iWill Always Love You

Chapter 1: Valentine

Synopsis: We all know that Freddie has been trying to win over Carly since the beginning of the show. Well, this story focuses on the journey of love in the lives of Carly, Freddie, Spencer Sam and other famous iCarly characters. Mostly Creddie though. This fanfic takes place in 2011. Please review.

As Freddie Benson sat at the back of History class, he couldn't imagine how life would be if he ever was to lose Carly. As Mrs. Shafer began explaining something about The Industrial Revolution or something, Freddie couldn't help but stare at Carly at the front row. But he was whisked into reality when she was flirting with her current boyfriend Shane Dawson. He was known to be a bad boy, and had a reputation of hurting people. Freddie never wanted that for his Carly. He made a promise to himself that if that dude was to ever break Carly's heart then he would make sure he would make him pay. He never wanted to see Carly hurt. If she started crying, pretty soon he would start crying and he would want to be the one to comfort her. But he knew that it couldn't be that way. She only saw him as a friend and nothing more. But he couldn't help but wonder what would happen if Carly was his girlfriend. He would go to the ends of the earth to make sure that she was happy. Because seeing Carly unhappy just made him mad. As he stared at the corner of the board he noticed that it was February 14th. Oh my gosh Valentine's Day! Fredward Benson How could you forget to give Carly a gift? Freddie made a mental note to pay Pablo's Floral after school that day. He looked at the clock on the wall. It was almost lunch break.

"O.k. class. Please submit your History papers on the History of sandwiches Monday. And all final payments for the Europe Trip please put them on my desk. I'll see you Friday!" Mrs. Shafer greeted as she and the rest of the students ran out of the classroom to their lunch break.

Outside Ridgeway Middle School the snow was melting, birds were sitting in trees, the sun was out, and three friends were sitting on the steps.

"So you finally convinced your mom to let you go to Europe?' Carly asked as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"Carls, you know my mom can't control me forever. And besides I'm practically 18 now and she has to face the fact that I'm not a kid anymore." Freddie said as he fed one of the birds a piece of his cracker.

"Are you coming with us Sam?" Carly asked while she brushed off a new layer of snow that fell from the roof.

"Nah. Me and Melanie are going to Japan. Our fathers there. He's a millionaire apparently. He owns this big company Puckett Incorporated or something."

Puckett Incorporated was a huge television network. Sam's father Jerome Puckett casted many of America's celebrities and gave them a start. No wonder Sam never saw her father in at least 13 years. Freddie had to admit, he felt sorry for Sam.

"So you coming to Europe right Carls?" Freddie asked while he threw his lunch out in the nearest trash bin.

"Yeah. I'm just so glad that I convinced Spencer to let me go. I finally convinced my dad that I was mature enough to be trusted alone so he convinced Spencer and he had to say yes."

As she finished her sentence the warning bell for classes rang. As the three friends raced inside the warmth of Ridgeway High School. They were determined to get this school day over with. It had been such a long day for them all. Yet again, it was February. Winter always make things sad, depressing, and it seemed to make time move slower.

As soon as Ridgeway was let out for the day, Freddie immediately made has way to Paolo's Florists. He was great friends with Paolo Crustini. He was practically like a long lost father to him. He happened to be a better father compared to the father who left him and his mother when he was only three. He didn't exactly remember what he looked like. Nor did he care. He had been missing for almost half of his life. He didn't have a father who could help him, or a father who he could talk to. Freddie shook the thought of his awful father out of his head.

"Ah Freddie you are here." Paolo greeted from behind the counter. He had grown accustomed to having that teenager around. Freddie would visit as often as he could

"Hey Paolo. What's new?" Freddie said as he looked for those white roses that he knew Carly would love.

"Nothing much. Just getting everything ready. People have been coming in non-stop today. I don't blame them" Paolo said as he took a new bouquet of roses and placed them in a vase.

"Here I need these for Carly." Freddie said handing them to Paolo.

"Of course you do." Paolo said laughing. "How is she anyways?"

"She's doing great." Freddie said as he retrieved the bouquet and paid Paolo.

"Freddie, you know you get those for free right?" Paolo said shoving the money across the counter.

"But Paolo. I'm a customer. I should pay you." Freddie said shoving the money back.

"But you are one of my dearest friends. So, you get them for free." Paolo said as he stuffed the money into his book bag.

"Thank you so much Paolo I owe you big time." Freddie said as he gave the middle aged man a hug.

"Anytime son anytime." Paolo said as he watched Freddie turn the corner running towards the Burshwell Plaza.

The truth was, Paolo was Freddie's biological father. He had left because Marissa apparently was a little too obsessed with his protection and didn't want Paolo coming home drunk every night. She had taken Freddie away from him because he was too violent. If only he could have a chance to show to her and to Freddie that he has since changed. That he isn't the same Paolo that he was a couple of years back. Paolo sighed as he rearranged the flowers behind him. One day he was going to reveal his true identity to Freddie and Marissa. No matter what she did nothing could keep him away from his son.

ICarly Studios:

"All right ladies who's up for some punch?" Freddie asked as he brought in their favourite beverage.

"Thanks Freddork you can seriously be a great help sometimes." Sam said smiling.

"Thank you Freddie." Carly said taking the drink from him.

"You know, I think the next iCarly should be pretty good."Freddie said laughing.

"Yeah. Especially for the segment where we scare a bunch of people walking into the Skybucks. " Sam said laughing. "I love jumping out from behind things."

"Of course you do." Freddie said laughing.

"Now what should we do after that segment? George the bra that tells ghost stories, or iScare Ridgeway?" Carly asked.

"How exactly do we scare Ridgeway?"

"You and Sam hide in the boys and girls stalls and scare the people." Carly said laughing.

"That actually sounds like fun." Freddie said.

"The dork has spoken." Sam said laughing.

"O.k. you two could you stop teasing each other for just one simple day?"

"No I don't think so." Sam said.

"Yeah it's Sam we're talking about here Carly." Freddie said laughing.

All of a sudden Sam's phone began ringing. Carly and Freddie let out a sigh of relief which caught them wondering what it could mean.

"Hey mom...yeah I'm here at Carly's ...yeah...you seriously need a back massage? O.k. I'll be there in 10...no I won't bring you home a smoothie." Sam hung up. "I gotta go. My mom broke her back on the job and apparently she needs someone to massage her back." Sam said sadly as she exited through the elevator.

"Now we're alone." Freddie smiled.

"Is that a good thing?' Carly said smiling.

"I think so. That way I could give you these." Freddie pulled out the bouquet from behind the bean nag.

"Freddie I don't know what to say. Their beautiful thank you." Carly said as she threw herself onto Freddie in for a tight hug.

"So how are you and Shane doing?"

"I honestly think I'm falling in love with him." Carly said. Freddie bit his lip to keep the tears from pouring out of his eyes.

"Oh that's good." Freddie said half-heartedly.

"Yeah. I think I've found the one Freddie."

"You have a lot of time to find the right one Carls." Freddie said smiling.

"I know. But with Shane it's totally different."

"In what way?"

"First, we've been going out for almost a year now. And the night we're in Paris is our one year anniversary." Carly said smiling.

"Wow. That's the longest time you've been in a relationship." Freddie said laughing.

"I know right?" Carly said smiling. "I just want everything to go perfect for our anniversary." Carly said smiling.

"I know you do. And It's only a short three weeks away." Freddie said sadly.

"You look kind of down Freddie. Is everything o.k.?"

"yeah it's all good." Freddie said obviously lying.

"Oh o.k." Carly said as she paid attention back to the fan made videos on the screen.

"Hey Carls, do you think that I'm ever going to find the right one for me?" Freddie asked. He had his mind settled on Carly ever since the sixth grade, and he still loved her. But there were certain times that he thought that Carly was going to move on, then so should he.

"Freddie your a nice guy. Your smart, funny, talented, any girl would be lucky to date you." Carly said smiling.

"That means a lot to hear you say that." Freddie said with a smile.

"Hey, I'm your best friend. And best friends always cheer each other up right?" Carly asked smiling.

"Your probably right." Freddie said."Thank you for always being there for me."

"Hey we were friends since preschool. I would do anything for you." Carly said hugging the life out of Freddie.

"You know, you know me better than anyone in the world. Even better than my mom most of the time." Freddie said laughing.

"I know right? Freaks me out sometimes." Carly said laughing.

"Hey, do you want to go out for lunch tomorrow? You know, just the tow of us?"

"I'd like that. Haven't spent as much time alone with you as we did before." Carly said smiling. She would never admit it to anyone, but she had missed her bonding time with Freddie. They always brought the best out of each other.

"Rita's pizza tomorrow?" Freddie said smiling. He knew it was the best pizzeria in town and everyone went there for lunch.

"Of course." Carly said with a smile.

"Hey wait a minute, I have a free period for last period what about you?" Freddie asked.

"I have study hall, but no major tests to study for."

"Then that settles it. Tomorrow we're having a day just to ourselves."

"We can do what we used to do when we were kids. Go skating, go get some smoothies on the way home, oh and don't forget hot chocolate at my place." Carly said smiling.

"It's a deal." Freddie said shaking on it. "I'm glad you still have time for me though."

"Freddie, your my best friend. Even though I have been in a relationship for a year, it doesn't mean that I don't want to hang around you less."

"I know. I know. But sometimes, i just fell you know ignored whenever I see you and Shane together."

"Well your not. I promise, I'll make sure to hang out with you and Sam more. Sam feels the exact same way you do surprisingly." Carly said laughing.

"Well goodnight Carls. I can't wait for tomorrow." Freddie said smiling.

"You can count on it." Carly said with a smile.

The two friends hugged goodbye and Freddie headed back to his own apartment. He had a huge grin on his face. He was going to have to whole day tomorrow with Carly. He sighed in the elevator. He had devised a plan to finally get Carly to like him. Phase one was getting their friendship to be one of those trustworthy ones where you just couldn't help but fall in love. If only Shane were out of the picture.


Freddie was starting to pack his suitcase for the Europe trip. He couldn't believe that he had convinced his mom to let him go. He couldn't believe it. An entire month without his over-protective mother. Freddie smiled as he thought about it. Freddie wanted to make sure he had everything ready. March the 1st was coming up on them real fast, and he needed to be prepared. He felt his phone ring on the desk next to his bed.


"Hey Freddie it's Gibby."

"Gibby what's up?"

"Look can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure Gibby what seems to be the problem?"

"I need some relationship advice."

"O.k. what is it about?"

"It's about Tasha and me."

"Oh no are you two breaking up?"

"No that's not it."

"Then what is it?"

"I'm going to tell her I love her."

"Oh my god Gibby. That's...well... that's huge."

"I know."

"Are you serious about this?"

"Well yeah. We've been together for quite a while now, and I think I can honestly say that I've fallen in love with her more and more each day."

"Then you should tell her. When will you tell her?"

"I'm right outside her house."

"Oh wow. That might be a little freaky. Talking on a phone in front of her house."

"I'm one block away so I'm safe."

"You should tell her Gibby. Trust me."

"Thanks man. By the way you going to Europe?"

"Yep. You?'

"Yep. Carly going too?"

"Yeah. But Sam's not."

"Oh. Why?"

"Apparently she's planning to spend time with her dad in Japan or something."

"Good for her."

"Anyways good luck Gibby."

"Thank you."

Freddie sighed. At least one of his friends could honestly tell the girl that they loved that they loved them. Freddie looked at the picture of him and Carly on his desk. It was taken on the first day of school in the first grade. Carly had her arms wrapped around him while Sam was just giving them the evil stare down in the background. Freddie sighed as he held the picture close to his heart. His heart quickened it's pace. It did that every time he saw a picture of Carly or saw her in person.

"Carly, I love you. I hope you will never forget that' Freddie said as he kissed the picture.

Freddie checked his book bag to check if he had all of tomorrows assignments done and ready to be submitted to the teachers. Freddie had been chosen as Ridgeway's salutatorian. Carly got the honours of being Valedictorian. Freddie was just surprised that they had both been chosen. He was also surprised that Sam had made it through High School. Graduation was in June and everyone was excited. Freddie looked to his bed and noticed many of the college applications lying on his bed. He had been accepted into all of the colleges he had gotten into. They needed an answer by next Friday. Freddie sighed. He looked at each of their letters once again. He wanted to make sure that he was making the right choice. But he couldn't stop worrying what it would do to his and Carly's friendship. He was going to UCLA to study computer sciences in hopes of becoming a computer technician. Freddie sighed. He was just so confused as to what to think.


Carly was in the same predicament as Freddie. She had got off the phone with Principal Franklin. She had been informed just like Freddie, all of the colleges were willing to work with them. It just wasn't fair for them to choose just one. She wanted to explore the opportunities first. She wanted to do more research on the schools. She couldn't just come up with a solution in one week. Carly laid on her bed as she took the scrapbook out of her pillow. It was a scrapbook of most of her childhood memories with Freddie, Sam, and Carly. Carly flipped through the pages and laughed occasionally when something funny would come up. Carly looked at one of her favourite pictures. It was Carly kissing Freddie's cheek in the hospital when he woke up after he had saved her life. The memory was still at the back of her mind. She remembered him telling her that they should wait until they could continue their relationship. But one week after that, Shane walked into her life and they fell in love instantly. Of course it crushed Freddie. Carly sighed. It was never her intention to hurt him. But she did. She hated herself for doing that to him. Carly sighed. Freddie had constantly asked her out, and she kept rejecting him. But that was when they were older now. They were 17 now, and they were turning 18 in March. They had their birthdays one day apart. Freddie just had to be one day older than her. Carly laughed. But it always was a good thing. They would have a joint celebration ever since preschool. Their sweet 16 in particular was held in Ridgeway's gym which was not their first choice. But the banquet had been double booked for the evening. Carly laughed at that moment. It was also one of the most memorable nights of her life. It was when they shared their second dance. Sure their first dance was special, but the second time around they actually enjoyed it since nobody was watching them and looking at them awkwardly. And as the fates would have it, it was the exact same song.


Carly was standing in the middle of Ridgeway's gym. Her and Freddie had a joint celebration that night. Freddie had planned it all for her. As a way of surprising her of course. He had kept his secret so well that Spencer and Sam didn't know about it until the week before.

"Hey Carls." Freddie said as he made his way through the crowd.

"Freddie hi!" Carly said as she hugged him.

"Having fun at the party?" Freddie asked.

"Tons of fun. Thanks for setting all of this up."

"For you anything."

"Ah your so sweet." Carly said as she kissed his cheek.

"You know, I could never get tired of that." Freddie said beaming.

"So did you get your learners permit?"

"Yep. Did you?"

"Yeah. Can you believe it Freddie? We're old enough to drive! We can go all over places."

"True say. And it gives us something to look forward to when we go to college."

"Man college. An you believe we graduate in two years?"

"I know. Seems like yesterday Mrs. Briggs was bombarding us with all of these unnecessary assignments."

"I really am looking forward to graduating."

"O.k. you guys. We're going to slow things down a bit...oh come on!" Spencer screamed as his DJ system caught on fire.

I can be fragile I can break in two

But I know I'll be swept off by you

"Oh god would you believe our luck?" Carly asked.

"It's the same song that played at The Groovy Smoothie last September." Freddie said smiling. "Shall we finish where we left off?" Freddie said with a hopeful smile.

"I would love to."

And if you feel my love

Just let me know

And if you want my heart just let me know

Cuz you were meant for me

"Freddie this is such an amazing Sweet 16." Carly said as she had her head on Freddie's chest.

"I planned it so it could fit both of our styles."

Carly looked at him directly in the eye. "You are just too sweet you know that?"

"Of course I do." Freddie said as the two of them continued to dance into the night.

Carly smiled at that memory. She looked at that particular picture and smiled. It would always make her stomach flip when she looked at it. Carly laughed. It always had that effect on her. But she knew, it wasn't what she thought it was. That night also happened to be the night that she had met Shane.


Carly and Freddie had just wrapped up their dance and were now sitting in separate parts of the gym.

"Hey Carly Shay right?" Shane asked.

"Oh my god! Your Shane Dawson! Captain of the football team, wrestling team, and basketball team. Why on earth are you talking to me?"

"well I think your kind of funny on your webshow."

Freddie was sitting with Sam and Spencer on the opposite side of the room. They asked Spencer how he could have possible managed to set the equipment on fire.

"I really don't know how it happened."

"Hey can I ask you something?" Freddie asked.

"Go ahead Fredo." Spencer said.

"Do you think I should tell Carly I love her?"

"Give it up Frednub would you? She never loved you before and she will never love you now! Deal with it loser!"

"Don't listen to her. Go. I think you would be perfect for each other."

"Thank you Spencer." Freddie said as he gave him a hug. He thought of Spencer as his older, wiser, and at the same time wacky brother.

"So what do you say we go on a date?" Shane asked extending his arm.

"I would love to." Carly said taking his arm.

Freddie saw the scene from afar. Sam was right. She would never love him. To her, he was just some loser. Freddie felt his eyes water. He ran out of the gym that night and never did return. As soon as he was in the comfort of his own room he fell on the bed and cried himself to sleep. Carly had ripped his heart out.

Carly had been wondering where Freddie had gone after her and Shane had returned from their dance. Spencer told her that he saw them get together and ran out of the gym. She felt her heart sink that moment. Even though she really didn't know why it did. Maybe it was because she had a lot of punch that night mixed with a lot of food. But whatever it was, it sure wasn't what she thought it was.

Carly placed the scrapbook away under her bed. She let her head hit the pillows. She needed a way to figure out why she always felt her heart stop whenever she was with Freddie. She needed to figure out why he always had this effect on her ever since they were kids. But why was this happening to her? Why out of all people did Freddie have this massive effect on her? Carly just shook the thought out of her head and slowly allowed sleep to overtake her.