I loved this book and I've always thought about making a story to it. Read it and tell me what you think please! It's more of a 3rd person Pov but with a bit of David's thoughts.

He and Primrose were watching the egg hunt from a tree, just like they had done every year since they had met. Every year he would say it was pointless but Primrose would drag him there anyways. They had done this for 3 years now. Primrose had just turned 15 and he would be 13 in a few months. A teenager.

"Hey, what's that?" he heard Primrose ask from the branch above him. He followed her finger to where she pointed. It was a tree next to them, he raised an eyebrow, "What about it?" he said.

"Shh! Listen, do you hear that?" she said. David paused for a second, "I don't hear anything." he said.

"Shh!" then, he heard it. At first he thought it was a bird, but then he thought it sounded a little bit like...singing.

"Let's run away where they won't find us, now.

We'll hide far away and we'll be free, just you and me.

Just you and me."

Primrose jumped down from the tree and he followed. Primrose looked up the tree next to them and saw nothing. Suddenly, a face appeared right in from of him. A girl was hanging upside down on the lowest branch. David stepped back in surprise. The girl's eyes were closed as she continue to sing quietly. They didn't speak for fear of startling the girl, then she would fall.

Too late, the girl opened her eyes and fell. David held out his arms and caught her before she hit the ground. "Who are you?" she said.

"I'm Primrose. That's David. Who are you?" Primrose said. The girl didn't say anything. She slid out of David's grip and held out her hand. David watched as her fingers glided across the trunk of the tree, then leaned on it. "Does David talk?" she said, grinning.

"I talk." He said rudely. But he didn't care if he was being a little rude. She was being rude herself. David had gotten used to this from Primrose, but he didn't take it well with others.

The girl rolled her eyes and said, "I'm Hayden." She had shaggy red hair and brown eyes. Hayden walked on, touching every tree in front of her. David found this strange. Hayden tripped over a tree root and Primrose laughed, "Walk much?" she said.

David helped her up and said, "You new here?" Hayden nodded, "Yeah, but I don't go to your school."

"Then which school do you go to?" Primrose asked. "I don't." she said, and walked back towards the crowd, but David and Primrose weren't done yet.

"You don't go to school?" David asked. Hayden scowled, "Of course not." She pulled a skateboard and a backpack out from a bush. David watched as she unzipped the bag and held a bottle up to his face, "What does this say?" Hayden asked.

"Mango Madness. You like that too?" he said. Hayden nodded and took a sip. Primrose asked, "You can't read?"

"No." Hayden said. "I'm blind." to prove a point she brushed the bangs that covered her eyes out of the way, the pupils looked clouded. Primrose waved her hand in front of Hayden's face and Hayden smacked it away. "I hate it when people do that."

"Sorry." Primrose mumbled. "You want to hang with us?"

Hayden smiled, "Sure."

And that's how it started. Hayden was immediately a friend. Was it really this easy? David had a harder time making friends than Hayden did. But then again, David and Primrose were her only friends.

They went to Refrigerator's house, like always. Refrigerator was happy to meet Hayden, David thought this was mostly because Hayden couldn't see his one flabby leg.

One thing David found strange about Hayden was that everyday at 6:30, she would get up and leave. Sometimes she wouldn't even say goodbye. She just left. But she would come back everyday to meet them. Primrose didn't know how she found her way because she was blind, but she did anyways.

This night, David and Primrose were arguing. The usual, Primrose wanted to watch Comedy Central, David wanted to watch NickNite. Usually Hayden didn't care if they fought, but tonight she did. "Shut up!" she yelled. "Give me the remote." Primrose hesitated than handed her the remote. Hayden opened the back and took the battery's out. David and Primrose yelled in protest but Hayden didn't care. She got up and grabbed both there hands. "Bye Refrigerator." she said as she opened the screen door with her foot.

"Where are we going?" Primrose asked as she put on her skates. Hayden waited for Primrose because Primrose pulled her everywhere, this time Hayden didn't wait.

"Follow me." she said, and took off. David shrugged and followed with Primrose tagging along behind her.

"It's 6:30." David said after a while. "So it is." Hayden said. She didn't leave though. "Won't your dad get mad?" he asked.

"He might." she said. They followed her to the park, and there was a live band playing. Hayden got off her skateboard and plopped onto the grass. "This way, nobody changes the channel, and I'm not missing anything. Now describe them for me."

Primrose did, "One's wearing black skinny jeans and a red shirt with a jacket, he's playing guitar. Um, his hair is kind of shaggy and all over the place." Hayden smiled, "Sounds hot." David learned to tune them out when they talked about girl things a long time ago.

After an hour, David and Primrose were actually having fun. Hayden got a call from her dad and left. As soon as Hayden got out of earshot, Primrose asked, "You like her, don't you?"

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