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Percy's POV

We were in the Big House for an important meeting. Aside from me, Annabeth (who was rocking two year old Jacob to sleep), Nico, Thalia, Rachel, Chiron, Clarisse, Katie, Travis (who got all twitchy whenever he looked at Alex), Chris, the various other cabin counselors, and Alex were present.

"We've all been called here," Chiron explained, "because each of you has either heard the Great Prophecy, needs to hear it, or is the child of someone who was called here."

Four year old Alex was off to the corner idly practicing with her sword, but I could tell she was listening to our every word with interest. Little schemer was good like that.

"So you guys really think my son's the child of the prophecy?" Annabeth asked when she thought Jacob was asleep.

"We're almost certain," Travis said. "Listen to the Prophecy."

Rachel cleared her throat and her eyes glowed green.

"The unborn child of the half-blood heroes
Whose peers of power number zero
Shall unite with a hero much like him
To save all demigods from a future grim
The resurrection shall cause his birth
His only love will reignite the hearth
From the Lord of Time to the Son of the Sea
All shall fail to end the murder spree"

Rachel's eyes returned to normal, and she shrugged off the prophecy-lag. Annabeth and I looked at each other. The hero described in the prophecy did sound a lot like Jacob. But if Jacob was going to be the hero, that still left a lot of questions. I only knew one Lord of Time, and I didn't want Jacob anywhere near him.

Son of the Sea? Did that mean me, or some other future son of Poseidon? What was the grim fate that Jacob had to save us from, and who was the hero much like him. Another thing. "His only love"? My boy…was going to fall in love. Damn you Aphrodite! Can't you ever stay out of it? Oh well, as long as she doesn't mess with Jacob's head too much, I'm good.

"Jacob is the hero…" Annabeth said with utmost certainty.

Jacob stirred. "I'm the hewo?"

I almost gasped. Jacob was a smart kid. Incredibly mature for his age. He'd learned to talk with almost impossible speed. Same for walking. That baby talk that lingered in speech? Almost gone with him. I didn't doubt he'd heard and understood everything we'd just talked about.

"You're the hero kid," Alex said sadly, patting him on the shoulder.

"Crud," Jacob cursed. I guess he'd heard about how fun it was to be the child of the prophecy. He did eavesdrop a lot.

"Jacob," Annabeth scolded. "Language."

"Mom! I'm two years old!" Jacob complained.

Okay, smart kid, but he lacked the common sense to see he had a poor argument. Sorry kid, looks like you inherited my common sense.

"Jacob…" Annabeth warned in her mother voice.

"Yes mom," Jacob submitted.

"Much as I hate to say it Jackson," Clarisse muttered. "Your son is our only hope. Gods help us all."

The Pit POV

Alice, daughter of Artemis, watched as Michel and his team unloaded their prizes from Order 88: Exactly seventy-five demigod children, none of them older than four, kidnapped at a young age so they could be trained to hate the gods. They'd captured as many demigods as possible, leaving almost none for Camp Half-Blood.

This was good. As the next generation of demigods grew up, there would be more of them working with The Pit than training at Camp Half-Blood. When the two armies clashed, The Pit would have strength of numbers.

"Things are going well then?" Neroh asked from behind her.

Alice spun around. "So far so good. We got a lot more kids than we'd hoped. Evan is going to have a powerful army."

"And he just needs the skill to lead them," Neroh said. "It would seem Ethan's son is our best hope. Gods help our enemies."

ANNOUNCEMENT: Title of next story is changed to Jacob Jackson and the Sins of the Fathers.

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