Written: 7.20.2010

Summary: Fire of Unknown Origin, Blue Oyster Cult. The symbolism isn't lost on the brothers once the song starts to play. Tag to Hell House.

A/N: A very short tag to Hell House (1.17). It unnerved me when this song was played, and neither Dean nor Sam seemeded to notice the lyrics. I can't totally tell if Sam did or not, but Dean sure didn't. With him singing along in Sam's ear, after all. If I were Sam, I would have started bawling.

Now I don't swear, mind you, but you can't have a story with a subject as tantalizing as this without a few choice words that will be exhibited in this story. Thus, the rating.

This will be a twoshot. This is done in Sam's point of view, the next chapter will be done on Dean's. The song used is quite obviously, Fire of Unknown Origin by Blue Oyster Cult.


Fiiiire of unknown origin, took my baby away

Sam woke with a start, with Dean right in his face. Not an ideal way for him to wake up. He'd been dreaming about Jess. Like he always did. He liked dreaming, it was the only time that he could pretend she wasn't dead. Mostly thought, save for this afternoon, he had nightmares.

He had been talking to Dean, and Dean had been talking back. He idly wondered what they were talking about.

A fire of unknown origin, took my baby away

His vision clouded. This song. Seriously? Kick a man while he's down, why don't you. How could Dean play this song? Especially while he was in the car!

He just sat there, staring at the radio for a moment. He was hoping Dean would catch on, change the song, and almost say something but then stop. Like they always did, nowadays.

Swept her up and off my wavelength, swallowed her up

Why yes it did... He felt the irrational urge to hit something, to make himself bleed. Maybe then the tears wouldn't fall. He soon found another, less violent tactic. Less violent, only if Dean obliged.

"Turn that fucking song off."