Crying out I grabbed the side of my neck, it felt like it was on fire! Did something sting me? My body felt like it was burning up! GOD, who knew there was a pain like this! Before I knew it, I had hit the ground, unconscious...

Everything seemed much more defined and sharper when I woke. Which was weird, even with my glasses on my vision was limited, but now I was seeing 20/20. My glasses were cracked anyway, so I just slipped them in my backpack. Thank God it was still there, relief washed over me for however brief a minute before I tensed up again. Where exactly was I, anyway? How did I get here? WHO brought me here? With all these questions running through my head I barely noticed the two figures hovering over me, faces shadowed by the darkness of the night. "Who are you?" I questioned cautiously, hugging my backpack.

"Look who decided to get up,"came a hauntingly sinister voice, not very far from my ear. Normally, I would have spazed out and had a panic attack, but somehow I sensed the unearthly presence behind me. "What's up with that..." At that very second, I was jerked in the air, feet dangling, still dazed and confused. "Ow! Damn it, let go! Your hurting me!" I demanded, struggling to get free, but to no avail. Looking up to glare at my captor, my eyes were meet by red ones showing a look of boredom and something of interest. Perfectly matching those crimson orbs was a head of messy ginger hair.

"Sasori, my man, don't you think your being a bit rough, un?" came a slightly amused voice.

"Fine, I suppose...", the red head sighed uninterestedly, dropping me back to the earth. Wrenching my eyes shut and preparing for the impact, I let out a squeal, but before I hit the ground a pair of strong arms were under me. "Was that really necessary, hmm?" an irritated voice questioned. I looked up to see a blonde-haired boy no older than 19 cradling me."Wow, his hair's longer than mine! And his eyes are really pretty..."

"Sorry about that. Danna isn't very fond of people. Are you ok?" the blonde spoke softy, ignoring the red head's 'hmph', and setting me on my feet.

"I-I'm fine...thanks?" I was seriously confused now. Aren't guys who kidnap people supposed to roguish and tough? This guy looked like he stepped out of Teen Vogue or something! Just another stereotype, I wondered.

"That's good to hear!", the blonde replied cheerfully, "ah, by the way I'm Deidara, un."

"Okay then...I'm, uh Taka..." I stuttered quietly, feeling awkward.

"Heh. Well, Taka, you have been specifically chosen to join our elite organization. Consider it quite the privilege, un!" the blonde chirped nonchalantly, showing a mischievous smirk the whole while.

"O-organization? But...why me? I-I can't be in your organization! I have to go home! My parents! They're probably worried sick! E-Exams! Oh god, I have exa-"

"Shut. Up." the one called Sasori growled, snapping me out of my panicked rant. "None of those things matter now, girl. You don't have a choice once you've been selected to join our organization. Now, you can come silently or by force. Your choice."

I scoffed silently. So now I had a say so in things? I gripped the straps of my backpack angrily. Now this guy had just gone and pissed me off, but I wasn't stupid enough to even try and fight. Two against one? Now that's just not fair. So, I went with the second best option.


I sped past my captors, faster than I'd ever gone before. It must have been the adrenalin rush because it felt like I was at least a mile ahead of them. It was amazing how I could see so clearly during the dark, clouded night! But just as a relieved smile was spreading across my face I heard the voice of a certain blonde.

"Sasori-danna, why do they always run?" was the last thing I heard before I felt the blow to the back of my skull and passed out into the darkness.

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