Chapter 4
Month later
Sara enters the apartment shaking her head "Faith" she mutters turning on the light. She makes her way down the hallway frowning when she notices the doorframe of Faith's door is cracked. "Faith" she calls her heart plummeting in apprehension as she enters the teen's room. She notices a piece of paper hanging on the wall with a hunting knife. Carefully she moves closer to find that the paper has a sketch of a Dragon. "Faith" she calls hurrying through the apartment

"Mr Nottingham" a nervous voice says

Ian looks up from the computer screen to find one of the secretaries standing in the doorway "Yes?"

"This was just dropped off for you downstairs sir" she says walking over to the desk she hands him a large envelope

Ian nods "Thanks you." as the door closes he starts to open the envelope when his cell rings. He grabs it "yes?"

"Ian Faith's gone" Sara says panicked

"What do you mean gone?"

"As in she's not in bed. Its 10AM on a non-school day and she's gone. Ian someone took her."

Ian frowns "What do you mean someone took her?"

"I found a sketch of a Dragon pinned to the wall over her bed with a hunting knife"

Ian looks at the envelope in his hands. He turns it over to find a small black stamp of a Dragon on the back. He opens the envelope removing a couple pictures 'Faith' he inhales sharply at the pictures of Faith dressed in her pajamas asleep on a cot. "Sara I'll be right over"

"Hurry" she pleads hanging up the phone. She picks up Faith's pillow hugging it "Faith baby where are you?"

20 mins later
"Sara" Ian calls entering the apartment he stops when he finds Sara on the couch silently crying. "Sara?" he crouches before her

Sara looks at him "No one's seen her since last night. Not even Zan and always knows where she is."

Ian kisses her forehead "I'll be right back" he stands making his way to Faith's room. He stands beside the bed staring at the picture he removes the knife looking at the sketch carefully.

"Ian?" Sara says from the doorway. She joins him "Where is she Ian?"

Ian looks at her "This was brought to me just before you called." he removes the envelope from his inner pocket handing it to Sara.

Sara sits on the edge of the bed opening the envelope to find pictures of Faith obviously drugged. "Oh God" she looks at Ian "Who has her?"

"Mobius I believe" he looks at the paper in his hand "unless he taught someone his mark"


"We were given dog tags with unique dragons on them. That is Mobius's dragon."

"Where is she Ian?" Sara asks staring at the picture of Faith.

"I don't know Sara but I will find her." he promises hugging her he kisses her temple

"Why take Faith?"

Ian's about to respond when his cell phone rings. He releases Sara taking it out of his pocket "Yes?" he says in greeting

"Sara is quite beautiful Ian"

"Mobius where is Faith?" Ian demands

"Relax brother. Don't want to upset the lovely Detective anymore"

"Where's Faith?" Ian asks again going to the window

"She's fine... resting"

Ian sighs "What do you want Mobius?"

"Soon my friend" Mobius assures "Oh and Nottingham?"


"Your daughter looks a lot like you" Mobius says hanging up

Ian closes his phone putting it in his pocket

"Ian is she OK?" Sara asks worried

"She's fine"

"Will he hurt her?"

"No" Ian goes over crouching before her he takes her hand "Sara trust me I'll get her back."

"I know" Sara whispers

"Why don't you go grab some clothes for you and for Faith and you can stay at the mansion until this is taken care of."


"I'm not leaving you here alone" he caresses her cheek

At his pleading look Sara nods standing

"Hey" Faith yells pounding on the door "let me out" she steps back watching the door open. She watches the tall black man dressed in commando clothes warily "Who are you? Where's my Mom?"

"Your mother is fine"

"Who the hell are you?" she demands her hands going to her hips

"Would you like some food?"

Faith glares at him "What do you want with me man?"

"Someones help. I won't hurt you... we're almost family."

"What do you mean?"

"You'll see" Mobius says "if you need anything call." he walks out of the room closing and locking the door behind him.

Faith sighs flopping on the bed

Irons Mansion
"Mobius is back sir" Ian says standing before Irons desk beside Sara

"How do you know?"

"He broke in and took Faith." Sara answers

Irons stands "Why would Mobius be interested in your daughter" he muses thoughtfully "there must be a reason." he looks at Ian and Sara "Most likely because you and your daughter are less protected so he saw an easy target."

"Easy target" Sara says drily "you have no idea how bad Faith's temper can get."

"Ian will search for Mobius and your daughter. Ian why don't you show Sara to one of the guest rooms so she can get some rest"

"I'm fine"

"You need to sleep. You've worked to straight shifts"

Sensing the rising argument Irons steps away from the desk "I will be at the office. I have some meetings to attend."

As Irons leaves the study Sara looks at Ian "What now?"

"Sara you should get some rest. Mobius will let us know his plans when he's ready."

"Ready for what?"

"To start the game" he says calmly

"Game?! He's using Faith as a pawn in a game?!" she says angrily

Ian nods reluctantly "He won't hurt her."

"How do you know that Ian? How long has it been since you've seen him?"

"I haven't seen him since the Dragons were disbanded" Ian admits

"How do you know that he and the others won't hurt her?"

Ian looks down "Mobius and I are the only ones left"

"What happened to the others?" she asks hesitantly

Ian glances at her "I killed them."

"Just get her back"

"I will" he assures

Sara sinks to the floor beside the couch pulling her knees to her chest tears fall her lower lip trembling. She closes her eyes

Ian crouches before her reaching out with his gloved hand he wipes away her tears "Don't cry Sara. It'll be OK"

Sara opens her eyes looking at him seeing the concern and love in his deep brown eyes. "Just find our baby Ian." she sniffles

Ian nods "I will" he leans forward kissing her forehead "I'll bring her home."

Faith looks up as the door opens

Mobius enters carrying a bag of food "I brought you some lunch." he sets it on the bedside table

"I want to talk to my Mom" Faith demands

"Later" he replies going to the door

"Mom's going to be pissed at you. Trust me man you don't want to see that."

That evening: Irons Mansion
Kenneth looks up from his meal as Ian enters the diningroom "How is the lovely Miss Pezzini?"

"Sleeping" Ian answers "she should sleep for a few more hours"

"You drugged her" Irons says amused

Ian shrugs "She needed the rest"

"She won't be happy when she wakes up young Nottingham"

"She'll get over it."

"Has Mobius contacted you?"

"Not yet. Do you need me for anything? I'd like to check out a few leads on Mobi before she wakes."

"Go" Irons waves off

Ian nods turning on his heel he strides out of the diningroom

Couple Hours later
Ian crouches in the corner of the dimly lit guest room his eyes on the restless figure in the bed. Gracefully he stands going to the bedside he settles on the floor taking Sara's hand.

At the familiar touch Sara slowly awakens. She opens her eyes to see Ian on the floor beside the bed. "Ian" she gives him a sleepy smile

Ian brings her hand to his lips "Sara"

"You drugged me"

Ian gives her a sheepish look "You needed the sleep"

Sara sighs at his boyish look. She tugs on his hand "Hold me?" she requests

Ian removes his boots settling beside her on the bed he wraps his arms around her as she rests her head on his shoulder. He kisses the top of her head

"For the first few days after Faith was born I didn't sleep. Not because of the whole newborn issues but because I liked to watch her sleep." she sighs "She slept in my room for the first few months. Sometimes when I couldn't sleep I'd just watch her sleep. She was such a good baby... rarely cried unless she was hungry or needed to be changed or just wanted some attention.

As she got older she was funny about naptime. I'd be studying and in she'd toddle clutching her stuffed bear and blanket. If I didn't acknowledge her right away she's stomp her little foot and say loudly 'Mama Auntie say sleepy time.' she'd march over to my bed and crawl under the covers. If I protested she'd scream at the top of her lungs and my Aunt would always come in giving me this look... I swear that look could freeze ice." she chuckles "My Aunt was very stern about me spending naptime afterschool with Faith. Up until I was 18 she'd ground me for not spending that time with Faith." she looks at Ian "As much as she can try my patience she's still the most important person in my life."

Ian cups her cheek "I'll bring her back to you Sara. I swear"

Sara touches his face "I know you will." she kisses him lightly

"Sara" he says hesitantly. After a second he kisses her in return

Kenneth clenches his jaw his eyes locked on the TV monitor watching as his right-hand man makes love to the Detective. 'Interesting.' "Looks as though you have been keeping a secret from me young Nottingham."