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Ordinary Humans

Winry wasn't beside him. Ed frowned and shook off the foggy haze of dreams that still held him captive, abruptly aware of the bed beneath him, the cold air kissing his chest, the faint birdsong drifting in the open window. He raised his head and stared at the empty space beside him without comprehension, left arm still outstretched and distressingly empty and cold.

The wedding ring on his finger, gold dulled to bronze in the predawn light, was the first reminder. The second came in the form of a tiny cooing noise from across the bedroom. Ed grinned lazily when he saw Winry just now laying their newborn son back in his crib. He slid out of bed as quietly as he could and approached, keeping the comforter wrapped firmly around his waist with one hand. No need to traumatize the poor kid.

Winry sighed when he wrapped an arm around her waist and tucked her against him, refusing to take her eyes off the baby. Ed wondered if he should be jealous. Then he caught sight of their son again and decided he could forgive his wife for being a little starry-eyed. The golden-haired infant was already half asleep, swathed head to toe in blankets and tummy full to bursting with Winry's oh-so-delicious breast milk. Which, Ed knew from experience, was far superior to the crap they got from cows. Maybe they should start some kind of business...

He tipped his head toward the new mother and kissed her neck slowly, sensuously. "Wanna transmute another kid?"

Winry sighed again and cast her eyes to the heavens in a silent prayer for patience. "Alchemists..."