Faxness one shot

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We were all sitting in the living room of my mo-Dr. Martinez's house. I looked around the room. Angel and Nudge were playing poker- guess who's winning? Gazzy and Iggy were making some bomb type thing. And Hotty McHotstuff was on his precious blog- NO BAD MAX! DO NOT THINK THAT! I thought to myself.

Why can't I just confess my feelings for him? Wait. 'Cause I don't have feelings for him. Ya. That's right! Don't lie to yourself Max. The voice in my head told me. You love him. Just tell him. Think of how easy it would be for you after you told him, not having to hide it, not having to yell at yourself for thinking it. Just do it Max. I thought for a minute if I should…

Max I think you should do it. This time it wasn't my voice. It was high pitched. It was Angel. 'Angel sweetie, please stay out of my head.' I thought at her. I will but just so you know, I'm telling Fang you like him. I gasped and heard angel giggle. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Fang straighten up and his eyes went wide. I small grin crept onto his face.

I immediately blushed and hid my face with my hair. Now you don't have an excuse not to do it. Angel AND my voice said at the same time. Sighing I stood up and walked out into the back yard. Knowing Fang was going to follow, whether it is because he knew I wanted to talk to him, or because Angel was screaming in his mind for him to come.

I sat down and he sat in front of me. Awkward silence…. "I guess Angel told you what I was thinking." I said to Fang. "She told me everything I wanted to hear," 'wanted?' I thought. "It started with you calling me Hotty McHotstuff and ended with your liking me." I blushed; I didn't know Angel told him the first part too.

Before I could say anything are lips met. 'Breathe' I told myself over and over. BREATHE! Angel thought at me. Finally I inhaled through my nose and realized what was happening. We were kissing and I didn't run away.

Once we pulled apart I sat leaning against him and we started talking about how this was going to work. We finally decided to give it a try. We were about to go back to the house when we heard something in coming from behind a bush.

Me and Fang walked over to it and were about to attack when Angel thought Its Gazzy, Max calm down. "Gazzy! What are you doing?" I was almost yelling. "I wanted to see what you guys were doing out here." "Don't spy on us! You could have seen us kissing!" As soon as I said the words I regretted them. "You kissed her?" Gazzy yelled at Fang.

I was just about to say something when Fang grabbed me, turning me towards him and kissed me. My hands automatically went behind his neck. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Gazzy's jaw drop. Wait, it gets better, he screamed and ran away!

I and Fang dropped on the floor laughing. After a few minutes I stood up and whipped my tears from laughing so hard. Fang stood up and did the same, and then he chuckled and said "Well, that went well." And that started a whole new round laughing.

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