Hello everyone! It has been so long! I was rereading my story to refresh my memory and I found too many flaws, so I am going to remake it. The storyline will be the same, just longer chapters. Thanks to all my reviewers who kept reviewing even though I haven't written in such a long time. Hearts to all of you! (not Ran though. She's Amu's. XDD)

Characters: Amu, Ikuto, Nagihiko, Utau, Tadase (not Tadagay), Rima, Yaya, Kairi, and all the shugo charas. A new character will be added. Kisangi who most of you should know by now

One morning, Tadase decided to come to the Royal Garden early to prepare and organize files for the upcoming meeting. When he arrived, he saw a slip of paper folded in half. He opened it and as he read, his eyes clouded over with shock and pain. Throwing it down, he raced to find the other Guardians, with Kiseki trailing behind confused.

Sorry meena.

I had to leave for personal reasons.

I won't be back, ever. I'm sorry for not telling you, but I had no choice. However, I did not leave with ends untied. I have left a recommendation for the Joker position, Kairi. Although he will not be able to fulfill all of my past duties, I know he will do his best and help all of your Guardians with everything else.

No one knows where I'm going, even my parents. Tell them I love them, and I wouldn't have left if it wasn't important. But this is important to me.

Don't look for me. Please. I would rather have the memories of our happy times than anything else. I love you all. Thank you.


-Hinamori Amu

When the rest of the Guardians read Amu's letter, they were in shock. Rima just refused to believe that Amu would leave without giving a reason, and especially without telling her friends. However, even though she tried to convince herself, tears were dripping down her face, silently and quickly. Yaya collapsed in a chair. She stared into space, which was enough to show how worried she was. Usually she would be crying and jumping up and down in denial, but Yaya was too shocked, confused, and depressed to worry about making noise. Tadase looked at the letter, as if expecting it to suddenly say, "just kidding." Nagihiko glared at Tadase.

"Tadase. Are you sure that she wrote that? That you aren't pulling a joke on us?" growled Nagihiko, his voice angry, but his eyes dead. Rima and Yaya looked up hopefully.

"No. I…" began Tadase.

"You commoners! How could you think so low of a king? Would a king do such a petty trick like that?" yelled Kiseki, in defense of Tadase. Nagihiko merely nodded, as if he had just wanted a confirmation. Rima and Yaya merely looked down again, as if all hope in the world had gone out, which it had for them. Kusu Kusu and Pepe tried to cheer up their masters.

"Rima! Don't worry! Amu probably went somewhere like that…market! She's probably playing a joke on all of us!" attempted Kusu Kusu.

"Hai desu!" seconded Pepe.

"No. Amu is not the type of girl to do something as cruel as that. However, we should try finding her…"

"Yo! What's up?" shouted a familiar voice.

"Hello Souma-kun."

"Kukai! Amu-chii is gone!" Kukai looked at them blankly, and then started laughing.

"HAHAHA! You guys are kidding right? Just playing a joke?" he stared at them with amusement in his eyes. Finally he realized that they weren't laughing, that they were as solemn as before. "You guys…aren't kidding? Hinamori Amu, OUR Hinamori…left? W-why?"

"We don't know. There's nothing in this message that tells us anything," explained Tadase as he handed Kukai the letter. Kukai scanned the message and then started staring blankly into space.

"Anyways, we have to find Amu! We have to! There has to be a better reason why she would leave!" continued Nagihiko.



"No. We cannot follow Amu. Not yet. Let us give her time. She asked for that, begged. This is her wish, and I suggest we honor it. We can find her eventually. But for now…no," concluded Rima, still trying to fight tears. There was silence that followed her comment.

"I second that."



"Like Mashiro said. We have to leave her alone for awhile. That's what she wants. But someone should tell Kairi. Come on Yaya. Let's cheer up with some ice cream."

"ICE CREAM!" screamed Yaya as she ran out the door. Kukai followed, smiling, but had worry written all across his face. Nagihiko picked up his bag and left to go home, as did Rima. Kusu Kusu tried the Weird Face gag, but to no avail. Rima wouldn't laugh, or look at her. Tadase merely stared at the message again, and then called Kairi.

"Inchou? We have a problem. Hinamori-san has…left."

Ikuto POV's

I wandered the alleyways with Yoru floating beside me. I had just finished another meeting with Gozen, and as usual, he was ordering me to find the embryo for our master. Tch. And I haven't even met him yet. Oh well, now that the boring stuff is over with, what should I do now? Visit Utau? No, it's too dangerous for her. If Easter sees me with her…who knows what will happen. Amu's house? What for..hm…I need an excuse. While I was contemplating, I noticed the Kiddy King Tadase walking home. Looks like dinner came to me tonight. I chuckled to myself and chara changed with Yoru who looked forward to teasing Kiseki as well.

"Yo, Kiddy King." Tadase jumped, and looked in my direction. I flinched mentally. He looked ghastly ill. His eyes were dead, as if he could expect nothing more to come out of life.

"Hello. Tsukiyomi-san. Good-bye." He turned to leave. Irritated, I turned him to face me again and asked what was going on. "Nothing," he replied.

"Bullshit. I want an explanation. Did something happen to Amu?" I questioned.

"Nothing," he repeated. Walking away, he called, "And even if something did happen, what would you do about it?"

Normal POV

The next day at school, the guardians had yet another meeting, but with a surprise visitor.

"Inchou!" cried Yaya.

"Koniichiwa," greeted Nagihiko. Rima said nothing.

"Musashi-san! How have you been?" asked the shugo charas.

"Has Amu still not contacted you?" asked Kairi right off the bat. If it was possible, the mood dropped even more.


"I asked my sister to see if she knew anything, since Amu and Utau do talk sometimes, but she never heard anything. Neither did Utau. But I do have some ideas. Since she's going on her own, and obviously wants to stay hidden, she'd probably stay in a city like Osaka or Kobe."

Rima stood up suddenly causing her chair to fall down. Tears streamed down her face and she yelled, "I said no! We should leave her alone! She said there was a reason she left us! Let's look for her later! Maybe she'll come back by then!" Rima ran out of the Royal Garden and Nagihiko chased after her. Yaya left as well, but Kairi and Tadase stayed behind to discuss anyways.

Ikuto's POV

So Amu left. I had eavesdropped on the guardian meeting, and had heard everything. Including the part of the samurai-boy's deductions. Why would Amu leave? I waited for all the guardians to leave to snoop around.

When they finally did, I jumped in through the window and found a letter on the table, as if waiting for me. I quickly read it in the moonlight. I felt sorely tempted to crumple it, but I left it on the table again and jumped out of the Royal Garden, as they called it. As I walked in the streets, I began to wonder why Amu would leave and not tell the reason why, even to her parents. Perhaps I should go look for her I mused. But who knows where she is. Yoru trailed behind thinking, Where is Miki?

Six Years Later…

"Congratulations to our new graduates of Seiyo High!"

Hats were thrown in the air as people were congratulated and crying since high school was now over. However, as soon as the ceremony had ended, Tadase, Rima,Yaya, Kukai, Nagihiko, and Kairi went inside the Royal Garden. (A/N: This is probably a bad time to mention this, but for this fanfic, they're all the same age, except Kukai, Utau and Ikuto. This is now the graduation for the rest). This would probably be the last time, before they set on their trip to find Amu. They had suffered for six years, quietly. People around them had noticed, and kept their distance. The group was revered still, but no one had actually tried to become their friend. Hinamori Amu was a touchy subject to bring up and no one wanted to face the wrath of the Guardians at the beginning. Starting as soon as they could, the group saved up their money however they could-jobs, chores, whatever. Their plans were that when high school was over, they would find Amu by going all over Japan first. They had enough money for that at least. Their shugo charas had still remained with them, since they had not changed much, except their continuous agony over Amu's good-bye.

Over the years, all of them had matured. Their looks were as beautiful as ever, but everyone had grown up mentally as well. Amu's desertion had left a huge hole in their hearts, and the continuous rate of X-eggs brought back memories.

"Ready everyone?" asked Tadase.


"Then let's…"


"Eru! Iru! Utau and…Tsukiyomi-san?" gasped the past-Guardians.

"We want to go with you," stated Utau plainly. "I have enough money to last us several trips around the world."

"But what about your career?" asked Kukai?

"It can wait. I already explained to Sanjou-san. She agreed since all we're doing for the next month or so is advertising for a huge concert coming up."

"Why are you coming, you thieving cat?" asked Tadase with a glare.

"Still with the insults, Kiddy King?" smirked Ikuto. "Anyways. Easter believes it's closer to finding the embryo with the technology. I have struck a bargain with Gozen for a month. Let's just call this a…well-earned vacation."

"No! We don't need your help! Amu…" started Rima.

"Mashiro-san. We DO need his help. A bigger group will increase the chances of finding the Joker. Also, the funding will be handy, since we never know what might happen," concluded Kairi.

"Fine," said Rima. She looked up at Ikuto glaring. "If anything happens because of you, and we cannot find Amu, I will make you regret your decision." Ikuto shrugged nonchalantly.

"Well it's settled then. Inchou, we're going to Osaka first, right?" asked Nagihiko.

"Yes. It's a well-populated city, easy to hide in. Amu might be attracted to that city."

And with that, they left for the airport with their baggage to find Amu after six years.