A/N: Who else isn't dying from the absolute cuteness of baby Naruto in the manga? See if you can figure out who's narrating this before the end... More to come!

Do you see what I see?

"They said you would be ugly…but I didn't believe them, I guess.

True, you are hideous; all red and rumpled-up like that. You even make Chiyo of the Sand look handsome. She's a really mean old bat; I hope you never have to meet her, always begrudging people things… But I do want you to meet someone, when she wakes up. You'll love her; I know I do, and it's going to be one big, hairy festival of it for the rest of your life, kid. You can hold her hand with one, and keep mine in the other. I wouldn't let you go… no matter how bald you are, and how much you look like a Buddha monkey frog-child.

Sit down with me- sure is dark, isn't it? Lemmee open the shade…

Oh, that down there? It's just the most fantastic place in the world, a ninja village full of loyal and strong people- and operated by a slick, handsome blond devil of a Hokage who makes all the girls swoon! Haha, just kidding- but not about the loyalty part. (Or the girls, but shhh.)

No, you're going to find that Konohagakure is it's own pocket in the center of the storm, and you'll never feel unsafe or unwanted behind these walls. You'll learn soon...that's what the world asks of us, to be the greatest Shinobi so we can protect the nearest thing to us, our country. Ah, don't worry- you've got all the genes to be great. Who knows? Maybe you'll be stronger and faster than me, when I'm all old and grey!

…Oh god, I have to live to be old and grey... You're going to be some trouble, you know that? It's not just about me, anymore... I'm part of a we, now, our little family... I think the village weighs less in my hands than you do right now. How can that be- you, a tiny little pipsqueak who can't even hold up his own head? I'm the Hokage, dammit, and there hasn't been anything too difficult for me to face. Oh, it is so on…

… But you are the first thing that's entirely mine. And I don't want to think right now that anything could take you away. No, you pygmy; I'll carry you all the way if I have to, because you're not just a part of my village now. You are mine, fuzzy head and blue eyes all. And you are, unquestionably, undoubtedly, the first love of my life. My first son.

…Hey, what do you suppose is happening down at that end of the village? Yeah, down there… Here, I'm gonna put you down now, and go check out what's going on.

No, no- don't cry, please- don't wake Mommy up... come on, buddy. Geez- You, Uzumaki Naruto, are going to be one giant pain in your Daddy's side. Aren'tcha?"

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