iWill Always Love You

The anticipated chapter is here…the chapter that most of my readers have been waiting for I hope lol

Chapter 19: iTwister Part III

"Oh my god Carly…" Freddie said as he ran over to her.

"What happened?' Kimmie asked.

"She apparently fainted…" Freddie replied.

"Oh wow…" Kimmie said.

"I just hope she's o.k." Freddie said kind of worried.


Carly was walking through what seemed like a very odd place. Everything seemed so peaceful, there were trees going on for no end, and she was wearing all white. As Carly continued to walk down a dirt road she noticed someone who had looked very familiar to her. She hadn't seen her in quite a while but she thought that she was dreaming.

"Mom?" Carly asked.

"Carly…" A beautiful young woman replied.

"Oh mom it really is you…" Carly said as she went in to go hug her mom.

"Carly look how big you've gotten…" Evelyn Shay laughed.

"Mom it's kind of expected…we haven't seen each other in like 12 years now…" Carly laughed.

"And a lot has changed hasn't it?" Evelyn asked.

"Oh mom if only you knew…" Carly laughed.

"Come with me…I want to show you something…" Evelyn said as she extended her arms.

"Mom…I'm not dead am I?" Carly asked.

"No sweetie…this is just a dream…" Evelyn smiled.

As the mother and daughter continued to walk through the enchanted place they walked until they came upon a white fountain.

"Mom what is this?" Carly wondered.

"This Carly is the fountain of memories." Evelyn explained. "It will show you all of the memories that are close to your heart…" Evelyn smiled. "I brought you here because well…I wanted to show you something…" Evelyn explained.

"What did you want to show me mom?" Carly asked.

"I wanted to show you past memories…and to keep you from making the wrong decisions…" Evelyn explained.

"What kind of wrong decisions…" Carly wondered.

"Sweetie we all know that Freddie has always been the one to be there for you…" Evelyn explained. "And you always turned him down…" Evelyn sighed. "I swear if I were alive I would knock some sense into you and make you realize that Freddie really is the one for you…" Evelyn explained.

"Mom…but Freddie is my best friend…" Carly explained. "And nothing more…" Carly said.

"Come on…let's see what this first memory is shall we…"

The first memory suddenly began to form inside the fountain. Carly looked in closer and noticed that she was still six at the time. As she observed the scene she noticed that they were at the church the day that Evelyn was to be laid to rest.

"Carly…" Freddie said as he pulled her into a hug. Carly had to smile at the small Freddie. He was still the sweetest most caring guy ever.

"Freddie…I don't know what to do anymore…" Carly said as she sobbed into his shirt.

"You won't be alone trust me…" Freddie said. "You have Spencer, Sam. me, Kimmie we're all here for you…" Freddie smiled as the six year old Carly pulled him into a hug.

As the memory faded the crystal clear water was still present in the fountain. Carly smiled. She had always felt safe in Freddie's arms. Probably because she knew that no matter what he would always be there for her no matter what.

"Mom…Freddie has always been there for me…but I still have my doubts that we are actually going to make a good couple…"

"Time for another flashback…" Evelyn sighed.

As the water disappeared once again, Carly watched as she was once again brought into another memory of her past. This time it was after their fist iCarly show and her and Freddie were hanging out in the studio. Sam had apparently needed to return home since her mom needed a massage or something along the lines like that.

"Can you believe it? 1 million people watched us and they're already asking for more…" Freddie smiled.

"I know…I'm so glad that we came up with this idea…hey who knows…maybe we can become famous…" Carly smiled.

"I wouldn't get too ahead of myself Carls…" Freddie laughed.

"Yeah I know…it's just that I always wanted something big to happen to us…and now this came along and…it just seems so surreal that it was even a success…what happens if it gets in the way of our friendship?" Carly asked.

"One thing is for sure I'll always be your best friend…" Freddie said as he pulled Carly in for a hug.

The memory quickly began to fade once again. Carly was left there smiling. Freddie had cared so much about her and she had never given him the time of day. Carly simply sighed. She knew that Freddie had loved her with all of his heart. It was her stupid conscience that was telling her that it was too good to be true and that it could never last. But yet again Freddie would never hurt her. As Carly looked at her mom she smiled.

"Mom I think that I've never given Freddie the chance simply because I'm afraid that if our relationship doesn't work out I could possibly loose my best friend…I don't know how I could live with myself if Freddie was out of my life for good…" Carly stated.

"I know how you feel sweetie. But believe it or not me and your father were in the same predicament…"

"Huh?" Carly said slightly confused.

"What I'm trying to say is that me and your father used to be best friends…and just like you I was nervous of letting him into my heart. But overtime, I finally let him in and you know what happened?" Carly shook her head. "He loved me unconditionally until the day that I died…Why is it any different with you and Freddie? He loves you and he would never do a thing to hurt you. And he's loved you since the sixth grade…so there is no way that he can love anybody else but you…" Evelyn said.

"But what about Bea?" Carly asked.

"Beawas just a cover up. He was hiding all of his hurt from you getting together with Johnny…the truth is no one can ever replace you in his heart…because your it for him…he found his soul mate…if only she reciprocated his feelings." Evelyn smiled.

"You know what mom? Your absolutely right…" Carly smiled.

"About what?" Evelyn asked confused.

"About Freddie…ever since we were little kids he's treated me like a princess…and I always ignored him…I never should have ignored him mom…because I was just lying to myself…"

"Are you saying that you feel the same way?" Evelyn asked cautiously as she eyed her daughter.

"I could be…" Carly said.

"Maybe we should have one more vision…now this is a future vision…the vision of your married life with Freddie…" Evelyn said.

"Mom are you sure we should be looking too far ahead into the future?" Carly wondered.

"Please just watch…" Evelyn sighed.

Once again the water disappeared and was replaced by a nice loft. It wasn't the same loft in Seattle. As Carly leaned in closer she noticed that she was sitting on the couch with her two babies.

"There they are…" Freddie said as he walked through the door. It was obvious Freddie's decision to become a doctor was a success because he was dressed just like one.

"Hey Freddie…" Carly said as she leaned up to kiss him.

"I missed you Carls…" Freddie said hugging her.

"Oh and you didn't miss the twins…I'm shocked…" Carly teased.

"And I missed my boys too…" Freddie said as he picked up one of them and began swinging him around making him giggle.

"You do remember what tomorrow will be right?" Carly asked.

"Yep…Our sixth year wedding anniversary…It took us that long but it was all worth it in the end…" Freddie smiled.

"You can say that again…and thank god I gave you a shot that summer of 2011." Carly smiled.

"True say…By the way Sam and Kenny are coming over…" Freddie said.

"I know…they wanted our help in planning their wedding…" Carly said.

"Who would have thought that Sam Puckett would be married?" Freddie laughed.

"If you think that's odd who would have thought Spencer and Nadine would get married?" Carly said.

"Oh speaking of which…we need to get changed if we want to make the rehearsal dinner…"Freddie kissed Carly again and the memory once again cleared.

"Me and Freddie are going to be together for that long?" Carly said shocked.

"Of course dear…He loves you…and he will always stay truthful to you if you give him the chance…"

"You know what mom? Now I know where my heart truly belongs…" Carly smiled. "It belongs with Freddie…" Carly said.

"That's my girl…Now go on…go tell your best friend that you love him back…" Evelyn smiled.

"Thank you mom…" Carly said hugging her one more time before stepping into the light that would bring her into the real world.

"Carly come on wake up…" Freddie said as he shook her gently.

"Freddie?" Carly smiled.

"Don't worry…I'm here…" Freddie smiled.

"Oh my goodness Freddie…I finally know where my heart belongs…" Carly smiled.

"Where?" Freddie asked. He knew she was going to say with Johnny but what the heck amuse her.

"It belongs with you…" Carly smiled.

"What?" Freddie asked stunned.

"Freddie I finally realized that I love you too…" Carly smiled.

"This isn't a repeat of the taco truck incident?" Freddie asked.

"No…this is the real thing…" Carly smiled. "Unless you changed your mind…"

"Carly I will always love you…" Freddie said as he pulled her in for a hug.

"Carls no offense but are you going to kiss him or are we all going to have to wait another year again?" Gibby asked.

Carly simply smiled and leaned in to kiss Freddie. And in that moment she knew that Freddie would love her until the day that they died.