Chapter 38

The next day...

The helicopter landed near the Red Shield headquarters and Joel was waiting for them to exit.

"Hello Saya," Joel welcomed. "David and the others are in the base. I think you should meet up with them."

"What about Lewis?" saya asked.

"Don't worry," Joel assured. "Lewis is in the hospital wing and he's fine. By the way, Okamura, Mao, and this person named Ritcofen are also here."


"Oy, Saya!" Kai cried out. "You're okay!"

The others smiled. This was a reunion for everyone.

"Hey Mao," saya said. "You feeling okay?"

"Feel tired," Mao replied. "But I'm fine. Don't worry about it."

"vietnam has been destroyed, David," Seth said. "So Diva-"

"Diva can't die that easily," David replied. "But she's probably weakened. So that means you won't be much of a threat for now."

"We will be ready," Van assured. "Now since we're here, how about everyone take a small break."

As everyone chatted, Lindo, Hana, and Razu spied on them while holding down Lulu.

"So that's our cousins," Razu said. "So surprising."

Lulu attempted to talk and make some noise, but the grasp of the three chiropterans prevented her from moving or spreaking. There was nothing she could do to break free.

"Let's greet them," Lindo said.

"Not yet," Razu replied. "When the time is right. Besides, one of our cousins died back there."

"I never knew they would kill each other," Hana commented.

All three dropped Lulu and dissapeared. Lulu quickly got up and rushed to Saya to tell her about the news.

Meanwhile back at Vietnam Ground Zero...

"Hey soldier," a HazMat person cried out. "Check that side!"

Another HazMat person replied and moved to the left. He saw a female corpse on the ground. Curious, he lifted the rock away and yelled others to come. As they arrived, they chattered about it and picked it up. Suddenly, the eyes opened wake and smiled at them, scaring everyone.

"Sister," it said and it laughed.

This is the end of the story, people. I wanted to continue it but something made me stop this. The story has some plotholes and I just plainly think it isn't good as expected. I will make a remake and trust me, it will make more sense =). In the meantime, why don't you go read other fanfic stories of Blood Plus?