Excerpt from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Chapter 36 by J. K. Rowling

Voldemort was dead, killed by his own rebounding curse, and Harry stood with two wands in his hand, staring down at his enemy's shell.

One shivering second of silence, the shock of the moment suspended: and then tumult broke around Harry as the screams and the cheers and the roars of the watchers rent the air. The fierce new sun dazzled the windows as they thundered toward him, and

End excerpt

then just before they reached him Harry disappeared in a flash of flames. Everyone stopped; silence again reigned in the Great Hall.

Harry noticed his friends running toward him then they all disappeared behind flames. As quick as the flames appeared they ended. Harry looked around it looked like he was at Hogwarts, the lake was in front of him, the mountains still surrounded him but the building was gone as where his friends. The only thing familiar was Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix sitting on a rock to his right.

Looking at Fawkes, Harry was speechless, he had no idea what had just happened. Then he heard a voice, "Are you hurt?" He looked around and didn't see the source of the voice, again it asked "Are you hurt?"

Harry looked around and asked "Who is speaking, show yourself".

The voice said "I'm right behind you."

Harry turned around and only saw Fawkes sitting on the rock; he said "Fawkes, are you speaking to me?"


Harry stumbled a bit then sat hard on the ground just staring at the Phoenix. Fawkes asked again "Are you hurt?"

Harry shook his head and looked around again. "Are we still at Hogwarts, what happened to the school, and my friends, am I going crazy?"

Fawkes said, "Sort of, it's still where it was, so are they, and no."

Harry thought on that for a minute then asked "How are you speaking to me and what is going on?"

"Be patient and I will answer all your questions, " Fawkes said, "I am speaking directly to your mind, just like I talked to Albus. We are physically in the same place as your Hogwarts. But we are not at your Hogwarts. This is a parallel universe to your own. I brought you here because you have a job to do. The school is not in this location in this universe, but we will get to it eventually. Harry Potter was not born here, your parents were not married and Tom Riddle was not stopped. I have brought you here to defeat Tom again. You are sixteen again its spring of 1997 here; we have about three months to get you into Hogwarts with no background, and no way to prove your education. We need to come up with a plausible identity and name. When Tom is defeated I can take you home. I can't flash you back and forth you only get one trip in and one trip out and no one else can come help you, they all have duplicates here and we could not explain why we suddenly have two Ginny Weasleys."

"How can I suddenly hear you, I couldn't before. " Harry asked.

"I had no reason to speak to you before." Fawkes answered. Harry lay back on the grass thinking through all that Fawkes had said. The only way to get back to Ginny was to defeat Tom again. He began to wonder how much this Voldemort, this world was like and unlike his own.

Harry was starting to fall asleep from the exhaustion of the last forty eight hours when Fawkes spoke again, "We need to get you to a safe place. Sleeping out in the open is not safe here. I will flash you to Hogsmeade, it's near the school here too but neither of them is in this location." Fawkes flew up hovering over Harry, he touched Fawkes foot and they flashed away.

They reappeared on a small road and Fawkes said "It's about a quarter mile ahead, you will have to go on your own because I don't want to be seen yet. Work on your cover story on the way that will keep you awake." Then Fawkes flashed away.

Harry thought as he walked. I need to keep this as close to the truth as possible as he came up with an idea he repeated it in his head to memorize it. I'm on my own because my parents were killed by a dark wizard when I was four. I don't know why he was trying to kill us, I was never told.

I was playing in the living room when a man came in. He killed my parents and turned to me, I was so scared that in a bout of accidental magic I apparated to my Godfather's House. I scared Harry, my Godfather so bad he almost cursed me. Luckily he had several friends over so help was immediately available.

He left me with one friend and then the rest of the group went back to my house to help my parents. By the time they got there the house was burning. They put out the flames and found my parents bodies. He decided to hide me; he raised me and schooled me at home thinking it wasn't safe for me in public. Recently he had to go help a friend, I stayed at home for a week, he had never been gone that long and I finally left to find him. What I found was the friend he went to help and a grave. I wasn't sure who to trust, I didn't know his friend and I didn't want to be caught by the dark wizards so I disappeared before his friend could take me anywhere. I don't really know what all is going on around here because the radio was our only source of outside information and he never let me listen to the news. Once in a while an alert would interrupt a song and I would hear it. But Harry would always say I was too young to understand and send me to bed.

I can clean pretty well the muggle way but my cleaning spells could use some work. That's ok because, I'm sixteen here so they won't want me doing magic outside school until July. I'll try for work at the Three Broomsticks and the Hogs Head or whatever they'll be called here. Now for a name, using Harry as my Godfathers name will cover in case I react to it. I can't use a name I know because they may be alive here. I don't want to anagram anything because that's what Voldemort did. I guess using parts of people's names would work. Evan from my Mom and James from my Dad, I could be Evan Jameson. Harry smiled to himself, satisfied with his cover story. It was a bit detailed but he didn't have to let it all out at once. He could let little bits and pieces slip as he worked with people so they could get to know him slowly. Nobody gave their full story up front anyway. He could start with his last remaining family had died recently and needed to get a job to care for himself. Neither bar would care if he had any training or not, but if he needed to use magic he was covered.

By this time Harry had reached the village. It looked similar to his own Hogsmeade, just changes for the different lay of the land. The Hogs Head was first, he was so tired he stumbled into the bar. Aberforth Dumbledore looked up as a he came up to the bar.

Harry introduced himself as Even Jameson and asked for a job, a place to stay and some food. He laid his head on the bar while he was waiting for an answer and was almost asleep before he heard the reply. "I think a bit of a kip first we'll talk about the rest later." Abe said. Then he led Harry to a back room and showed him a bed. Harry collapsed on the bed and was asleep within seconds.

Abe took the time to floo his brother about the mysterious boy who just showed up, concerned because the lad looked school aged. Albus said "I don't have an Evan Jameson at the school, I can check some of the others but are you sure he isn't just a wayward muggle lost and confused?"

"No way," Abe replied, "his magic radiates off him like I have never felt before. This is a wizard and a strong one at that." Abe closed the floo connection after getting Albus' promise to come take a look at the boy and then he went back to tend to his bar. It would do no good to leave his bar vulnerable and that boy wouldn't stir for at least ten hours he was sure.

It was, in fact, more than fourteen hours before Harry stirred again. Abe had closed his bar, gotten his sleep and was making breakfast when Harry started moaning and thrashing around in his sleep. Abe had just started toward him to wake him up when the boy sat up yelling "Noooo." Abe tried to make his voice as soft as possible when he said "It's all right, your safe here, no one's gonna hurt you." Harry grabbed his glasses and looked at Abe trying to remember how he got to the Hogs Head.

Fawkes flashed into the room and reminded Harry, "Parallel universe, you chose Even Jameson as your name here." Harry nodded to the bird then smiled at Abe "Sorry, nightmare."

Abe nodded and said "Breakfast in five minutes, bathroom is through that door."

Harry nodded and stepped into the bathroom. He washed up and then conjured a toothbrush and soon was out the door again, "I don't have any money to pay you for the bed or breakfast but I can work off what I own you today."

"I won't charge you for either of those, don't worry about it. But if you're staying in the area for a bit I could use a hand around the bar in the evenings. I can pay a little plus room and board. Is that a phoenix?" Abe asked.

Harry looked at Fawkes who said in Harry's mind, "Tell him my name and that I came to you, I am not with Albus here."

So as Harry ate breakfast he said, "Yes, he's a phoenix, his name is Fawkes, he just came to me one day and has stuck around ever since."