Chapter One

Posted 7.20.10

675 words

"OK, I have everything I could possibly need now. I really, truly have to go… Bye!" Percy exaggerated his sentiment. Tyson was clinging onto anything left in the room. Most would not be able to notice that Tyson was bawling his eyes out, due to the fact that this particular room belonging to Percy was part of Poseidon's underwater palace, but Percy could. He, and his step-brother Tyson, were sons of Poseidon, and therefore had unique powers over water. However, this year Percy was going to live with his mother for the duration of the school year, leaving Tyson behind to work in the forges with the other Cyclops. His mother, Sally, and her husband Paul, had invited him to stay with them in the New York City, and he wanted to take this opportunity to enjoy life like a normal teenager. See, Percy was not normal per say, he was a half-blood, and therefore his life was dictated by outrunning, killing and re-killing all the monsters that tracked him down, or overseeing water stuff for his Dad,

Tyson sniffled, "Percy PLEASE please please please don't go!" Yet even his overwhelming melancholy could not deter Percy from his goal. He wanted to experience life as a normal kid, and he was going to try his hardest to get it. Too bad it would never happen.

"I'm sorry buddy, but I will visit you, and you will visit me, and we will Iris Message. You have your drachmas right?" Percy reasoned. This just brought on a new series of bawling.

Suddenly there was a distant call of "PEANUT BUTTER!" followed but a chorus of chants for the substance. The look of complete devastation was wiped off Tyson's face as he became giddy. The new shipment of peanut butter had arrived and if there was one thing that Cyclops loved it was peanut butter!

So with a quick, "Bye Percy!" over his shoulder, Tyson ran off to join his brethren in enjoyment of the sticky substance. This was met with a sigh of relief from Percy and laughter from behind his shoulder.

Percy spun around and said "Dad!" He had not thought his father would be able to say goodbye to him, with him being so busy and all. But then again, Poseidon was always full of surprises.

"I'll never get there deep rooted affection for peanut butter, but then who am I to judge. If it keeps them happy, I say the more peanut butter the merrier." Poseidon mused.

"Dad, you… you are here! Wait… why and how and what and…" Percy stuttered nervously.

"Well my boy, I wouldn't miss saying goodbye, and I got here by strategically plotting my steps through the peanut butter hungry crowd." Poseidon replied then the pair burst into an uncontrollable fit of laughter. After all, Athena was the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. SHE preplanned all of her moves to an exceptionally boring sequence of events. Poseidon liked to live more free, and uncontrolled. This is why he normally winged it. That single difference is probably the reason why the two could never get along, they were complete opposites, so even if they had tried to plan a meeting to hash out their differences and reconcile, the pair would never be able to set a date.

"OK, well love you dad, but I have to go and meet Mom. Also, If you don't go break up all that chaos the new shipment of peanut butter is causing then you'll have to make a new game room, and we all know that the last one took you 600 years to build so…" Percy trailed off with suggestion. The exceptionally long time it took for Poseidon to finalize his game room was an ongoing joke between the pair.

"Ohhhh right, well then I have to go handle that riot, the game room MUST survive! Goodbye Percy, have fun on… land." Poseidon said as a farewell.

And that concluded Percy's childhood stay in Poseidon's underwater palace.