Chapter 3

After a cab ride that seemed to take forever, Ran and her dad finally reach the hospital. Ran runs right in and asks for Conan's room when she hears a familiar voice. Looking over, she sees Inspector Megure speaking with Takagi down the hall. Unable to make out what they are saying, she heads over just when Sato comes out of the room.

"Well?" Megure asks Sato, and when she shakes her head, "So no change."

Ran feels her dad put his hand on her shoulder, "Conan, please be ok." Rushing forward, she bursts in the room, dodging past Megure and the others.


"Uh, Ran-neechan."

Ran stops short, seeing Conan, not lying on a bed as she had feared, but sitting next to it, hold the hand of a girl that looks about her age. Her dad marches past her and stands beside Conan, raising his fist to bring down on the top of his head.


"Wait, Mouri-kun."

"Megure-keibu. What happened? We got a call that said Conan was brought in, and then the news said something about a hit and run…I…"

Ran's voice trails off as Conan quietly sighs.

"She ran out into the street and grabbed me from behind. I'm not sure what happened until we landed on the sidewalk, but she had hit her head on the pole and has been unconscious since.

"If it's just a hit-and-run, why are you here?" Mouri asks, fist still hovering over Conan's head.

"Because thanks to a videotape provided by some tourists who were nearby, we don't believe it was, as you say, 'just a hit-and-run'." Megure says, nodding to Takagi.

Takagi steps forward, flips open his notebook and reads from it.

"Upon arriving at the scene I heard my name; looking in that direction, I saw the ambulance pull away and a man standing by the corner with a cell phone in his hand. I approached him, while Sato-san spoke to a group walking toward the man. He said he wasn't the one who called out but he had seen what happened. He said a car had pulled out suddenly and headed straight for the intersection on the wrong side of the road. A young boy - Conan-kun - was halfway across when the girl ran into the street and grabbed him. The car sideswiped her, sending both to the ground. He said the car turned right, hugging the curb, and never even hit the brakes. He approached the two and found the boy pinned under the girl so he helped him up. He said the boy touched the girl's neck and made a call, but after his phone apparently died, the boy, quote, 'ordered me to call the police and tell them everything I could think of.' In the meantime, his wife, who had taken the video camera he had been using, had told Sato-san that she thought her husband might have gotten some on film."

"In fact, he had caught quite a bit," Sato adds. "From before the car pulls out to right after it flees. It also seems that the car actually swerved just prior to impact."

"Well, that's good," interrupts Mouri, "that means they tried to avoid it, even though they fled the scene."

"If that were the case," Sato continues, "we would have turned it over to the traffic division."

"Wait, so…" Ran looks from Sato to Takagi, not daring to believe what she is hearing.

"The car swerved toward the two of them." Megure put in. "They would have both been out of the way and unharmed otherwise."

"But…why?" Ran asked, fearing the answer.

"We haven't established a motive," Megure says before glancing over at Conan, who appears to be more interested in the girl than the conversation. Despite this, he drops his voice a little as he continues, "but it's possible that it has to do with revenge."

"WHAT?‼" Mouri yells.

The door opens and a nurse walks in. She frowns at the group and tells them to leave the room so as not to disturb the patients. Once everyone steps outside, Ran taking one last look at Conan, still next to the bed, and closes the door, Megure continues.

"Nothing definite yet, but since the video shows that the driver was intentionally trying to hit them, we have to look into that possibility. We are checking on all criminals that you have helped convict, as well as those that Conan and his friends have done on their own."

"Could this really be related to one of dad's cases?"

"While we've confirmed that the most threatening suspects are still behind bars, we are also looking into the possibility of family members that might be holding a grudge..."

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