Chapter 2

Conan looks around at the people standing nearby, not doing anything, just staring at the two of them. He eyes fall again on the girl that is still holding him, with her head lying next to the metal pole of the street sign. He is about to yell at the crowd to call for an ambulance and the police when a shadow falls over him.

"Boy, are you ok?"

Conan looks up as a middle-aged man kneels beside the two of them. He places a knapsack on the sidewalk next to them and reaches down, gently moving the girl's arms to allow Conan to get free.

"Thanks," says Conan as he sits up and quickly turns to check the girl. He touches her neck while reaching for his cell phone. With a relieved sigh at feeling a pulse, he calls 110 and tells them there has been an accident, but just as he provides the street location, his phone dies. Kicking himself for not remembering to charge it the night before, he turns to the man still kneeling next to him.

"Call the police and let them know exactly what happened," Conan tells the man, "Give them any information you can think of. Quickly!"

Conan scans the area, taking in as much as he can, from the people standing beside the cars he had just crossed in front of to the customers from the nearby stores, resting on a group of 5 or 6 walking up to them with one woman holding a video camera. He is about to go over to them when the sound of an ambulance causes him to turn. The paramedics jump out and one heads right to the girl while the other asks the man next to her if she was the only victim.

"No," the man says, shaking his head, "that boy with the glasses was in her arms when the car hit her."

While the girl is loaded into the ambulance, the second medic kneels next to Conan and looks him over. "Well, you look ok, but you will have to come with us…"

Conan knows he shouldn't just leave but there is no way he can avoid being guided over to the ambulance. As he is being put in, he notices a familiar red car pull up, and Takagi and Sato climb out.

"Takagi-kei…" he begins to call out, but the doors close and the ambulance pulls away.

"Where is he?" Ran looks out the window of the Mouri Detective Agency, hoping to see the boy she and her father were taking care of. "I'm sure I told Conan to be back early."

"I'm sure he's fine. He's probably playing with his friends and just lost track of time. We should forget about going and just stay home tonight."

Ran looked at her father and sighed. He was grumpy because she had refused to let him stay and watch the new Yoko Okino special. Her friend Sonoko had set up a chance for them to visit a new exhibit at the history museum before it was open to the public, followed by dinner with the man who was donating several pieces from his private collection. She had only told him to be home early, knowing that if she had told Conan any more then that, he would most likely figure it out and ruin the surprise. Ran smiled, thinking how clever Conan was, how much like Shinichi…but that was from Shinichi teaching him so much.

"I'm going to call around, maybe he stopped at one of his friend's house."

"Suit yourself," says Mouri, going back to watching the TV and downing yet another beer just as a commercial comes on for the special later that night. "YOKO!"

"Dad, you are hopeless," mutters Ran as she goes to get the phone. Just before she touches it, it rings. 'It must be Conan,' Ran thinks, picking up the receiver. "Conan?"

"Hello? Is this the Mouri Detective Agency?"

'Guess it's not Conan,' thinks Ran. "Yes it is, how may we help you?"

"This is Beika General Hospital, we brought in a young boy by the name of Edogowa, and he asked me to call you…"

The TV her dad is watching suddenly cuts to a news piece.

"Details are sketchy about the hit-and-run car, but it has been confirmed that the victims were a teenage girl and a young boy although neither identities have been released until the families are notified. Eyewitnesses say that one was unconscious but both were taken to nearby Beika General…"

Ran's heart misses a beat. 'No, not again. He was shot once and almost died, what now?' She had not heard the rest of what the man on the phone said, instead she cut in, "Tell him we are on our way," Hanging up the phone, she runs over to her dad and grabs his arm. "Let's go!"

"What, I thought we were waiting for the brat to get here before we left for the museum."

"That was the hospital; they said Conan was there so that's where we are going."

Conan looks out the window of the hospital room he had been left in after the doctor had checked him for any serious injuries. Now, waiting for word on the girl, he wonders if the orderly had called the Mouri's yet. He still has Shinichi's phone, but he knows that Ran will question him about it. He is about to go out and use the payphone to call them himself when the door opens and the doctor enters.

"We put the young lady in the next room. She will be just fine…"

"Has she regained consciousness yet?"

"Well, no…" The doctor says with a look of surprise.

'Oops, that was a bit too much,' thinks Conan, 'Act more like a kid'

"May I see her?" asks Conan with as much childlike charm he can muster. "Please?"

The doctor is a little taken aback by the quick change, but he takes Conan into the next room. Still playing the part of a kid, Conan drags a chair over to the side of the bed and climbs up, sliding his hand into hers. "I'll stay here with her 'til she wakes up. I want to thank her." 'And find out how she got to me so fast.'

"I suppose it's OK, just don't disturb her but call me when she wakes up, promise."

"Eh," Conan says quietly, nodding up at the doctor before turning his gaze back to the girl as the doctor leaves the room.

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