my dagger over it and the somewhat cooled blood of the elemental ebbed out. I gathered it into a bowl and mixed it with some basic herbs for healing that I had in my bag to amplify the power of the blood. "Have her drink this. Every last drop or it wont work." I said softly as I handed the bowl to the elf. He had a weak stomach as the contents of the bowl sloshed around and he almost puked.

He did what he was told and slowly made Arana drink it. For a elf she had a strogner system then her brother did. "Fish Boy... why are they backing off?" Don asked. "Cause they were going to help her in the first place." I replied sharply. She'll be fine... Just let her rest for now.

"Elf's and Untamed... what a weird combo..."