The sun was out, and Sookie shielded her eyes from the glare of its rays as she slowly pushed open the heavy metal Fangtasia door with her other hand. The parking lot was deserted...and the sounds of birds chirping and wind rustling the leaves of a few towering trees in the distance were the only things breaking a serene silence. Though it was a bit eerie, she was thankful for the lack of other humans, as she was not particularly fond of her current ensemble. The prior nights events had decimated what little clothing she had on, and she now had to wear a baggy black wifebeater and some very tacky wet-look pleather pants, belonging to Eric and Pam respectively. Erics fiery red Corvette was parked sideways in front of the trail of well worn down entryway carpet, and a rather neatly written note was stuck upon the driver-side door.

"I will be waiting for my invitation inside tonight...

inside of your home of course.

Din älskare,


She couldn't help but smirk, as the tiny butterflies of anticipation fluttered through her. Eric hadn't been formally invited into her house, but she knew she would not be able to resist his request now. Besides, she could always rescind her invitation if things got too heated...


She sighed and went to put the note inside of her pocket, but found Pams skin-tight pants weren't exactly made with storage in mind. She slid the note between the top seam of the pants and the skin of her hip, trapping it there snuggly. Sucking in a calming breath, she noticed that the air smelled sweeter today, and the feel of the cool breeze brushing her skin was somehow new and exciting. No doubt about it, it was that giddy, almost intoxicated feel of new love and new possibilities. Sookie was undeniably intrigued by the idea of being with Eric, but part of her was still confused and fearful. It was all so sudden and foreign, ambushed by his seduction she had barely any time to fully comprehend her new situation.

I have the whole car ride home to think about this...I better get moving...

Peering over the open top of the car she saw the glimmer of keys ,dangling from the ignition. Gingerly she opened up the unlocked door and sat inside.

Wow...never driven a car this nice...

She winced for a second as her butt hit the soft black velour covered seat, she was still somewhat sore from her "punishment". The little reminder sent a shiver up her spine, yes it was demeaning, embarrassing, painful...but it was also sensual and gratifying in a kinky sort of way. Sookie had always envisioned herself as an old-fashioned sort of girl, "vanilla" I guess you would say, and her few sexual experiences had all been within the realm of the conventional.

Most would label it "intercourse" rather then "fucking".

Being with Eric awoke a small part of her that she had no idea was hiding within the recesses of her psyche. She suddenly pictured herself as a dominatrix, dressed to kill in leather and chains, standing before a groveling man with a whip in her gloved hand. She'd say something like,

"Your Mistress wants you to Bark like a dog!...well, as long as you want to that is..dont feel like you have to"

Her country-girl manners didn't quite fit the fantasy and she could not stop the laughter from rolling out of her as she shook her head to disperse the image.

Eagerly she twisted the key to start the car. As she felt the rumble of the engine kick on, the radio began to blare a heavy pounding song from a CD already in the player. The guitar was aggressive and electronic, the vocals were dark and moody. The lyrics spoke to her with an odd and almost voyeuristic insight into her feelings on the night past...

"I can't shake this feeling from my head.
there's a devil sleeping in my bed.
watching you from across the way.
I cannot make this feeling go away

I know it's not the right thing.
and I know it's not the good thing.
but kinda I want to.

I'm not sure of what I should do.
when every thought I'm thinking of is you.
all of my excuses turn to lies.
maybe God will cover up his eyes..."

She blushed and turned the volume dial down, she didn't listen to that kind of music. It most certainly reminded her of Eric though, and she kept it playing softly as she pulled the shining red car out of the dusty back road parking lot and headed back home. The wind blew her golden hair behind her and she raked her fingers down her neck, stopping at the soft and healed over fang marks, circling them with her fingers and reminiscing the feel of his warm mouth engulfing her flesh.

Eric was currently resting in his private quarters, by the time their escapade had reached its climax (literally) it was almost dawn. Their encounter now felt like a dream, parts of it hazy and blurred together. Thinking back to certain bits and pieces gave her body a pulse of pleasure through her memory of the sensations. Her supernatural side was able to make her recollections more vivid and real then those of normal people.

Sometimes having my "gift" isn't an entirely bad thing...

She bit her lip, eyes beginning to smolder. He may be an ancient and powerful vampire, but she had the feeling she could wrap his giant body around her little finger if she really wanted to. Though with how much of a turn on it was when he was ordering her to do nasty things, perhaps she didn't want to tame him...

Suddenly her stomach sank as the numbers representing the time caught her eye on the dashboard.

"That cant be...6:00?"

Her voice cracked as she felt her fingers tighten around the steering wheel. Taking in an audible gulp, she tried to sort through the many thoughts now competing for front and center in her mind. Being up all night with Eric must have exhausted her, she had never slept through an entire day... Fangtasia was easily a 2 hour drive from home and it was getting dark out earlier and earlier, if she was lucky she would be home by dusk...but tonight is the night of Bills return home from "business".

Gotta get there fast and change...clean up the house...think up a story...shower...

"Oh God, please forgive me!"

She had no plan of what she was going to do when Bill arrived back. The intensity of her night had consumed her every thought until now. Eric was beautiful, powerful, charming (in a naughty way) and had just professed his feelings for her. As much feelings as a man like Eric could have anyway. Visits to Fangtasia before were usually brief and impersonal, now that she really though about it, she didn't know Eric all that well at all. The blood bond had given her glimpses into his thoughts, his emotions, but his true intentions and his long and probably sordid past were still quite the mystery. Yet even with such enormous gaps in her knowledge of him, She could not deny that shel felt at home nestled between his arms last night. It was like they were two souls reconnecting after being apart for an eternity. Bodies that fit together like 2 peices of a perfect puzzle, reigniting a spark and setting loose a fire that burned within them both. And who could forget the sex? It was mind-blowing, life-altering...

...but Bill was still her first love.

He was sweet, a true gentleman and a great provider. He was loving and treated her with great respect, although he may have been even too protective at times. His distance lately had been putting a strain on their relationship, she had a feeling in her gut he was deceiving her about something. However that was only an unproven theory and it couldn't stop the horrific pangs of guilt that now began to chew at her.

"Oh...what did I do?"

She felt her eyes well up with tears, and she wiped her cheeks while keeping one hand on the steering wheel. Eric was coming to her house tonight, and she was sure he would have no problem at all breaking his news of conquest to Bill in very graphic and hurtful terminology. Perhaps she could persuade him into letting her be the bearer of bad news instead. Honestly she wouldve rather not told him at all quite yet, she was ashamed of her own lack of morals. Sookie began to dig up any excuse for her absence last night that she could muster...

I was at Fangtasia for a fun night out!, not like me...Eric summoned me to use my "ability" for professional business...ugh, no that requires a lengthy story that I wont be able to keep straight...I needed to have girl-talk with Pam?...yeah right...

The drive would now be hours of anxiety and mental preparation. She turned the music completely off to be one with her thoughts. Would Bill even be able to know she wasn't home last night? All she could do was bear the uncomfortable ride back to Bon Temps to find out.