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"No!" David yelled. "Yes, you do. I can see it in your eyes. Your a liar." she protested. "I am not. And I don't like her."

"Oh, but you do."

"Do not."

"Admit it."




"I think she might like you too." Prim teased.

"She doesn't even know what I look like."

"So? She knows what you look like. Mostly." Primrose said. "And she could like you back. You could show you do notice her a bit. I mean, you never talk to her."

"So?" he asked.

"So, talk to her!" she screamed. "Isn't it weird how we've never met her dad?" David said, attempting to change the subject. Primrose screamed. "YOUR SO STUPID!"

"Am not." David said calmly. He was used to her teasing. "Ugh. Just, just get to know her a bit more, alright?" she said.

"Alright. Can we go now?" he whined. Primrose groaned, "Sure. Whatever."

Hayden came a bit earlier the next day, wearing a hat. "Cool hat. It's...different." Primrose said. "Thanks." she said. "Can we go shopping? Like real shopping? Take me to the mall."

"Perkiomen has a mall?" Primrose asked.

"How should I know? All stores seem the same to me. Just, I want to go shopping." she shrugged. Primrose and David shared a glance, then shrugged. "Okay." They took off, Primrose pulling Hayden along the street, with Hayden listening intently to everything around her, David trailing behind. They stopped at a thrift store, "They have pretty much everything here, and cheap, too." Primrose said as they entered.

"It smells funny here..." Hayden mumbled. "...like...rotting wood."

"How do you know what that smells like?" David asked. Hayden shrugged. "Do they have CD's here?" she asked. Primrose looked around and found some, "Yeah."

"Read the artists for me." she said.

Often times Hayden would hold things in front of their faces and say "Read this for me." If they couldn't read it, she would say, "Spell it." and she would know the word. David asked about this once.

"If your blind, how come you know how to spell?"

"I wasn't born blind. I know how to read, I know how to spell. I used to be able to see. I remember seeing. And I miss it. You can see. You don't know how beautiful to world really is until you can't see it anymore." she spat.

"...The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Spice Girls..." Primrose droned as she read the artists to her. "Hayden these are old..." "That's fine! Go ahead and get all of their Beatles CD's, I lost most of mine in the move. Now c'mon, lets look through the hats!"


Hayden started listening to CD's on Refrigerator's radio nonstop and wearing endless hats. She never wore a baseball hat, if she did, it was backwards. "Someday, if I ever got my sight back, I would learn to play the piano. Wouldn't that be cool?" she mused. David and Primrose thought this was strange for her. Fridge just said she was going through a 'phase'.

Hayden, David and Primrose started going down a line of shops all the time. It was a little to busy for their tastes, but it was still fun. Hayden got to where she knew the way there in back all by herself, but David and Primrose insisted they went with her.

Once, Hayden came into a little money, and was excited to get a new CD she'd been wanting, she skateboarded ahead of them, going faster than they thought she could. Until they lost sight of her, the roads weren't that busy today, so they weren't that concerned.

That wasn't until they heard the tires screech. Screams cut through the air. They ran up the street, and saw her. She had been hit by a car, blood was splattered a bit on the bumper, and Hayden laid there with a huge gash on her head.

The man in the car ran out, "Shit, I'm so sorry, I didn't see her, I swear! She just came out in front of me..." Primrose got in his face and started cussing him out. The usual. David slowly walked up to Hayden's motionless body. The dark blood on her face almost matching her hair. Crap, was she dead? No, she just couldn't be dead. She can't.

"Hayden?" David almost whispered. She didn't say anything, she lay there motionless until the ambulance finally arrived. David and Primrose watched as they carried her off in the stretcher. The ambulance drove away shortly after and David went to pick up Hayden's skateboard, it was a bit chipped but fine. Soon, the man that hit her asked if they would like to give them a ride to the hospital, they refused.

David and Primrose started to walk down to the hospital, it wasn't far. The spectators started to clear and go about their business.

David and Primrose entered the hospital soon after. The place was quiet with the usual panicked buzz of family in the waiting room. They walked to the front desk and asked the woman there which room Hayden was in.
"Last name?" she asked. David and Primrose stood silent. Had she ever told them her last name? David couldn't remember.

"We don't know." Primrose said. "But she was hit with a car. And she has red hair. Know any patients like that?" she asked.

"Miss there are patients that come with a car accident almost all the time. You'll have to be more specific." the front desk lady said.

"She's blind." said David "And she was hit like, and hour ago. C'mon lady which room is she in?" David snapped. The front desk woman looked appalled by his outburst but reluctantly pointed to the room.

David and Primrose quickly found Hayden's room. They knocked on the door, but with no answer. Primrose peeked into the door and saw she was sleeping. A doctor walked into the room and introduced himself. "You must be her friends. My name's Dr. Hanson. And you are?"



"Great. Well, she has a mild concussion, but she lost a lot of blood. We're keeping her sedated so she can rest. If she were to awake now she would be too dizzy to function properly. Sort of like an induced coma. Is any of her family here?" Dr. Hanson asked.

"No. He doesn't know yet." Primrose said.
"Well you might want to notify her parents soon. She'll be asleep for about 3 or 4 days. Sir, would you like to put that down?" he referred to David. David looked down and realized he was still clutching the skateboard. His knuckles were almost white. He shook his head and held the board tighter. "No? Well ok then. I'm sorry about your friend but you'll just have to wait." Dr. Hanson said. Primrose and David nodded their heads and left the hospital.

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