It is somewhat strange, but Doc, I think you got lucky when you died when you did. You didn't have to worry about anyone leaving you, and besides, you wouldn't have liked this era. For the most part, honor has died –and loyalty –no one stays to principles, no one will stand beside anyone in the heat of battle. The best of them will promise not to harm civilians, but partners? a dime a dozen, keep them while they are useful, kill them when they are not. This is the reality of the 1920's, a whole century you fortunately never saw, this era was not meant for people like us, especially for someone like you. We are a different species.

You killed my chances for having a normal life –I love the Colt too much to be a civilian, but I have too high of principles to be a mobster –and I thank you. I consider this fate the second time that you saved my life. Most people consider you a cruel loner, kill anyone that got in your way, and deny all sentiments. "That is a hell of a thing for them to say to you." You didn't have to hunt down Dave Rudabough, or fight at the O.K. Corral, or hunt down all of those Cowboys; but you did it, not for the glory, but rather to help out a friend. I wish there were people like you still around.