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Authors notes: For the sanity of Link and Mario, Young Link and Dr. Mario will not be included in this story. For my OWN sanity, Mr. Game and Watch won't be in it, either. That thing freaks me out. *ahem* Everyone else will probably be mentioned.

This story may end up sucking, but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway. It's bound to have a generally dark image, but who knows? There may or may not be yaoi in later chapters; if anyone cares, mention it in a review. I'll explain it and you can tell me what YOU think.

Anyway, the story revolves around the three swordsmen: Link, Roy, and Marth. ::watches Amanda melt:: ^_^ POVs will be switched throughout different chapters, mainly between Link and Marth.

Yes, yes, I'll shut up now. On with the story.

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It's strange to think about how one turn of events could alter your life forever. How one small action can take you through pleasures and hardships that you never imagined you'd see. How an unexpected twist can bring worlds together.

An enemy of my realm; the King of evil. His spirit was sealed between dimensions, never to be heard from again. But little did we know what that would cause. In the gap between dimensions, the doors to other worlds lie. Although he was blocked from our land, we had given way to other worlds that we'd never known. So wielding the Triforce of Power, he joined forces with others to seek revenge upon those lands.

But we would not be caught in vain. Just as the evil from separate dimensions joined, members of different worlds formed and alliance to fight them. We became the Super Smash Brothers, a league of those who were truly courageous and pure of heart. We had a will so strong, we would not back down until Ganondorf, Giga Bowser and Master Hand were stopped.

But when I agreed to be a part of the Super Smash Brothers, I had no idea what sorts of hardships I was yet to face.