Chapter Two

Nikola felt like his whole body was on fire. His body suddenly shifted without his control. Opening his eyes, he found himself in his bedroom. A tall brunette was leaning over him, concern in her golden eyes.

"Hey," she whispered, smiling brightly.

Sundown suddenly appeared above him. "I'll be damned. You helped him."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Jess," her tone was half-joking but held a sharp edge.

"You're welcome," he gave a wide grin, to which she simply shoved him.

While he couldn't speak in this form, he projected the question, Who the hell are you?

"At least we know he's alright." Sundown put a hand on her shoulder. "If you've got him, I think I'm gonna go."

"It was a pleasure to met you," the woman smiled. Even is his half-dead wolf state, Nikola found it amazing. He watched Jess tip his hat to the 'little lady' and disappear. A matter of moments later, the draining effects began to lessen.

With Sundown gone, the attractive brunette turned her sweet honey eyes back to him. She moved as if to sit on the edge of the bed, but when, on instinct, Nikola growled, she jumped back.

Shaking herself, she pointed a long finger at him. "Now you listen here. I was sent here to take care of you, so you had best be on your best behavior."

Nikola mentally sputtered for a second as his mind whirled. After a long time, when the young woman had decided to again attempt sitting beside him, which he begrudgingly allowed, he asked, Who sent you here?

She stroked the thick fur of his neck, up behind his ear, her fingers mere inches from 'the spot.' "Acheron wanted to check on you, however he is…indisposed…currently. I was sent in his stead. "

Who are you? His eyes closed as her fingers moved within millimeters of what he wanted.

"My name is Elysia."

Unable to bare the tension, he caved. Practically begging her to scratch a little higher behind his ear. The moment she complied his back leg began to twitch. Barely able to contain a giggle, Elysia leaned forward using both hands to scratch his sensitive fur.

Nikola's senses were assaulted suddenly by her scent. Opening his eyes, he found her lovely round chest hovering over his head. The human part of him told him to ignore her presence. The animal demanded her at least attempt mating with the female.

When his warring halves became too much, he pulled his head back effective removing her hands from his fur, offering a gentle almost affection lick on her chin.

She smiled another dazzling smile, which only fueled his desire. He was actually happy when he felt exhaustion tug at him.

In his ear, as he drifted he heard her whisper. He understood the gentle Greek she whispered to him, and found himself lulled to sleep by her lullaby.