FYH Epilogue Outtake

Ten Years Later

I brought my daughter the glass of milk that she'd asked for and laughed to myself to see that she had fallen asleep in the few minutes that I had been gone. She had moved back home about six months ago when she found out she was pregnant. She had just finished her residency and had accepted an offer to come back to Maine to work in the hospital here.

Bella and I had wanted her to move in with us permanently but she had refused. She was determined to do this on her own. I mean totally on her own as the father of the baby was not going to be in my grandchild's life at all. Lyssa had refused to tell us his name. I found out later from my wife, that Lyssa didn't really know who the guy was. He was just some random guy she'd met at a bar. I still wanted to find the guy and beat him until he was dead.

We managed to convince her to stay with us for the last month of her pregnancy and for first few weeks after the baby was born. I was all in favor of my daughters' being independent, but there were limits to that. There were definite limits when the health of my daughter or her child, my first grandchild, was at stake. Not that she had had anything less than a perfect pregnancy so far. But it only took a split second for things to go bad.

We still had two weeks to go to the due date, which was good because Bella had to take off for Chicago, where Bethie was living, to deal with the bomb that she dropped on us last week. She was had moved in with the guy that she had been dating for a month. Oh, maybe I should mention that he was one of her professors, older than me by five years, was in the middle of a divorce and this was the first we had heard about her dating him? Out of the two of us, Bella decided that she could be more reasonable and open minded with the situation. Bethie was still my baby girl and there was no way I was going to let some slime ball take advantage of her. She also had Ben coming up from San Antonio to help her. I tell you, I am starting to miss that little twerp that she dated in high school. I knew it was a bit hypercritical of us but Bethie had always been a bit of naïve and trusting. Bella assured me that she would make sure that our daughter was happy and safe before she left her there.

I sighed, covered Lyssa up with the blanket off the back of the couch and returned to my home office to work on my current manuscript. It wasn't the book I wanted to write. I really wanted to write a horror story where a deranged father goes after every guy that came near his daughters with a meat cleaver and castrated them. Emmett and Jasper volunteer to help me write it. Having daughters themselves, they knew exactly where I was coming from. Our wives told us that we were not allowed to write that story.

I had been working for a couple hours when I heard Lyssa calling for me, "Dad! I think its time!"

As soon as we got to the hospital, I left the room while they examined Lyssa to call my wife and let her know that our first grandchild was about to be born. I got her voicemail so I tried Ben's.

"Hey Dad! What's up?"

"Your sister is in labor and I can't reach your mom. You need to catch the next flight out of Chicago."

"Damn! She just went to lunch with Bethie. I'll see if Alex knows where Beth would have wanted to go."

"You mean you haven't killed him and stuffed his body in a dumpster in the alley for me yet?"

"No, dad," he laughed, "He's actually pretty cool."

"I doubt that."

"Dad, we both know that you believe no guy is ever going to good enough for Beth and Lyssa."

OR my son, I thought as I hung up the phone and returned my daughter's room. Ben was living with in New Orleans with his longtime boyfriend, Ethan. They met when Ethan's brother, Kyle, who was in a classes with Ben, set them up on a blind date. Kyle was the first of their family to go to college. The rest of the family, including Ethan, was firemen. Or should I say firefighters as Ethan's sister, Karen followed in the family tradition.

Lyssa let out a scream when the next contraction hit and I found myself looking at my phone willing it to ring telling me that my wife was on her way. Bella was supposed to be here to be her coach. I could barely control myself when my wife was in labor let alone watching my daughter go through that pain. She was progressing quite fast, already at six so they were calling for the anesthesiologist to come give her an epidural.

Two hours later, I still had not heard back from Bella. I was getting worried about them and Lyssa getting closer and closer to giving birth. I was losing hope that Bella was going to get here in time to save me from having to be in here while my daughter gave birth. I knew that she would have preferred to have her mother here, but there was also no way that I was going to make her go through it alone. Even though there are just some medical procedures fathers should not be present for.

Before we knew it, the nurse was calling the doctor in. It wasn't the same doctor that delivered Lyssa. He had long since retired and his grandson had taken over his practice. The kid wasn't much older than my daughter. I was tempted to demand a doctor that was older and more experienced but then I remembered the Lyssa was a young surgeon and I kept my mouth shut.

In what seemed like a lifetime later, Abigail Marie Cullen was born. I followed her as the nurses whisked her away. It was like déjà vu of when Lyssa was born. Everything had gone perfectly.

After she was cleaned up, weighed, and measured the nurse handed her to me. She was perfect. She had unfortunately inherited my crazy hair. Bella had always found it astounding that all three of our children had managed to inherit my crazy hair and now my granddaughter was cursed with it.

As I carried my granddaughter over to place her in my daughter's arms I reveled in sight of the baby in my arms. This was my granddaughter. I was a grandpa. My gorgeous, sexy wife was a grandma. I would say that it was not possible but I was holding the proof in my arms. I would love her, guard her, and teach her just as much as I did my own children. I looked forward to the coming days when I would take my Abigail with me to the bookstore everyday just as I did with her mother. Yeah, my life would continue to be amazing.


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