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It's been a year since Wrath of the Mortals. Since then Percy has returned back to his apartment and lived life as a depressed shell of a man. Thalia was nearly killed on her way back to camp and had to stay with the Hunters until her baby was born. By the time she returned to camp with her baby, Nico had left. When Thalia returned, the next Great Prophecy was given. Now, things are taking the turn for the worst…

Percy's POV

Lightning flashed all around the Empire State Building. Rain pored down, soaking me to the bone. I stood on a ledge on the exterior of the building, near the top. In my hands I clutched my old Camp Half-Blood t-shirt.

I've survived for so long. I released my grip on my old shirt, and it plummeted to the ground far below. I tried Annabeth. I really did.

As I stared at the ground below, the memories came back like a horrible tide of unwanted emotion. The sound of a single gunshot. The tortured look on her face. Her lifeless body crumpling to the floor. Tears rolled down my face.

I promised myself I wouldn't do this. I took another step toward the edge. I knew a fall from this height would kill me. That was the idea. I really want to keep my promise. My sanity came back for a moment. Would Annabeth want me to do this? No, she wouldn't. I want to keep my promise. After all, you kept yours. And Annabeth had paid for that promise with her life. If only she'd gone with the others to Olympus…I'd be dead.

That's when he came. He always comes at this point. When I'm on the verge of choosing life or accepting death. That's when he comes.

"Percy Jackson…" the raspy voice beckoned.

The hair on my neck stood on end as I turned to face the faceoff death himself. The reaper. He wore a flowing black robe that covered everything except his bony hands and his skull face. In his hands was a scythe. Without even uncapping it, Riptide was in my hands.

"It's time…" the reaper rasped.

I tightened my grip on Riptide, and the duel began. Everything fell into routine. Everything became simple. And once again, I felt the eerie calm of battle. He made the same move as always; a horizontal slice at my neck. He always does that, he's predictable.

I dodged the attack and stabbed him in the chest. He screamed in pain and vanished. I'd won once again. And in victory, just for a moment, I forgot…

I woke up with a shout. I was sweating and even though I'd gotten a full night's sleep, I felt exhausted. I looked at the empty space on the bed next to me.

…that she's gone.

The next morning I found some stale waffles and bitter coffee for breakfast. I took a sip and almost shuddered. Not only was the coffee black and bitter, but I'd made it three days ago, and it was way too cold. I didn't care. The waffles have no taste, and I dump my mug into the sink.

When I was done with breakfast I went into the living room, sat down in my chair, and stared at the same stain on the wall that I'd stared at everyday since she'd left.

She'd left. That's what I told myself everyday and night. I couldn't bring myself to put "Annabeth" and "dead" in the same sentence. Hades, I couldn't even say her name.

I didn't know how long I stared at the stain. An hour? A day? It didn't matter to me. For the hundredth time I considered using Riptide to kill myself, but my thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"I'll get it," I said to no one.

I slowly trudged to the door, and the knocking just got louder and louder.

"I'm coming!" I shouted angrily.

I opened the door to see Grover, wide-eyed in panic.

"What is it now?" I asked grumpily.

"It's Nico!" he shouted.

"You guys found him?" I asked.

Nico had gone missing shortly after I'd left camp. They'd been looking for him ever sine, because they had something important to tell him. I never bothered to remember what it was they had to tell him.

"Yeah, and he's being attacked by the Minotaur!" Grover shouted.

Shock coursed through my nerves, and I was suddenly charged with my old ADHD energy. It had faded once the fog of depression set in, but it was back now, and I felt alert and alive. Nico was in trouble, and I was about to let depression stop me from killing the Minotaur.

We both ran to Grover's car, a standard issue Satyr Securities cruiser. The only difference was the words Cloven Elder on the side. Grover slipped behind the wheel and we took off. As we drove, Grover nervously chewed his shirt.

"Easy man, I kill this meat head all the time," I reassured.

"Something's wrong Percy," Grover told me nervously. "I keep getting this feeling– whoa!"

Grover slammed on the breaks, and the front of the car stopped an inch away from hitting the three old ladies in the middle of the road. One of them held up a string and using a huge pair of shears, cut the single thread. Then in a flash they were gone. Grover looked at me.

"We better hurry," I said.

We speed through the streets until we came up on a torn up section of the street. Cars were overturned and on fire, and chunks of the street were ripped up. Suddenly, a small black figure flew through the air and cracked against the wall. The Minotaur stomped into view, and I leapt out. I uncapped Riptide and the sword emerged. I can't remember the last time I used it.

I charged him, but my skills were rusty at best. My swing missed completely and I was smacked against a wall. I slowly stood up and dusted myself off. Suddenly everything blacked out and the scene changed.

I was standing in the middle of a battle ravaged New York, The sky was red and the clouds were black. Smoke curled around my feet. A lone figure approached from the darkness. Not him again.

"Percy Jackson…" he rasped.

"I don't have time for this," I said and swung.

This time however, he dodged and sliced. I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Everything changed back to normal, and I staggered back. The Minotaur's horns had fresh blood on them. My blood. The Minotaur prepared to charge, and things reverted to the hallucination. The reaper stood out of reach of my sword.

"Your time has come," the reaper rasped.

"No," I insisted.

"Percy," a different voice called. Oh no. Not that voice, not now.

Annabeth stepped into view, and my blood froze. "You fought the good fight. You did your best. No one could ask anymore of you."

"But…" I stammered.

She put a hand on my shoulder. "It's time to rest Percy. It's time to come to Elysium."

I nodded. Annabeth took a step back and the reaper raised his scythe. The hallucination ended, and the Minotaur charged. Everything went black.

Nico's POV

"PERCY!" I screamed as my friend fell dead.

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