When Harry woke up three hours later he found Ron, Hermione and Ginny by his bed. Before anyone could say anything Harry smiled and went back to sleep. Harry had made it back just in time for breakfast on the one year Celebration/Remembrance day. Festivities were to start at noon with a feast and run the rest of the day. Madam Pomfrey had informed the Headmistress that Harry was too badly injured to attend the party even if he did wake up, which she doubted would happen. She wasn't even sure how he made it through the travels he must have done. The next time Harry woke up it was dark and he had even more visitors. The rest of the Weasleys, Neville and Luna were also there.

This time he was able to speak, "I've missed you guys, and you aren't going to believe what happened."

Before he got a reply he was back asleep. The next time he opened his eyes it was morning again.

"Hey, are you going to stay awake enough for a conversation or are you going back to sleep again?" Ginny softly asked. Harry smiled but before he could say anything his stomach gave a loud rumble. Ginny grinned, "Food first, conversation later."

She left to inform Madam Pomfrey that her patient was awake. Harry was a bit confused; he thought he was back home but it may have been a dream he was going to have to check.

When Madam Pomfrey came to check on him he asked, "What was my first injury at school?"

"Harry I've seen you so much in the last eight years I just can't keep that straight." She replied.

Harry laughed weakly and said, "That's ok, I just wanted to make sure I made it to the right place."

Madam Pomfrey gave him a confused look and asked, "Where else would you be?"

"Good question." Harry said. Ginny walked back up and took a hold of Harry's hand and smiled, Harry returned the smile and squeezed her hand lightly. He looked thoughtfully at Ginny and said, "I don't remember seeing Bill or Fleur, everything alright?"

"They're in St. Mungo's." Ginny grinned, "Shortly after you arrived so did Victoire, Bill and Fleur's daughter."

"You didn't go see them?" Harry asked.

"They wouldn't let us leave school. I'll see her this weekend." Ginny grimaced, she then left to get some food and Madam Pomfrey continued with Harry's check up.

After several minutes the healer said, "Well all your injuries are on their way to healing. I don't think I want to know how you got them. You are exhausted and need more rest. So no more disappearing acts any time soon ok?"

Harry agreed. Ginny returned with food and he ate breakfast. It wasn't long before more of the Weasleys show up and started asking questions. Ginny tried to nicely tell them to be quiet until Harry could eat. She tried several times and then her patients ran out. Percy was the next to open his mouth and when he did she hit him with the Bat-Bogey Hex. When enough time had passed she lifted the hex and said, "Anyone have any questions?" She paused and no one uttered a word, "Good."

Harry was grinning madly he reach forward and hugged Ginny and gave her a peck on the cheek, "I'm so glad you're on my side. I hope I never make you mad." Every Weasley present laughed and Ginny blushed but was pleased with what Harry said.

Just then Neville walked in and said, "Hey you're awake are we getting an explanation now?"

Ginny went to raise her wand but Harry stopped her saying, "Soon Nev, I need a favor from you first." Neville just looked at him ready for the asking, "I need you to go to the Room of Requirement and get it ready. There will be a large group of people and probably a bed for me. We need a comfortable area for talking and another area for a demonstration I want to give. Can you get that by one o'clock today?"

Neville grinned this he could take care of, "Sure no problem, any idea on how many people?"

Harry thought for a minute, "All the Weasley's, you and Luna, Professor McGonagall and Minister Shacklebolt and anyone they think is necessary. Can you get all that ready?"

"I'll go get Kingsley, Molly will you get with Minerva." Arthur suggested and Molly nodded in agreement, "Then we can both let Neville know how many to plan for. How soon do you need to know the number?"

"I'll need about ten minutes to get the room set up I think." Neville said.

Each of those with a job left to do it and Harry lay down to rest. During his rest Molly spoke with Minerva McGonagall, "He is ready to tell us so whom do you think needs to be there?"

"I think only myself if any other staff needs to know I will tell them." Minerva said.

At the same time Arthur was reaching the Ministry. Kingsley was giving a speech; Arthur made his way up to the podium and was waiting on the side for the Minister to finish. Kingsley noticed him and Arthur touched his watch and the held up one finger. Knowing the man had been spending time at Hogwarts due to Harry's return the Minister quickly understood they were meeting with or concerning Harry at one o'clock.

Kingsley wrapped up his speech quicker than he had planned and stepped over to Arthur, "About him or with him?"

"With." Arthur said, "Anyone you want with you, my family will be there as will Minerva."

Kingsley shook his head and started toward his office to clear the calendar for the rest of the day. He wasn't sure how but he knew the rest of his day would be at Hogwarts.

Madam Pomfrey was coming in with Harry's lunch when she heard him say, "Neville, before you go, I thought of one more thing for the room, I need a large bird perch." No explanation followed the group leaving the Hospital. Madam Pomfrey dropped off his lunch and went back to her office.

Harry had Ginny by his side since he woke up, but he had also had a large group of people. This was the first time he was alone with her. He stumbled a bit before he said, "I don't have a clue what you've been doing this last two years but I want you to know that though everything I thought of you every day. I've miss you tremendously and I want us to get back together if you're willing. You don't have to answer right away, think about it if you need."

"I will think about it." She thought about how she had been sitting here holding his hand since he had returned. Somehow he was still unsure of her feelings. She thought about how much she missed him and how hard she fought against those who thought he was dead. She knew she wanted him; the only thing holding her back was fear. Fear that he didn't love her as much as she loved him, fear that she wasn't good enough, fear of what had happened and fear of what was to come. But worst was the fear that he would reject her when he learned that she was afraid.

At twelve thirty Madam Pomfrey, Ginny and Harry left the hospital. It took him thirty minutes but he was at the Room of Requirement by one o'clock. Harry was glad to see that McGonagall and Shacklebolt hadn't brought any extra people, although Charlie and Ron carried Dumbledore's portrait between them. Neville opened the door and all entered and sat. When all seats, except the perch, were filled Harry said in a tentative questioning voice, "Fawkes?"

They waited a few seconds and then the Phoenix flashed into the room and settled onto the perch. Harry smiled and said, "I wasn't sure if you would come back."

"I may not always be able to come when you call but I will try." Fawkes thought, "Besides, I really I want to know what Albus thinks and how they react to this. You may also want to check the Minister's pockets he seems to have a stow away you know."

Harry nodded, "Hermione, Fawkes said that we have an extra guest. Prepare that one a place will you." He pointed his wand at the Minister and said "Accio Rita." A black beetle came flying out the pocket in Kingsley's jacket. Hermione caught it in the jar and screwed on the lid.

Hermione smiled, "It is shatter proof and soon it will be sound proof. If you hadn't done the Dumbledore book we'd probably let you off." She handed the jar to Kingsley, "This is Rita Skeeter an unregistered animagus."

Kingsley smiled looking in the jar, "How long have you all known?"

"Since the end of the Tri-Wizard tournament." Harry said, "You remember Rita took a year off writing right after. It was because she had a long vacation in Hermione's jar and was only release when she promised to only print the truth. We told her if she ever lied again we would turn her over. So there you are. We didn't say anything before because no one would have believed us."

"Blackmail?" Kingsley asked. Hermione shrugged and put the silencing charm on the jar and the Minister put it in his pocket.

Harry smiled and started his story, "Ron did you and Hermione tell them about our hunt?"

"No they wouldn't tell us anything." Kingsley answered for him, "All they said was it was your story and you needed to tell it they were just tag alongs."

"You guys were hardly tag alongs." Harry frowned at them, "I would never have lived through it without you."

Harry then proceeded to tell the whole story. He started with the end of his fifth year and what exactly the prophecy said. He went through the private lessons he had with Dumbledore and the Professors death. Next was the hunt and battle then he started in on the last year. He told them everything he could think of and when he got to his animagus transformation McGonagall wanted a demonstration.

Harry stayed in his bed and transfigured into his Phoenix form. McGonagall was delighted and Harry said, "You registered me as an animagus in the other ministry so I don't know how or what to do here."

When he got to the part about finding that he could imitate any animal he demonstrated without even being asked. This time he picked a lion. When he changed back he said to McGonagall, "I was only registered as a Phoenix. I didn't tell the other you about my other animals you didn't find out until everyone else did and I didn't stick around long enough to find out what your thought."

The Headmistress was too stunned to speak so Harry finished his story; he even included his chat with Fred and George before the battle. Most had tears in their eyes when he finished but not Charlie, he asked, "Can we see your dragon?"

"Yes, that's why I had Neville make this other area." Charlie helped Harry climb out of his bed and to the center of the open area. Once Charlie stepped away Harry changed then lay down on the floor.

Charlie came over and started examining him. He would ask Harry to move an arm or something then when he was satisfied he asked, "Fire?"

Harry turned away and let loose a short burst of fire from his mouth. Then he turned back and decided to show how he could still control magic. He pointed one claw towards Charlie and slowly pointed up and it lifted him off the ground. He then made a slow circle with the claw and let it down; Charlie spun head over heels in slow motion and then was set on his feet.

Harry changed back and Charlie helped him back to his bed. That transformation always left him a little tired. When he was settled Ginny came over and sat by him and held his hand. She leaned over to his ear and whispered, "Yes."

Harry knew she was agreeing to get back together with him so he turned and smiled at her but before he could say anything Fawkes lifted off his perch an sat with one foot on Harry the other on Ginny. He raised his wings and started to glow and sing. The glow grew until in covered all three then it stopped growing. After a full minute Fawkes flashed away.

Everyone was shocked except for Albus Dumbledore's portrait. He was smiling merrily and waited for the questions to begin. Harry was the first, "Professor what did he just do?"

"Fawkes has bonded you."

"Bonded?" Ginny asked.


Everyone looked at the portrait waiting for an explanation but none was volunteered.

"Professor, what exactly does that mean?" Harry finally asked.

Albus smiled a wide and rather wicked smile, "Well, Fawkes approves of you being together. And he is saying that this will last the test of time."

"Together as how?" Bill asked.

Albus sighed, they weren't catching on he was going to have to explain, Harry and Ginny may not like this, "They love each other. They will eventually get married and have a family. Fawkes has approved. He likes Harry and Ginny together and he knows they will stay together. What we just witnessed is kind of like an engagement bonding or wedding bonding. It is for life."

Harry and Ginny looked at each other and started smiling and said at the same time, "I can live with that." And then they kissed.

Percy found his voice first, "This is so unfair. Our sister finally gets a boyfriend close to home and we can't even give them a hard time about it because a Phoenix approves. "

"Sure we can," George said, "Fawkes won't stop us from teasing them we just can't break them up."

Ron was shaking his head as Bill said, "George is right we can tease them and they can't do anything to stop us."

Charlie rolled his eyes, "Have you guys already forgotten he can turn into a dragon and fry all of us, not to mention that he can still do magic in his animagus form."

"Guys it's not like he's a bad guy or anything." Ron finally said, "I mean can you think of someone who can take care of her better? Or protect her better? Beside's Harry can take some teasing and not fry us, its Ginny that I would be afraid of exploding."