"Bye Conan-kun."

"See you tomorrow."

"Bye guys."

Conan waves to his friends, then turns and sets out toward home. Ran had told him she had something special to show him before supper and wanted him to be home early. At least she was smiling again. He knows it will only be a matter of time before she begins to worry about him, or rather, Shinichi, and he will have to call her using his bowtie.

He stops at an intersection and waits for the light to change. Feeling like he is being watched, he looks around and sees a teenage girl with long brown hair and glasses staring at him from the open door of the corner shop. She looks like a foreigner, so she must think it's odd for a kid his age to be alone. She turns back to look at a notebook in her hand, then speaks to someone just inside the building. Conan shrugs his shoulders and turns back to see the light change. He figures the girl is some lost tourist, based on the slightly oversized bag she had over her shoulder, but she seems to have gotten the help she needed, so he heads across the street.

"Is that the target?"

"Yeah, it is."

"Will this plan work?"

"Of course it will, just don't stop, but don't miss, no matter what."

"I don't miss."


Conan glances to his left as he reaches the center of the street to see who is yelling, then, at the same time, he hears running footsteps from behind. He starts to turn the rest of the way around, but doesn't get the chance. He feels himself lifted up from behind and carried across the rest of the street.

Right when he sees the sidewalk below him, the arms around him tighten and everything goes sideways. The next few seconds are a blur of motion and the sounds of yelling and squealing tires. When they land, they roll and the person holding him ends up leaning almost on top of him with their arms still wrapped around him. He struggles to get out from under the person and, upon getting a look at the person's face, he is shocked to see that it is the same brown-haired girl that had been staring at him.

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