BLOOD+: Heritage


Chapter 1

It was a dark night. It always was. But this night was different. The floor was in blood. Everywhere was. A boy was there. All he can see is a female staring at him with blood on her outfit. It comes closer, and closer, and...

"Yah," Seth woke up,"Am I-oh, it was just a dream."

Seth dragged himself out of bed and went to his daily routine thing like everyone does. He got dressed and was ready to go to school when his mom came downstairs yelling.

"Don't forgot your backpack."

"Thanks, mom." Seth replied. "Heh."

"You are in high school and you're still forget things." she yelled back.

"Let him be, honey." Seth's father called out. "It's natural."

Seth shrugged off the call and stormed off the house. On the way, he picked up a newspaper and read it. It was about Delta 67 substance been compromised in the U.S.A. and taken away by the military and the Red shield is on the move to retrieve it. It also talks about mysterious sightings in Okinawa.

"Always about this stupid chiropteran thing," he muttered. "Give me a break. Ever since it was revealed to the public, all the news you see is this left and right."

Apparently, reading and running was not a good idea. With a groan, he bumped into a young man walking with two young girls.

"Watch it," the young man said. "Don't rush and read."

"Sorry," Seth called. "I am in a hurry, Kai-san."

Again, he stormed off despite the man's protests. He then noticed ahead a figure playing a rather peaceful music with a cello with a small crowd surrounding him.

"That's quite impressive," Seth admitted. He took out some coins and dropped it into the man's cello, which the man recoiled in surprise.

The man placed away his cello and walked before bumping into a middle-aged blonde haired man.

"Hello there," the blonde haired man said. "Old friend."

Eventually, Seth was in the front door of school. He slowly went up the stairs and into his classroom. Everyone, apparently, was there and staring at him.

"You're late," the teacher said. "Go to your seat. It is the third consecutive time."

Seth groaned and moved to his seat.

Midway during the school day, the bell rung to eat lunch and take a break outside. Seth finished his lunch and took a deep breath and sighed.